Alcohol: How To Survive Fresher’s Pressure

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During the start of university, one of the things that come to the mind of a fresher is how to survive without alcohol.

It is not really a thing of religion; it’s just that alcohol doesn’t really appeal to everyone Going to university as one who doesn’t drink may be quite apprehensive as talk of drunken nights feels the air.  Will you feel pressured? Will you feel excluded? As freshers, meeting new people and engaging in different things without drinking alcohol can be enjoyable too.

How to survive freshers pressure

There are certain tips to help freshers go through the process of starting university:

1. Engage in different activities

University has a variety of student preferences; one of them is the invention of a number of freshers activities that have nothing to do with alcohol. These alternative activities are also a great way of doing something fun and getting to know and interact with like-minded people.

2. Don’t get distracted by drinking events

House parties, club nights, and other activities that may seem to revolve around drinking are not as exclusive as they may look. If you are interested in doing these things, you can do so without taking alcohol.

3. Be yourself

Trying to create a good impression on a number of new people can sometimes be easier to flow with what every other person is doing rather than resisting the pressure. You should always note that your personality and the personal decision you take are good enough and people will definitely like you for who you are, whether you drink or not.

4. Get people informed

Sometimes it may look like everyone is regularly drinking at the nearest bar. However, this is not true for some students; the moment you get to a university, you will discover how many people do not engage in this lifestyle.

At first, it might seem intimidating to let people know, more especially when every other fresher is doing shots every night of the week. However, those who want to be your friend will respect your decision and help to get you involved in other activities that will be easier for you.

You can deal with peer pressure by trying to find people who like you don’t drink or at least don’t from excessive. If you constantly feel pressured, just remember you will find other like-minded people.

5. Take responsibility

You do not need to be pressured into drinking or going out. You are solely responsible for whatever action you decide to take; no one will force you to do anything. You are now a grown adult, and you alone make the decision on how to act.

 If you decide to go clubbing every night, you are free to do so. If not, that’s fine. People often keep to themselves, plus you are free to act in a way that you wish.


Refraining from alcohol may mean you are designated as the most responsible member of the group, but it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in social events. There is no denying that going to university involves a whole lot of late nights, heavy drinking, and clubbing. But not to worry, you just have to follow the above tips to be able to survive the fresher’s pressure.

Being a fresher involves trying a whole lot of new things, but it doesn’t mean you need to change yourself. People will definitely discover that you are not a big fan of alcohol, but then remain true to yourself by not feeling insecure about your decision, and do not give in to peer pressure.

Being in university is a time to get excited about the things ahead of you. So try as much as possible to shed those worries, embrace it, and get involved.    

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