How to tell if he’s the right man to marry – 5 signs you should look for

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So you’ve been in a relationship for some time now with this guy, but you’re still not sure if he’s the right man for you. If you’re searching for signs to know if he’s ready for marriage, or if you’re part of his future plans in terms of marriage, then, this article is for you.

People fall in love for many reasons. But many ladies desire to fall in love with whom they can spend the rest of their life. The painful thing, however, is that women are often ruled by emotion, which makes it difficult for them to have a proper assessment of the man who claims to be in love with them. This has led many into being victims of failed relationships.

How do you know he’s the right man for you?

A serious question that keeps begging for answer is: how do you tell if the person you are with is really the right man to spend the rest of your life with? It is a fact that there are no easy ways to test the sincerity of a man or to know if he is the right person. However, there are a variety of factors/some things you can look for that will help you gauge long-term compatibility in a relationship.

Below are some of the ways you can tell your current spouse is the right person to marry or wind up with forever.

Do your values align?

Why it may not be possible for you and your partner to agree on everything, it is of utmost importance that your deep values align. This is why conversations about values, such as family, spirituality, personal growth and health, are crucial.

It helps you to make sure you and your significant other are on the same page for the long-term. It helps you to know that you are on the same page with things that matter most to you. If any deep values are out of line, you may need to reconsider whether the relationship has the potential to last into the future.

Do you always have conflicts and is he always right?

Arguments and conflicts are expected to happen in any relationship. The question is, how often and how well it is being handled? Repeated, unnecessary, and unresolved arguments about the same thing, resentment, or contempt at all times is a sign that you may need to reconsider the relationship.

If, on the other hand, the arguments/conflicts are seldom, communication is intact, and both counterparts are expressing their feelings appropriately, it could be a healthy sign that he’s the one for you.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Does he listen to you?
  • Do your opinions matter?
  • Does he make efforts to improve on those things you do not like in him?
  • Does he abuse you or pick up quarrels with you publicly?
  • Can you be together for a good period of time without fighting all the time?

Never be blind or deaf to all these. They are serious signs that your relationship either have the potential to last into the future or not.

Does he treat you with kindness and generosity?

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

Kindness and generosity are two of the major traits that determined if a relationship would last.

  • Is he always proud of you and your successes?
  • Does he willingly make sacrifices for you, and are you always happy to do the same?
  • Does he help you do some little works?
  • How does he treat you when you are down?
  • Does he plan activities that he knows you will like and/or enjoy or is always about himself alone?

If he cannot do these for you now, then you shouldn’t consider him a worthy future spouse, and there is no guarantee that he’ll change if you eventually get married to him.

Are you open to each other and honest?

If he’s totally open and honest about things and not doesn’t feel the need to hide anything from your, then that’s a sign that he’s the right man for you. Feeling the need to hide a lot from your partner could be a sign of unhappiness in that relationship.

Can you share your pains with each other to the point of crying before each other without feeling embarrassed? Is he freely close to your family and has he given you the chance to know his? By the time your partner is hiding his family away from you, and he does not show interest in knowing yours, know that there is danger.

Are you longing to be with him/do you feel at home with him?

This is another important point. Remember that marriage is not a day job. It is for eternity. It is important that you marry someone who is truly a friend. Someone you are comfortable being with.

Are you comfortable sharing your experiences with him? Is he your go-to person whenever you have a story to share, about work, about friends, about anything? If your answer is yes, then he’s the right person for you.


It is worrisome that what many ladies think of when we talk about marriage is just the wedding part. Marriage goes beyond the wedding day.

I encourage you that whenever you think about marriage and about marrying that young man, always remember that the best part is not the wedding, it’s the idea of spending your lives together.

Do you sincerely feel you can spend the rest of your life with him? Do not allow peer pressure or pressure from the family to lure you into marrying a wrong person. Do not allow the glamour of the wedding day to overshadow you. Do not allow love to block your eyes to the point that you do not see the red signals around you.

Let the points given here guide you in finding the right man to spend the rest of your life with, so you can live a happier and more fulfilled marital life.

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