How to make the best of your 20s

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Entering the second decade on earth can be very confusing for a majority of people. This is because some people are still on the quest to discover who they are and what they want to do, and also on a constant battle between personal or public expectations and reality.

For many, the determining years for the future begins in their 20s, and as much as people want to make the best of it, many still fear making a mess out of it. If you’re confused about what to do with the second decade of your life or fear making decisions that you’ll regret for the rest of your life, we recommend you go through this article as we share ten ways to make the best of your 20s.

Make the best of your 20s

1. Invest in yourself

This should be your utmost priority, especially if you are still trying to discover yourself. Investing in yourself is simply spending your time and resources on self-development.

It could be purchasing that book about your career path for more knowledge, or hiring that fitness coach to keep fit and healthy. Whatever you know would shape you to be the person you want to be in the future. It would be wise to invest in those things so as to make the best of your 20s.

Although these things are money and time consuming and may not be easy to justify your reasons to others. We find ourselves in a society that questions us when we invest our resources on personal growth but tend to applaud us when we spend them on unnecessary things that seem fancy.

However, if you don’t trust yourself enough to invest in, there are fewer chances of investing in you.  And if you don’t invest in yourself, you’ll find it challenging to manage the other things you invest effectively.

2. Stand your ground on your decision

To make the best of your 20s, you must know that it is not a good time to always please people; if you’ve done things or refuse to do something in the past because of pressure, it is high time you drop such influence at 20. Saying no to others doesn’t make you a bad person, especially when it comes to personal issues.

Sometimes, putting yourself before others isn’t a bad thing; you stand in a better position to care for others when you care for yourself. Standing on your decision helps you build self-confidence as well as make others respect you for your choices.

3. Do not procrastinate or do things out of fear

Fear is one factor that hinders many people from taking actions that could change their lives for the better; it has also made many people make decisions they usually wouldn’t make. If you’ve always wanted to follow your passion or do something, but fear is what hinders you, there’s a need to do away with that fear if you’re going to make the best of your 20s.

Making decisions out of fear is also something you don’t want to do in your 20s, as you may live to regret ever making such decisions. If you find it difficult to overcome your fears and start living your dreams, we recommend reading this article.

4. Don’t get caught up in busywork

Time is an essential factor for growth; whatever you spend your time doing affects the pace at which you progress. This is why you shouldn’t spend much time getting involved in busy work such as having a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t relate to your career path or study a course you have no intention to further and make use of.

To make the best of your 20s, you want to make judicious use of your time by always working towards achieving the future goals you’ve set for yourself, making every step count.

5. Take full responsibility for your life

When things are not going as planned, it is easy to blame on government, your parents, your boss, the job market, friends, or technological advancements for your mistakes. However, these factors can be influential but don’t have total control over the choices you make.

Always finding someone or something to blame, could make you feel good about your mistakes, but it also makes you feel less in control over your life. The moment you begin to take full responsibility for your actions and over, the more power you gain over what goes on in your life. And that total control is what you need to make the best of your 20s.

6. Be kind to yourself during downtimes

Rest is as crucial as work; you don’t want to drain your energy with work and have non to enjoy the fruit of your labor, don’t feel like you are lazy because you can’t keep up with the 8 hours of work you wrote on your to-do-list.

As a young adult, rest is essential for your overall development, and you don’t want to trade that for work. Try to schedule your time so that it accommodates working, relaxation, and fun. All these things are of importance,  but be sure to set your priorities right.

7. Don’t depend on external motivation to make the best of your 20s

After watching a motivational video or reading quote, we often get this “get up and do something” feeling, which is an excellent thing! However, many people enjoy the feeling they get from these motivational contents, that they get glued to them. They become dumbfounded and don’t know what to do after watching the video; this makes people concentrate on staying motivated rather than taking actions.

To make the best of your 20s, you don’t want to rely on external motivation to keep chasing your dreams; you want to take action regardless of how you feel at that moment. This way, you don’t get to slow down your progress and also don’t get to procrastinate. This isn’t to say interacting with motivational contents is wrong.

8. Be willing to fail and be uncomfortable

You’ve probably heard the phrase “life is not a bed of roses,” this statement is true. Every successful person had to go through ups and downs but overcame difficult times. If you sincerely want to make a change in your life, you should be willing to make efforts, accept mistakes, learn from them, and progress with the knowledge. Failure doesn’t mean you would never succeed. It only allows you to work on your shortcomings in order to succeed.

Furthermore, you should be willing to be uncomfortable even if it freaks you out; remaining in your comfort zone gives you fewer reasons to work towards achieving things that matter.

9. Select the people you hang out with

The people you surround yourself with can significantly influence the person you become; if you surround yourself with positive minds, you would feel positive about yourself, and vis-à-vis. Being in your 20s and aiming for success, you want to surround yourself with like minds, people who want to succeed and see others succeed, people who support the growth of others.

On the other hand, you want to be that type of person if you’re going to attract like minds. As difficult as it can be, you don’t want to judge other people’s dreams or hurt their feelings. What you want to do is support them most possibly, regardless of the outcome, your support would count.

overcome your fears

10. Be vulnerable but believe in yourself

It can be challenging to let down your guard, apologize for mistakes, or ask for help when you need it, but all these things are essential to build meaningful relationships and succeed. Being vulnerable when necessary would help you create a stronger relationship with others, learn, and grow in your 20s.

Lastly, always believe in yourself, allow your past experiences of achievements fuel your passion to succeed, and don’t allow the other people’s opinion to limit you.


Here at, we create inspirational and apt blog posts like this. However, these articles would be utterly useless if their contents are not put to use. Therefore, we recommend that you apply the contents of this article, select any of the enlisted options, and take it personally. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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