6 effective tips to productively work from home

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Since the beginning of this pandemic, it has been difficult for organizations and their staffs to get their jobs done. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept a lot of people at home and stopped so many activities.

Most countries now recommend that employees work from home. It may be disguised as a blessing; it isn’t entirely a blessing.

How to productively work from home

Once the work and life barrier are lifted, working from home can be very distracting, but the good thing is you can use it as a productivity test. For you to stay focus while working from home here are some tips

Have a workspace

woman trying to work from home
Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

For you to essentially get work done, you have to create a workspace in your home. You can’t be working while lying on your bed or sitting in front of your TV. For you to be productive, you need a workspace that will fuel your desire to work. A personalized space that is comfortable for you suits your style and motivates you to get a job done is definitely what you need.

Create a schedule

Most times, we feel since we are working from home, we can do anything we want at any time. It is crucial for you to create a schedule knowing how and when you want to get your work done. You should see it like you are also working from your office. Create a to-do list it helps efficiency and productivity.

Do not procrastinate

when you work from home, it seems like a whole lot of things are more important, and it’s easy to put things off. Procrastinating only kills your efficacy; you can avoid this by either making a to-do list or creating a block schedule where you allocate time to each of your activities.

Have people to support you and hold you accountable

It would help if you surrounded yourself with people who would support and motivate you; likewise, you can serve as a motivation to others. Although working from home seems different because you don’t have to report to your bosses office every time you can still do it by telling yourself you still need to report to your boss, so you act like he’s there.


Create an atmosphere where you won’t get distracted while working. You would need a clutter-free zone to keep you focused. Ensure you do away with anything that does not concern your job at that point in time.

Take a break

Include breaks in your schedule. Just like you take breaks at the office enforce that same rule while working from home. A short break to allow you to rest a little from work.

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