How to discover and invest your talent and skills to make it profitable

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A person is said to have a talent when they are able to handle certain tasks or effectively provide solutions to a problem that others find difficult to do or handle.

But, even if you are endowed with promising talents, you still have to work hard to make it profitable to you. Everyone is born with a talent, but it’s up to us to nurture and perfect them.

Sometimes we overlook the actual tremendous potential that lies within us all in the name of discovering a talent that is hot, fun, and more lucrative. Your talent can be profitable to you in the business world if you add vision and a good planning scheme to it.


However, it is important to know the areas you’re good at so you can capitalize on them and use them to get networks and quality connections that will make life easier for you. You can achieve amazing feats only if you can find and invest in your passion.

How to discover your skills and talents

God has given each and every one of us skills and talents, and it is left for us to identify and put it to profitable use. While some people are blessed with multiple talents, others possess just one. But this doesn’t mean that those with numerous skills are better than those with one. What really matters is how you put it to use.

Listen to others

Our most incredible talents are mostly in places we least expect. It is often difficult to see the things we are good at, but our friends and family aren’t. If you pay attention, you will see that those around you have been directly and indirectly telling you what your talents are and how good you are at it. If different people get to see you in the same light, then that should be an indicator.

What comes easily to you

Do you find it easy carrying out a task that your peers struggle to complete? If yes, then you might just be staring at your talent. Just because you find it easy doesn’t make it an easy task; it only shows that you possess the skills to handle it efficiently.

Take a personality test

An objective understanding of what makes you tick is your personality test. By doing this, you get to clearly understand your strengths and your weakness and what you are good at doing best.

Write in a journal

Keeping a journal where you can write down all your thoughts and ideas can be very useful in identifying your skills. Every day once you wake up, you stream your thoughts down and before you go to bed. Do this for some time, then go back, sit down and go through all you have written. If your thoughts focus on one central idea, then that could be your talent or the beginning of it.

 Avoid comparison

You can’t identify your God-given talent by comparing yourself with others who have discovered their own skills. If you are finding it challenging to discover your own talents pray. Pray and ask God for directions to enable you to fulfill your purpose here on earth.

Look for inspiration from others

Certainly there are talented people who we admire, and whenever we see them or hear them speak, there is this attraction drawing you to them with the feeling that they can help you out with your talent.

If you find out you are good at something and there is someone who inspires you, ask them for directions and advice, you will see your talent blooming out as well. Or better still, you can speak with a counsellor who can assist you in finding your purpose.

How to develop your talent to it’s full potential

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No matter how talented you are, without hard work and dedication, you will be stagnant. You can only develop yourself from an amateur to a professional if you are equipped with the right techniques to discover and work on your potentials.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Get to know the basics

Ask yourself; what does it entail to improve my performance to push my talent to the next level? Make sure you get the basics and research thoroughly on it.

Focus on your strengths

Yeah, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Let your strengths be your guide, and at the same time, try to work on your flaws, if possible, get someone to assist you. There will be no boost to your confidence if you focus solely on your weakness.

Create your own formula

You definitely need to learn the pros and cons of that particular skill, which you are trying to improve on for profitable means. But that doesn’t mean you are bound to follow up on all the rules. Everyone is unique in their own way, and as much as you obey the rules of the game, you can add your own techniques and style for distinction.

Appreciate your progress

Congratulate yourself when you make progress. While still trying to understand your potentials and develop them take time to celebrate yourself for the progress you’ve made from the time you started.

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