11 Reasons why you should learn a skill before you graduate

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It is now more of a requirement than a choice for students in tertiary institutions to expand their knowledge and skill base in preparation for life after school.

We feel because we are in the tertiary institution; therefore, we are too old to start learning a skill. But for you to have a happier and well rounded personal life and successful career, you need to learn a skill.

Most undergraduates feel after graduation, they will secure a regular 8 am – 5 pm job, and their problems will be solved. But what happens when you don’t get the job or when what you earn from such a job isn’t enough to sustain you? That’s why you need to learn a skill before you graduate.

A skill that will help sustain you before your white-collar job comes, a skill that would make you self employed and be your own boss. Learning a new skill brings a boost to your confidence, making you ready for growth.

Reasons why you should learn a skill before you graduate

Here are some reasons  why you should learn a skill

 1. It looks great on your resume

In this 21st century, having a broad range of skills is the key to a successful career. Try your best to get a comprehensive knowledge of all the skills needed for a dream job after graduation. It gives you an edge over your counterparts.

 2. Side hustle

Having One source of income is definitely not a good idea. We all have bills to pay and lots of other things to do with money, so you need to learn a skill that will help support your primary income source.

 3. You make new friends

We easily bond with people who share the same passion as us. During the process of learning a new skill, you also make new friends. For you to build long term friendships, you have to inspire and support others during the period of acquiring a new skill.

 4. You might find a new passion

Learn a skill
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We all have different passions during our childhood, but we feel less interested in those things and pick up new interests as we grow. By picking a skill we are good at and developing it, we can better understand our area of expertise, and you’ll be surprised about how passionate you are about that skill

 5. You become independent

Learning a skill helps you become independent after graduation. It is a normal phenomenon for fresh graduates to return home and depend on their parents before they get a job. But with the skills which you have acquired while still in school, you can solely sustain yourself without relying on your parents.

 6.  Good paying job

No knowledge is wasted. The world is now a digitalized place, and technology has taken over. Learning a digital skill and having sound knowledge of advanced technology will land you a job quicker than your fellow graduates.

 7. You adapt to a better change

Learning a skill makes it easier to adapt to the changes life throws your way because your mind and perception would have changed. The more experience you get, the easier it is for you to adapt to any situation after graduation.

 8. It increases your likability

People are drawn to you when you know something that they don’t. You will be able to relate with your colleagues at work very well due to your knowledge of a particular skill, thereby making everyone like you.

 9. Sustain yourself before graduation

Like we earlier said, learning a skill helps to boost your income percentage. Learning a skill while in school can fetch you additional income to take care of certain financial needs before graduation, and reduce your reliance on your parents or guidance.

10. Intending to change profession

You can learn a skill that can assist you just in case you decide to change your career or profession after graduation. There are so many skills we can learn about other careers aside from ours.

11. Entrepreneurship

After graduation, you may decide to become self-employed and own a business of your own. To succeed in this, you must possess accurate knowledge and expertise in whatever venture you would want to explore. You can either learn manually or online.

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