Showing your Parents Love: 9 Bold ways

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Parents are two of the few people on earth that would love a child unconditionally all through their lifetime.  They are willing to do almost everything to see their child stay happy and healthy.

After the sleepless nights, pain, and discomfort a mother has to face during childbirth, she would still have to go through the stress of taking care of her child from infancy until maturity. On the other hand, the father carries the responsibility of catering for his child’s needs till the child can fend for himself.

Despite the weight of these responsibilities, parents still carry out their obligations toward the child with love and care and only want to see him live long and have a good life.

Although it may seem like a parent has no other choice than to take care of the child and ask for nothing in return, but parents only care because they love their child. And as humans, it is only normal that they expect a reciprocal love from the child one way or the other. As a child, there are many ways you can convey your love and gratitude to your parents, and here are nine ways you can show appreciation.

1. Help around the House

Though you may find it annoying to be nagged by your parents about doing your chores regularly, you should also understand that it does not please them to nag about your tasks. The stress of running a household can be challenging to manage, coupled with the various other duties they have to carry out as parents and working adults.

One way to show them your support is to help with the household chores. Start by maintaining your own space; this would also help you build momentum to handle other tasks such as vacuuming the apartment, doing the laundry and dishes, cleaning the closets/storeroom, etc. A little help from you makes a big difference is serves as a great support to your parents, and also shows your love and regard for them.

2. Take Part in Their Interests

When you only see your parents as authoritative figures, you may not realize that they also have hobbies and interests like you. One way to appreciate them for being mindful of what you like and dislikes, as well as taking an active part in your life events, is to reciprocate the same interest to them.

Please get to know their favorite movies, sports, and other things that interest them. This way, you would be able to share in their fun experiences and show your parents you care about them, and also build a better relationship with them as individuals and not authorities.

3. Plan Family Outings

Most times, only parents get to plan family vacations or excursions, and you may feel you have no choice but to tag along even if you don’t want to. However, if you make an effort to plan a family vacation, you tend to show your parents that family time is as vital to you the same way it is to them, and they would be please by your efforts.

It takes great responsibility, planning, and maturity to put a successful outing together, and your parents would be proud to see their little one exhibiting such an authoritative attribute, as well as appreciate your loving effort.

4. Get Them Involved in Your Life

Because your parents care about you, they would likely want to know what goes on in your life. You don’t have to make them go through the stress of being too interrogative about your day or the things and people you involve in your life.

When you give them voluntary information about your life, you help them build trust and confidence in you. And also make them more interested in assisting your ventures. Therefore, involve your parents in your daily life, and always seek their advice to build a stronger bond.

5. Be Inquisitive about Their Needs

As young adults, it is likely that our social circle takes more of our time and distracts us from the needs of our family. Although our parents may be obliged to meet these needs, they also have their desires.

One way to show you care for them is getting to know their personal need and trying to help in your possible ways. You should spend time with them just like you do with your friends, to have conversations that will expose you to their needs and allow you to bond with them.

Ask them about their desires, and be mindful of their need as they are of yours. Conversations with parents about themselves also give them a chance to express themselves. Parents may not always have the opportunity to bare their minds and could use a listening ear once a while.

6. Show Affection


Hugs, kisses, and sweet names are things everyone loves to enjoy from their loved ones, and your parents are no exceptions. You probably gave them all that affection growing up as a toddler when personal space was not an issue.

While growing up may seem to be an awkward experience for you now that you are quite mature, it was a very emotional period for your parents. Parents may still see you as their baby regardless of how grown you’ve become, and they’d always love to keep you in their arms once a while.

Though they may not mention, your parents adore your affection towards them. You can show your love by granting them those little moments as much as possible. This generates positivity, joy, and comfort within them.

7. Make Them a Card

A card can serve as a potent medium to show love and affection to your loved ones. It is attractive and adorable, and one of the best ways to show your innovative effort in preserving a relationship. This would work correctly on special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

A card carries a unique feel when it is handmade and contains a thoughtful message for your loved ones, and could ignite a smile in their face whenever they look at it. A simple card would serve as a good present, mainly because most parents do not expect a high profile gift from their child. They would surely appreciate it, knowing that you took out your time and resources for them.

8. Prepare a Meal for Them

Offering a helping hand in the kitchen is another way to express your love to your parents, especially your mom. Help her take a break from the kitchen once a while, by preparing a meal for them.

You can surprise them with breakfast in bed, or make a dish from a recipe she taught you. Making their favorite dish would also impress them and show them you care about their interests.

Furthermore, helping with cooking would also help you improve your culinary skills, and your parents would cherish your care and attention.

9. Say “I Love You” to Them

Hearing “I love you” from a child could mean the world to a parent. It is a form of validation that reassures them of a mutual feeling of love towards them and re-affirms the fact that they are doing their job right.

Though you may not think it is necessary to tell them you love them, the sound of it means everything to your parents. It is a way to thank them for all they do for you and acknowledge how much you love them.


Showing love for your parents is an excellent way to appreciate them and make them happy. Seeing them smile and knowing you are the reason behind it also makes you happy and feel special. We hope you try out these simple tips to create a more blissful experience with your parents.

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