5 safe non-contact sports for young adults

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Engaging in recreational activities can be of great physical and psychological benefits; this is why many young adults opt for social sporting activities instead of hanging out in bars or pubs. More than ever, young adults realize the life-changing benefits one can get from sports. It enables one to make new friends, have fun and also get in some exercise in the process.

However, some sporting activities can be considered very dangerous, especially if it involves direct physical contact between players. Factors such as gaming equipment and arena could also make a sport be regarded as unsafe for nonprofessionals.

Except you plan on pursuing a career as a professional sportsman, you may want to consider opting for a safer non-contact sport for recreational purposes.

Here are five sports that involve less player contact, safe gaming equipment, and arena.


Although many young people consider this sport as a “retirement sport,” golf can be very entertaining and exciting. This trendy club and ball game is also played by youthful professionals and is not restricted to retirees.

The sports involve no player contact, and its arena usually covers a massive landmass with neatly trimmed grass. There are even mini vehicles to move players around the arena during a game.

While other clubs and ball sports such as hokey are played on specific field sizes and shape, every golf course differs from one another, offering players a unique landscape that challenges their skill to overcome obstacles while hitting balls.

This approach makes the game more exciting and enables players to showcase their talents in unique environments, not depend on a standardized field.

Game Description

Players are to hit the ball with the club into a series of holes on the open field course, using the least amount of hits as possible. On professional matches, the players are to score all 18 holes. But the number of spots is limited to 9 for recreational purposes. Each player can use up to 14 clubs on the field, with every club having a unique shape enhance the player’s shot.


Photo by Gonzalo Facello from Pexels

Tennis is a prevalent sport amongst youths and also involves little or no contact between players. The racket and ball game is an excellent option for a recreational activity you can have with friends. It encourages independence as well as teamwork as it can be played by two people or a team of two players in a doubles match.

Playing tennis is also a great way to build muscle power, speed, and accuracy. Ever since the game was introduced in the 16th century (when first rackets were developed), it has gained popularity all around the world, springing up professionals and national teams that compete in large tournaments staged globally.

Game Description

The game of tennis is played with rackets and balls, either on a table or a ground court. The tennis court is divided by a net into two separately marked playing zones. The players are to strike the rubber ball with the racket across the net into the opposing court until one player is unable to make a valid return.

The playing ball is only allowed to bounce on a court, not more than ones before it is struck back. Players score a point when they can hit the ball in a way their opponent is unable to strike back for a valid return.


Volleyball is one sport that fosters social conversation and teamwork. Although the game involves two teams with six players each, there are slight chances of having player collision as players are well-spaced within the court. It also gives room for full-body exercise as it involves a lot of jumping and stretching.

As a recreational activity, a volleyball can be played as a gender-neutral game. Meaning you can involve both your male and female friends on both teams.

Game Description

The game is played with a softball on a court separated by a fine net and involves two teams of six players tossing the ball between each other across the net. Each team is allowed to hit the ball not more than three times before sending the ball to the opposing team, and a player cannot touch the ball twice in a single possession.

A team scores a point when the other team is unable to keep the ball in the air and falls, or fails to send the ball back after three touches. If the ball is sent outside the opponent’s court, the play would be considered a penalty.

A penalty is also given if a player’s hand or body touches the net. However, the ball is allowed to touch the net anytime, except during the initial serve. Each team is entitled to one chance to repeat a serve.


This is a leisure sport that involves strength and accuracy and is very engaging as well as entertaining. Bowling is considered the most popular form of throwing sports. It is usually played indoors, which makes it a perfect recreational game for youths if there is bad weather.

Another good thing about bowling is that it can accommodate any number of players, and everyone takes turns during the play. This means there it involves no player collision, and all your friends can come together and start “bowling.”

Game Description

Pin-bowling is usually played indoors, it involves throwing a ball towards a target, which consists of pins, which are arranged at the end of a long lane built with wooden or synthetic surfaces.

There are usually 12 pins, and each player gets 12 throwing runs with the possibility of scoring 300 points if all twelve throws were perfect.

The game can be practiced in five different ways which are; Ten-pin bowling (most popular), Nine-pin bowling, Duckpin bowling, Candlepin bowling, and Five-pin bowling.

Foot racing

Many people love foot racing; it is a great way to burn up excess calories and have fun with friends. Racing is mostly done on tracks which cut out space for each racer; this makes it difficult for racers to collide while running.

Foot racing can help youths build self-confidence and reliance, as racers do not depend on anything but their strength and ability to win. It can also facilitate team spirit within youths in the case of a relay race.

Foot racing is one of the most famous track and field sports in human history, and it can be played by anyone, regardless of professional status.

Game description

Foot racing is a track and field sport that involves players running on a neatly outlined track, with each player having an assigned space to run in.

A winner emerges when any play ends the race by crossing the finish line first. There is usually space for second and third runner up.

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