8 Important things you should consider before marriage

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When you are of age to get married, and you start seeing your friends are pairing up with their life partners, you may begin to feel like it’s about time you settle down as well.

In some cases, you could just be giving in to peer pressure or may want to get married too. Just to be sure of yourself, there are some things you could consider and look out to know if you are ready for marriage, here are some of them.

Things you should consider before getting married

1. Are you conscious of the reasons behind your intentions

There are a lot of things that could influence the sudden thoughts of getting married. It could be pictures of tuxedos and white dresses on your Facebook feed or cute babies with their parents.

Nevertheless, you’ve got to be sure about the reason behind your intentions.

To do this, you could ask yourself questions such as; Do I want to be able also to tell my friends I’m married or do I want to spend the rest of my life with my partner? Am I ready to share my personal space with someone forever? How committed am I to my relationship, and I’m prepared to stay committed to one person forever?

These type of questions makes you think about the reason behind your intention to get married, the benefits you will get married to your partner and other factors. Ask yourself these types of questions and make sure you are sincere with yourself regarding the answers.

2. Are you planning a marriage and not a wedding?

Wedding parties could be fun and make you feel exceptional, and you get a chance to see all your friends and family gathered in one place just for your sake.

But is that the reason you’re getting married? Wedding ceremonies only last several hours, but a marriage is supposed to be meant to last forever.

Therefore, it would not be beneficial to plan for one day rather than plan for a lifetime. Rather than thinking of how you’ll feel being the centre of attention on your wedding day, think about how you would feel in everyday life with your partner, even when you are not the centre of attention.

3. You must have had your own experience.

Studies show that it is best to wait until you’re about 25 years or older to get married. By this time, you’re more exposed and mature, probably gotten into several relationships and had a chance to meet with different people and recognize what you want and don’t want in a potential partner.

Gaining experience doesn’t mean you have to be in a serious relationship with everyone who comes your way, and it also doesn’t guaranty you’ll end up getting married to your current partner.

4. Your relationship grows deeper.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Don’t expect your relationship to remain the same as when you and your partner were starting off. The bond would go beyond just flirting, going out a lot, staying together all night to the next day.

When you are getting married, it means you are accepting everything in your partner’s life, including his family, his career and every other thing.

If you are not used to managing and tackling issues with your partner, it could become quite a challenge for you as it is something you would have to face when you get married.

5. How well do you know and trust your partner?

Do not let time determine who you marry, regardless of how long you guys have been together. There is a need to know your partner wholly. It is better to get married on the basis that you know your partner thoroughly.

You know the person past, the person dreams, how the person who handle certain situations, and you still love the person regardless than to get married just because you’ve been dating for a couple of years.

Asides that, you must have built a certain amount of trust for your partner. Trust is vital for a successful marriage, so you should be ready to trust your partner completely.

6. You have no intentions of changing your partner’s personality.

Do you love the person you intend to get married to for who they are? Or there are some things about then which you can’t live with, but you are hoping they would change after marriage?

Have in mind that making a significant commitment isn’t always capable of totally change a person. Except you may have to work harder on your relationship.

If there is a major rift between the two of you, a wedding may not be able to heal it. Please don’t get married because you think it would solve a problem.

7. Can you work as a team with your partner?

How do both of you handle issues; do you make excuses over your problems and think if you forgetting about them would solve the problem? Or you work out any abnormalities in your relationship so they won’t affect the relationship later.

Getting married doesn’t mean your relationship problems would be solved automatically. You have to solve those problems first before you get married.

If you can’t work out issues together before marriage, then both of you would not be able to communicate effectively after marriage.

Resolving conflicts together in a relationship strengthens the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting friendship.

8. Do you and your partner make long-term plans together?

It is better to know the plans you both have in the future. By the time you begin to take your relationship severe, and both of you decide to stay committed to each other, it would become necessary to make plans together.

What if you want a career that allows you to travel the world, would your partner be okay with staying home alone while you are gone? Or would they come with you?

These are things that you need to plan out together as a couple, get to know what you want for each other, and if you both are okay with it.


And finally, would you have a happy life with your partner? If you can’t imagine your life without your partner and you don’t see yourself being happy with another person, then that’s a green light to get married to your partner.

Don’t forget that a life commitment could have a profound impact on your life. Getting married to the wrong person could mean coping with the wrong things for the rest of your life.

Therefore, you have to make decisions for yourself by getting married to someone who knows and accepts you and is willing to stay with you forever

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