10 Lucrative Online Business Ideas For Young People

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Online Business is one of those businesses you can start up with zero capital. This form of entrepreneurship is a democratic one you have the leverage to do whatever you want, take decisions on your own, work at your own pace and time and from anywhere at all.

Online Business is an affordable business; all you need is a workspace and stable internet connections, developed entrepreneurial skills; then you are good to go.

A large percent of the world population uses e-commerce and thus to have a good experience, they always want to try out new and innovative business ideas.

One important aspect of online business is customer experience. Customers like being prioritized, so any online business that makes their customers a priority will definitely get lots of clicks on their sites and pages.

Online Business Ideas you can try

There are lots of online businesses you can start right from the comforts of your home. Here are 10 of the most lucrative and easiest online businesses you can start today.


You can start up a blog on subjects that are of interest to you. All you need to do is click on blogger.com, and you can get yourself a blog. You can make money from your blog through paid adverts and by keeping your audience busy. Consistently posting contents on your blog site would gain you more audience and money.

Become a YouTuber

Do you like the idea of being behind the camera? Then this is your great opportunity. YouTube is a very popular site for people all over the world, with billions of viewers and followers.

You can make an entertaining or educating video, videos with useful content that can arouse and sustain the interest of your audience.

It may be a video on how to make homemade products, how to use some products or you can just make a talk video about something trending and post on YouTube.


business idea
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Most people are creative and crafty. They are so good at making handmade items which are useful to people. If you are in this category, then all you need is to get a site where you can advertise and sell your products at a modest and affordable price.

Information product

Sometimes an online business doesn’t have to be about just physical goods; there are so many opportunities opened to you in online business. Another way of making money is by selling digital information products. You can produce and sell information products in the form of audio, video or an ebook online.

Graphics Designer

Just as web designers are sorted after so also are graphic designers. If you know how to design complimentary cards, logo, stickers, banners, posters; this is your opportunity to make money as these things are in high demand from companies and even individuals.

Learn Facebook advertising

The Facebook social platform is increasing and expanding on a daily basis. Business owners are now spending more of their time and money on Facebook adverts, and they are looking for guru’s, specialist who can help them. This is another platform for making money which you can master quickly.

Online retailer

Business has gone beyond marketing your goods in your shop only. You can sell your products online now. You can look for cross-selling sites like e-bay or Jumia where you can list your products and make good sales.

Skype coaching

You can coach individuals on certain issues through Skype calls. As a coach, you are not to help them solve their problems, but instead, you guide them on how to resolve their problems. You can coach people on business, Health, Education, Dating etc. and be paid for it

Publish a book on Amazon

Do you have good writing skill and you wish to publish a book? Amazon is the best place for you. Amazon can help you promote your books if you can record a hundred sale’s in a week. Here is a means to develop your writing skill creatively and also earn from it.

Social media manager

Instead of being glued to your social media accounts on a daily basis without earning from it, why don’t you utilize that opportunity in helping brands manage their social media platforms and accounts? You can also offer your expertise to your clients.

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