10 ways to know if you need a career change

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Changing a job is entirely different from a career change. Changing a career is challenging and needs a lot of planning, strategy and time. In changing a job, you move to another organization, change employer, but getting the same position in an entirely different setting.

While a career change means you move to another organization different from your former one, a new boss entirely and a new position altogether.

A career change is not as easy as it seems but you can still do it regardless of your age all you need is to convince yourself that you can by taking that leap.

Signs you need a career change

Most times, it isn’t easy because we are so used to the idea of working with an employer or working in an organization for a long time. But the good thing is you can if the timing is right. People change careers for so many reasons and with the right factors in place, you can

1. Your Health Is Suffering

Humans are into the habit of not listening to their body signals. Our body is structured in a way that it communicates to us when things are going wrong. External issues are bound to affect our health.

A career change is definitely needed if your present job starts to take a toll on you physically. When you start feeling stressed out, lacking sleep, you are always tensed, having high blood pressure, headaches, and body aches over a job, then it’s time for a change.

 2. You Could Do Better

When you are always feeling you are not doing all you need to do, then you need a career change. You feel that your talents and abilities are not well utilized and would maximally make a difference somewhere else then it’s time for a change.

You know you are not employing your talents and creativity, then you need to look for a place where you can.

 3. You are there only for money

Having money to cater for all your needs is very important, but when your happiness and self-worth is at stake, then you need to reconsider. Aside from the monetary benefits, you get from a job, the feeling you get when you are satisfied with your job is priceless. You know that you are working passionately not just for the money but that you feel fulfilled.

 4. You dream of a different career

Suppose you spend 24 hours of your day, dreaming of a job that is entirely different from your present job then you are not on the right track. You need to get out of that job if instead of working, you spent time checking other jobs and other companies that interest you.

 5. Your weekend is always too short

We all dread resuming work on Mondays, it’s like the weekend shouldn’t come to an end, but if yours put you in distraught that even when you resume work, you are always anticipating for the weekend already, you need to get out.

 6. You lack passion

career stress
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Your passion is the driving force of your job. When you start feeling disconnected and uninterested in your job, you need to have a rethink on what you were passionate about and if that’s what you are doing at the moment.

 7. You lack enthusiasm

Being enthusiastic helps in enjoying our job better. You should be fascinated with new ideas and not be bored. If you see urself getting bored from work, losing interest and not enjoying your job routine, then you need a career change

 8. You are jealous of a friend’s job

Once you start being envious of your friend’s career, their workplace, their job routine, their achievement in their work, you need to check yourself and see what’s wrong and gain ideas from them.

 9. You are not growing

Nobody wants to be stagnant. Being in one particular place for a long time doing one same thing can be boring. You want to explore new ideas, but your employer has confined you to a particular duty and even when you bring new ideas, they are not being considered.

10. Your friend’s don’t recognize you anymore

When you are unhappy, it becomes obvious to everyone. Once you start complaining too much about your job, which is not a habit of yours, it’s obvious your job is affecting you negatively. You become a shadow of yourself due to one stress or the other.

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