Good governance: Top 9 Qualities of a good political candidate

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The aim of conducting elections in a country is for the masses to pick a good political candidate that can fully represent them in the government and provide for their basic needs.

And during campaigns and rallies, these candidates come up with all sorts of promises to secure the votes of the masses and win the elections. But when some get there, they tend to forget that they are there to serve and work for the people who put them there – something you, as a citizen should always remember.

The right to choose a leader or candidate of one’s choice is known as suffrage, and every eligible adult citizen with a voters card has the freedom to exercise this right without fear or favor.

When we don’t exercise this privilege or get lured by the entertainment and thrills that come with elections, then everyone will end up with leaders who will turn the country upside down and make life unbearable for you as an average citizen.

Therefore, it is only proper that on election day, you cast your vote for a political candidate that you trust.

If you are confused about who to vote for or if the candidate of your choosing is fit for the position they are running for, then this article is for you. Here are some of the qualities a good political candidate must possess before giving him or her your vote.


One important characteristic that every good political candidate must possess is integrity. This is simply seen as the truthfulness and accuracy of one’s actions and adherence to ethical and moral standards.

A responsible candidate is the one whose moral compass is pointed in the direction of the common good, and who never strays from inner values even if it might benefit them to do so.

This can’t be evaluated by the things they do during campaigns or election day, but by their past performances.


Good political candidate

This is a quality that is extremely rare in the realm of politics, so it can be difficult to spot. Many candidates tend to say things that portray them as honest people when addressing the masses during rallies.

But when you dig deeper into their lives and motives, you may discover many things they are lying about.

No one is perfect, and neither are the candidates. But you can make the right choice by going for the one with the least secrets.

A responsible candidate is honest both in front and behind the camera; he is morally upright and has a good sense of judgment.


Your choice of a good political candidate should be someone who is confident. They must be able to speak boldly and stand on their ground, even in the face of adversity. They must be bold enough to stand up for themselves and represent the people who voted for them.

The fate of the whole nation will be resting on their shoulders, so they should have the confidence to steer the country in the right direction.


This is almost the same as being confident. Courage is the ability and strength to face difficulty or do something challenging.

Politics is like a battlefield, and only the most courageous and bravest soldiers can match to the front lines.

Therefore, your choice of a candidate must have the courage to face all the difficulties that come with his or her new position. They should be brave enough to face all the challenges that they and their constituents will encounter throughout the course of their tenure.


A good political candidate must a proven record of leadership skills. He or she should be the one who knows what is best for their constituents and make wise decisions to that effect.

A good political candidate is the one who has shown a great number of leadership capabilities in their personal life, career, and other areas of their lives.


This is a big word for a lot of government officials, and aspirants as not many of them are able to live up to expectations.

Responsibility is the realization that a lot of people are counting on you to make the right decisions that will make their life more comfortable and doing just that.

The right candidate is one who is responsible in a way to provide their constituents with logical answers and actions when dealing with issues in order to improve the lives of those under their care.


A lot of government officials lack this quality as they tend to follow a dictatorial pattern and neglect the needs of the average citizen.

A candidate that is emphatic understands the pains and cries of the people and works hard to provide a suitable solution to their problems.

You can judge if a candidate is emphatic by how they’ve handled issues concerning their subordinates in the past.

A Good Political Candidate Should be a Team player

A good political candidate understands that his constituency can only move forward through team efforts.

Therefore your choice of a candidate must be the that is known for carrying his subordinates along and empowering them with all the resources and support they need to achieve their common goal, which is making life better for the average citizen.


This is another trait that is hard to find in many political leaders. Flexibility is simply about understanding the give-and-take involved in the world of politics and finding common ground.

Your choice of a candidate must be the one who listens attentively to all the parties involved to not only hear their arguments and points but mainly to learn what it will take to reach a consensus that will benefit everyone.

This trait helps them recognize criticism and setbacks, to learn from them, and move forward.


Spotting a responsible candidate can be one hectic task, but it is something at you must do before casting your vote on election day.

Make sure to assess your candidate of choice properly, go through their portfolio and find out if they are worthy or fit for that position they are running for, and make sure you’re fully confident about their capabilities before putting in your vote for them.

Don’t be carried away by the set of candidates who resort to sharing food packages and money to secure your votes. They are most likely to neglect the needs of the country once they secure the position.

Remember that the choice you make during the election determines the conditions you’ll be living under for the next couple of years. So choose wisely.

good political candidate
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