7 proven ways to master the skill of decision making

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Throughout our lifetime, decision making is something we all are susceptible to and may struggle with. Every decision we make as humans either has a positive or negative effect on our lives.

However, If you don’t make decisions, you wouldn’t make changes regardless of what the outcome might be. And if changes are not made, you cannot grow as a person. One of the primary reason people struggle with making decisions is the fear of making the wrong choice or do things for the wrong reason.

Decidophobia is a fear of making decisions, it is an issue that is prevalent amongst many people, and it could lead to confusion, causing people to avoid making decisions.

In most cases, a person with decidophobia lacks total control over the major decisions in their life, and they highly depend on others to make the choices for them.

Most of them even suffer from this without knowing. If you notice that you are being scared of making the decisions and would like to do away with decidophobia, here are some tips that could help you overcome your fear of making the wrong decisions.

How to overcome your fear of making wrong decisions

1. Start by making small and practice decision-making process

To be good at making major life decisions, you need to start by making small decisions, such as the clothes you wear or the food you want to eat. Making tiny decisions allows you to get what you want, which gives you a sense of satisfaction in return and encourages you to make more decision.

It also gives you a sense of achievement regarding your progress towards making major life decisions. This could be the best way to overcome the fear of making the wrong decisions.

2. Make it a part of your life

To master the skill for decision making, you would have to be involved in a lot of decision making. To be constantly involved in means that you have to recognize situations that demand you to make decisions, and also take advantage of such cases and making use of them. The more choices you make, the better you get at making decisions.

3. Recognize your best interest

Although it may be challenging to make decisions because there are people around you with their personal opinions about your choice, the bottom line is most personal decisions affect you more than others.

Therefore it is of your best interest to make decisions that would not just benefit others but you as well, and also not to allow others to make decisions for you based on what they want.

4. Taking actions to back up decisions

Your actions are the physical effect of your choices, if you do not act upon a decision, that decision is as good as not being made. The only way to find out if your choice is a good or bad one is to experience the after-effect of your actions. The more effective actions you take, the closer you get to overcome your fear of making the wrong decisions.

5. Be fully informed about the situation before making a decision

Most times, the information you have about the situation influences your decision. You may have that feeling of uncertainty within you, but because you lack adequate information, you begin to doubt your instinct and may your confidence to make a decision.

Therefore you have to seek more information to increase your confidence. Being well informed also reduces the probability of making a bad decision, and helps you overcome your fear of making the wrong decisions.

6. Learning from your mistakes after a wrong decision

 Once you’ve acted upon the decision you’ve made, judge them by how it affects you and the people around you. For you to overcome decidophobia, you need to gain experience, and you can only gain experience by learning from your actions. Therefore, you have to make use of the knowledge you get from making the wrong decisions to make the right ones next time

7. Self-motivation to make more decisions

The more decisions you make, the more confident you become, and less fearful you are of making the wrong decisions. But as you work towards overcoming your fear, you would need motivation which mostly comes from within, especially if you had made a wrong decision that makes you regret having to choose.

One of the ways you can motivate yourself is to ask yourself questions before you think of making a final decision. You do this by weighing your options; consider what your choices might cost and how it might be of benefit to you, think of the worst and best things that could happen if you make the decision or if you don’t make a decision. And what you would have to do if something should go wrong.

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