10 ways to keep your environment clean

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The world we live in today isn’t a clean one, so you need to know various ways to keep your environment clean. What we do might be small, but every effort counts as we are trying to make a difference. The rate at which humans damage the world with pollution, water contamination, soot, and many more is alarming.

Today, humans are creating more carbon footprint than they have ever done before. Pollution has been one of the challenges we face today, most especially air pollution. The ozone layer has been the number one victim, and it gets thinner every time air is polluted. Smoke emitted from industries, vehicles, factories is one of the reasons why the ozone layer is damaged. This resulted in the harsh temperature we are experiencing.

keep your environment clean

Another issue is water pollution, and humans assume it doesn’t affect them, whereas we are. For example, polluted water is the same that is being ingested by other people. These same people can go around spreading viruses and bacteria everywhere, and this may lead to an epidemic.

While keeping that in mind, here are 10 ways to keep your environment clean:

1. Energy conservation

Most appliances are not eco-friendly because they not only require the use of electricity but because they consume more power. You can conserve energy by switching off your appliances when they are not in use.

2. Reduce the usage of vehicles

Another way to keep your environment clean is by minimizing vehicle usage. Vehicles produce soot when in use, which is harmful to humans, animals, and the ozone layer. Soot which is mainly made up of impure carbon is a form of air pollution. So the minimization of vehicles will aid in the fight against global warming.

3. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem

It is best to have a good interaction with the ecosystem which consists of organisms, green plants, and animals. The ecosystem has had a downward spiral due to excessive air pollution, which is the main factor that is causing global warming. With your sacrificed effort, you can make a difference and keep your environment clean and also make the world safer & healthier.

4. Reduce the usage of pesticides and chemicals

Though it is good to eliminate harmful rodents and pests, it isn’t safe to use pesticides or chemicals that damage the environment. The use of chemicals and pesticides not only kills rodents, but it also pollutes the green nature. An alternative method is to make your chemical-free cleaner with lemon, distilled vinegar, and baking soda. This method not only kills harmful rodent but also keep your environment clean. If it is stressful to make one, there are eco-friendly cleaning products to buy from stores. 

5. Recycling of waste products

Many waste products like plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum can be recycled instead of been disposed of. This will avoid air pollution in terms of burning refuse or dumping them in the ocean. The dumping of waste contributes to the killing of aquatic life. Recycling is also one of the best ways of preserving our resources to prevent wastage.

6. Tree plantation

Planting trees in our suburbs and cities helps to fight carbon pollution. It also supports the health of people and the local wildlife around us. Trees do their part to keep your environment clean, but most companies and industries have taken down most trees just to expand their business. Trees contribute to the eco-system by providing unadulterated oxygen which is a necessity of humans. So plant a tree to today and save a life.

7. Avoid littering

Another issue that needs to be talked about is the careless dumping of refuse. People have the habit of throwing plastic, rubber, or nylon containers after use on the floor. The solution to this issue is by keeping the waste in a secured plastic bag or nylon before proper disposal.

8. Avoid keeping stagnant water around

Stagnant water tends to attract insects, most especially mosquitoes, to lay eggs. The eggs hatch and give life to more infested insects that can cause illnesses. So it is best to get rid of any stagnant water before it gets infested by insects. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

9. Avoid bushy environment

Another thing to avoid is a bushy environment that can hide disease-causing rodents, pests, or snakes. The best option in this case, is to clear the bushes completely or probably turn it to a very low lawn so as to keep your environment clean.

10. Naturally grown food

Naturally grown foods are better than food that preservatives and pesticides have been used on. Some of the preservatives pollute the environment. Organic foods are not harmful and help the entire global ecosystem. You can plant in your garden or any piece of land. You can also get organic food products in stores.

With these few ways mentioned above we could make a difference, no matter how small our effort is, we can make a change. We just need to keep doing our best.


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