10 skills employers want from fresh graduates

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Getting a job immediately after graduation is not an easy task, especially for fresh graduates. Finding the first job is a lot stressful than you can imagine because the position you are fighting for is obviously open to a whole lot of other graduates.

You should know that there are skills, abilities and knowledge required from you depending on the career sector or profession you chose to work in.

Employers look for these skills before employing you because they know all these skills are necessary if you are to be effective in your job; likewise, they can be developed over time.

10 skills fresh graduates should have

Although fresh graduates do not have professional experience, there are other skills you possess that can convince an employer that you are worthy of that position or not.

Therefore it is necessary for you to know what employers need in fresh graduates for you to be up to the task.

Problem-solving skills

One important skill employers look for in fresh graduates is their problem-solving abilities. In every business setting or organisation, problems are bound to arise because they are part of the business.

So every employer would want an employee that has the ability to solve problems whenever the need arises. They want people who would not give up when faced with new challenges, but that will rather stand up to bring ideas that will help eradicate the problem and work on those ideas.

Team spirit

In the corporate world, there is nothing like flying solo. All units and department in an organisation are required to work together to achieve the goal of that organisation. No employer would want to employ a graduate who prefers working on his/her own to working with his team.

So as a fresh graduate, you should develop the habit of team spirit know that everyone in a team has their obligations and responsibilities in the team to enable them to attain their goals.

Positive attitude

As an employee, developing a positive attitude towards work and your co-workers will bring people closer and make them want to work with you always. Try to be optimistic and not pessimistic.

Optimism helps in cheering people up and make them open up while working with you. Ensure that good energy flows through you and to those around you

Good communication skills

In order to pass information about the business to people, we need to communicate with them. In the corporate world, it is important to have good listening, reading and writing skills. It takes a good listener to understand information passed across correctly.

A good writer passes information to others correctly and accurately while a good reader reads to understand and note down important points. Employers pay close attention to these traits when employing fresh graduates.

Ability to work under pressure

Your ability to not manage pressure, stress and stay calm during a crisis would put you ahead of other graduates.


Knowing the difference between being confident and arrogant is important. You should be confident in yourself, your team and also your organisation. Develop a good mindset that you would be able to scale through whatever hurdles you encounter and come out successfully.


Employers want people who stay motivated, no matter how tough it may be. As an employee, you will be faced with a lot of challenges so you need to give the impression that you would find a way and remain cheerful


As a fresh graduate, you are bound to go through stress and pressure, and that’s when resilience comes in; it is the ability for you to recognise when you are under stress and being pressurised and finding ways of dealing with it without losing control.

Leadership skills

As a fresh graduate, you need to possess great leadership skills. You may not be the head of the team or unit, but your ability to motivate others and carry them along during a task is what employers don’t joke with.


Your level of composure determines how efficient and productive you are. Employers are always looking for people that are highly productive. You need to show them that you can prioritise your work and get it done effectively

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