Here’s how to stop hurting after a breakup

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Breaking up is no fun, whether you are the one who’s instigating it or you are the one being pushed away. Breakup sucks, but when it happens, it is vital to give yourself self-care and engage in positive, and non-destructive habits as they are very vital to getting through it. Here are some tips to help you get through breakups without breaking down.

Feel Your Emotions, Then Express Them

This tip comes in the first position because it is the most important thing to do before carrying out any other thing to start the heart healing process. You must keep in mind that the best way out of the pain of a break up is through it.

In other words, give yourself permission to feel what you feel when you feel it. It is necessary you feel the loss of a relationship, someone you’ve planned to spend the rest of your life with or a best friend.

It would help if you grieved so as to allow yourself to feel the anger and sadness that comes with breaking up. Once that is done, you channel those emotions in healthy ways like positive self-talk, surrounding yourself with trustworthy friends, going to the spa, Yoga, and taking a break from social media. This helps to avoid suppression of emotions that can hurt your other relationships.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself busy is a very helpful tip, and the busy part doesn’t involve going out to search for the next love of your life. This process involves taking time off from love and getting yourself occupied with some good things you’ve withdrawn from doing for a while.

Go over your goals, dreams, and your bucket list, those things that took the back seats when you were still in a relationship.

Do something that will fuel other parts of your brain, think up a new project and work on it, develop new hobbies, indulge in other challenges or activities that draw the attention of your mind from love related scenarios.

Rediscovering yourself after splitting from a significant other is key to your mental stability.

Get A Good Support System

In the course of a relationship, we tend to dedicate more of our time and energy to our significant other than our friends. During a breakup, it is very necessary to regroup and renew those past friendships because heartbreak and failed relationships tend to leave one feeling alone.

Some people result to talking to their pets, but the best thing a pet can do is to cuddle up with you, which doesn’t fully solve the feeling of loneliness as sometimes you need someone to pour out your pent up hurt too and hear them tell you that “It’s okay”.

In cases where friends are absent, you could fall back to non-judgemental family members who will be good at just listening and being there for you, or enrol for a short therapy session.

Feelings of loneliness will like to cloud your thoughts after a breakup but do not allow it, contact friends and families, make sure to have a good support system.

Breakup leads to a lot of independence, so the key to surviving it is by working on yourself and helping yourself recover the right way. Dive deep in love with yourself, so you’ll have yourself to hold on to when you lose your other half.

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