Building Healthy Boundaries With Your Boo

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Hanging around your partner can be so appealing and fun, it could also be one of the best ways to pass the time, but doing it all the time could affect one’s career pursuit. On literal terms, spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend all the time without allowing boundaries can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming until you make certain decisions to help introduce balance to your life.

Balance helps to manage the relationship with school, work, and other responsibilities. Here are some tips to help you balance your love life with other responsibilities:

Recognize The Point Of Imbalance

The first step to setting boundaries is to identify the points of your life that are being affected by excess time spent with your partner. Take, for example, the case of being a student, staying up all night chatting with your partner would make you feel like a good girlfriend/boyfriend.

But on the other hand, you tend to find yourself feeling tired during the day and dosing off during lectures, or you could be working for an organization, and you wouldn’t have time to do researches to help you improve and boost your performance in your place of work.

The basic point is that you need to understand the places where things need to improve in order to make plans in setting boundaries and improving your relationship.

Talk To Your Partner

A proper conversation with your partner can go a long way in helping you set the proper boundaries in the relationship. Try to be very honest but respectful when sharing your opinions with your partner. A simple “I don’t want to do this right now” with the right tone, expression, and sufficient reason could help pass your message clearly to your partner.

You could simply tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you need time for yourself to work on some other responsibilities. Perhaps you’re spending excess time with your partner and lagging in other aspects of your life, a little chat with him or her, pointing out those areas would go a long way in helping to set boundaries. This process might take time and a lot of pushing, but when you get to that point of talking about what needs to change, it would definitely be worth it.


Discipline tends to be the hardest amongst the process of setting boundaries. Identifying and accepting the problem is one thing, but taking the required steps to set up and maintain the boundaries is another aspect.

This is so due to the fact that you are about changing a lifestyle, it is more like dropping a bad habit. You don’t get to be around your significant other for so much time as you used to before, you don’t get to talk to them on the phone as much as you used to.

This phase involves setting a time table for yourself and abiding by it. Honestly, the first few days of this phase are going to be difficult, but you’ll need to zero your mind from the urges and try to stay focused on your reasons for setting the boundaries.

Even though you now prioritize other responsibilities, you should create time for your partner just not as much as you do before. The key is discipline; you must learn to balance love with other responsibilities despite wanting to drown in all the moments of love.


It is healthy and advisable to spend time away from your significant other in order to accomplish other things. Creating healthy boundaries can actually work wonders and create positive changes for a relationship.

Converse with you boo some things need to change to help better your life. Remember it’s always okay to disagree with someone you love, especially if it has to do with your well being.

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