How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem: 10 easy steps

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Many people are bothered about the opinion of others more than they are about their self-judgment. Low self-esteem makes these people become focused on changing people’s perspectives on their life. However, they fail to address the underlying issue of insecurity in self-esteem, which would help correct the way others perceive them.

Simply put, self-esteem is your personal opinion about yourself. Healthy self-esteem can be linked to having a complementary view of your life and confidence in your abilities. On the contrary, low-self esteem makes you lack confidence in yourself and have a negative view about your life, and you may feel unworthy, unacceptable, incompetent, or inadequate.

Low self-esteem can negatively affect a person’s behavior; studies have shown that it can affect everything in a person’s life, from the way they see their career to the way they conduct their relationships. Low self-esteem can also affect one’s mental health, which could lead to depression, stress, or eating disorders, and make them live a lonely and unhealthy lifestyle.

However, it is possible for one to overcome low self-esteem, and in this article, we address the issue of low self-esteem and ways to overcome it.

Overcoming Low Self-esteem

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, or you have a loved one who does, have in mind that it is possible to regain self-confidence.

Most times, low self-esteem comes as learned behavior from other people or started as a result of paying too much attention to only negative happenings in your life. Therefore, to change these negative behaviors, you have to imbibe positive ones. Understand that no one was created perfect, and you are not an exception.

Here are some tips on how to overcome your low self-esteem and start living a happier life.

1. Identify the cause of your problem

Low self-esteem can be caused by different things, some of which are under our control and can be changed if we make an effort, while others may be beyond our control and may need assistance to overcome.

For instance, if you feel bad about yourself because you are overweight or have a bad body shape, you can change the way you look if you put the required effort into exercising and eating healthily.

However, if low self-esteem is caused by bad childhood experiences such as being abused, it may be challenging to get over those experiences without assistance from a therapist.

Therefore it is crucial to identify the cause of your problem to tackle it properly. Get to know if it is something you can handle personally, or if it requires external assistance.

2. Acknowledge your strength and limitations

Though it may be difficult, it is a necessary step you must take to overcome low self-esteem. There are some things you may not be good at, and understand that it is normal for every other person, regardless of how flawless they may seem.

It is important that you concentrate on your strengths and not your limitations. This way, you create room for self-improvement rather than criticizing your inability to do certain things.

3. Try out new things

People suffering from low self-esteem often feel that they are incompetent when they cannot effectively perform specific tasks. They stay focused on their incapability and tend to extend this underrated towards other aspects of their lives.

In this case, one must realize that they are capable of achieving more than they think if they work on their limitations or try something different.

If this is your case, you consider trying something new that correlates with your passion and hobbies, exploring other possibilities enable you to build your confidence level. Over time, you will understand that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to achieve.

4. Speak to your confidence

This technique may sound quite unrealistic, but it comes in handy when overcoming low self-esteem. Most times, you may want to do certain things, but you become discouraged by your thoughts and end up not making any attempt.

To overcome low self-esteem, you must not let your negative feelings dictate your actions, and to do this, you have to tackle your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Whenever your thoughts start to betray your intentions, you have to tackle those thoughts by telling yourself the opposite verbally.

For instance, if your low self-esteem makes you silent during a public discussion, and it makes you think you have nothing worthy of saying. Silently respond to your thoughts by telling yourself, “I have an idea, worth sharing, and I’m going to speak out!” then take action immediately.

Even if the others don’t receive your idea very well, it doesn’t mean your picture wasn’t worth sharing. The more you continue with this manner of approach to your thoughts, the more self-confidence you build.

5. Go easy on yourself

Intense stress could also contribute to low self-esteem; it gives room to negative thoughts of being unable to perform due to your weakness. Being focused on your weaknesses instead of your strengths only worsens your stress and aggravates your low self-esteem.

To counter stress, you have to practice self-care by doing things that help you relax, such as taking a bath, practicing meditation, singing, sleeping, etc. This will help reduce your stress and make you feel better.

Furthermore, avoid being hard on yourself, as you make efforts to overcome your low self-esteem. Don’t forget you are human, and like everyone else, you are likely to become weak or make mistakes at some point in life.

To overcome low self-esteem, you have to learn how not to beat yourself whenever you make a mistake. Instead, you should learn from those mistakes, and use your experience to prevent a repetition of the same error in future

6. Live in the moment

Dwelling in past mistakes and misfortunes can prolong your low self-esteem and keep you stagnated in your comfort zone. The same can be said when you always bother yourself about future occurrences. To overcome low self-esteem, you have to learn to live in the present and not allow your past or worries about your future affect your present actions.

Some things that can help you remain aware of your present happenings include paying attention to nature. Feel the breeze on your skin, listen for sounds of birds, watch the skies, etc. Keeping up with social trends could also help.

By doing these things, you continuously draw your attention to the present, and this enables you to maintain the right frame of mind when making daily decisions.

7. Practice Self-appreciation

Give yourself accolade whenever you do something right and spend your time meditating on the positive things you’ve achieved rather than where you’ve gone wrong, or how you are not “good enough” at something. Furthermore, appreciate the efforts you put into building self-confidence whenever you notice a positive change in your self-esteem.

8. Work on your strengths

Instead of pursuing things you have little or no interest in, or invest our time and effort trying to excel at something you are not good at. Try to find your niche and where you’re good at, and put all the hard work, persistence, and dedication on that. Everyone has areas where they don’t excel at, so avoid criticizing your failure at something. Pinpoint the places you are good at and work on those areas.

9. Avoid comparing yourself with others

You don’t always have to meet societal expectations if you want to overcome low self-esteem. If you are still trying to please others, you may not achieve satisfaction in your endeavors.

Therefore, don’t weigh yourself down by comparing your achievements that of others. Instead, set personal goals and boundaries according to your capability, and follow your dreams.

Remember that everyone differs and has something unique to deliver. Once you learn to stop comparing yourself with others, you would become much happier with yourself.

10. Surround yourself with people with a positive mind

To a large extent, the people we interact with and surround ourselves with can affect our level of self-esteem. If you must feel good about yourself, you mustn’t surround yourself with people who feel bad about you or themselves.

Avoid people who look down on themselves or people without purpose or ambitions in life. Surround yourself with positive people who want you to be better and are willing to help you to achieve the impossible.


The whole process of overcoming low self-esteem takes a lot of time and patience, but it is something you can achieve if you remain persistent with your intentions to level up your confidence.

Though you may experience difficult times during this process, you can always pull through difficulties, and they won’t last forever. Building your self-esteem would enable you to live your best life, and you mustn’t give up the process to achieve that.

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