5 Things To Avoid Doing On Your Social Media As A Job Seeker

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Nowadays, when company employers screen potential candidates, they also consider the applicant’s activities on social media such as posts and comments. What one may regard as fun and harmless, can cost the person a job even when he or she qualifies for the position.

For you not to fall victim to such an experience, here are five tips that could help you remain employable regardless of what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

1. Create a Professional Profile for Yourself

Social media

You could display professionalism by crafting a professional persona on your social media profile. This could feature things like places and people you’ve previously worked with, your educational background and a bio that best describes you professionally.

Nowadays, it is common for employers to research job candidates on social media. What they are mainly looking for is professionalism; this is one of the significant criteria they would use to decide if you are fit for the job and also verify proof of your qualifications.

2. Poor Grammar and Use of Language

Try as much as possible to use correct grammar on your social media posts, and this shows that you are educated and would be able to communicate with other people in your workplace.

Common writing mistakes are capable of causing damage to your professional image. Also, the use of inappropriate language on your posts can be detrimental to your professional image, so it is in your best interest to be mindful of how you communicate on social media.

 3. Poor Communication Skill


Poor communication skill has to do with typographical errors, and also inappropriate use of words. If your social media posts portray these things, it could mean that you lack clarity, and are unable to communicate effectively. In order to avoid this, you want to be as casual and straightforward as possible but still, make sense at the same time.

4. Negativity and Discriminatory Comments

When you see a post online that have to do with race, gender, religion, sexuality and other compelling topics, or you intend to make a post about them, be careful not to discriminate anyone in the process.

Many companies are against such acts as they have policies that do not support such. If you are found involved in such activities on social media, you might as well not get the chances are to be interviewed, talk more to get the job.

5. Inconsistency

Make sure that all your social media handles have similar details about you and do not contradict each other. This could be information regarding your work experience, date of birth, educational history, amongst others. Not being consistent with your details on social media could also have a negative impact on your professional image, it makes you seem like a liar and an untrustworthy person.


There are other things you could do to remain on a safe side regarding the negative effect social media can have on your chances of employment. Nevertheless, creating a professional image of yourself on social media does not mean you have to stop being yourself; your professional version could still professionally be you.

Being careful with what you post does not mean you have to start deleting every bit of your personality. Don’t forget that, you would still have to interact with the people you would meet and work with when you gain employment.

It will be of benefit to you if your employee knows that you are a smart, educated and natural person to communicate with, as it helps build a better relationship between you and others at your workplace. Do well to always keep your social media clean.

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