The Effects of Stress on Young Women

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People go through so much struggle in today’s world as they try to make ends meet. Young women are no exception, so we have decided to look at the effect of stress on young women.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, stress is the natural expression of our basic instinct to defend itself. This natural reaction may warn us of impending dangers that can manifest in any form. Extended levels of stress can negatively influence your emotional or physical health. Why don’t you read on to find out more about how stress affects women.

Millions of years ago, women’s stress response was richly honed as a defensive mechanism. This was especially necessary for ancestors who hunted saber-toothed tigers. Today, we have a number of factors that can easily trigger stress. Women may respond to today’s level of stress through strokes, hypertension, and ulcers.

stress on young women

The Effect of stress on young women: body and mind

Men and women can respond the same way in several situations, stressful or not, but there are tons of differences in how a woman’s body responds to stress.

Although it’s still unclear, some studies suggest that the difference in the body and brain may be responsible for how women respond to specific types of stress, emotionally and physically.

Women don’t react to fight or flight response because they are more kin to negotiating. Recent research claims that experts termed this as the “tend and befriend” response. This may have been trigger by the need to protect their offspring, especially if they are more than one that can’t run away from danger. Attacks from predators and enemies are not uncommon.

This mode of response may be triggered by an anti-stress hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone is produced during orgasm, childbirth, and breast-feeding. Experts believe that women may benefit more from this hormone more than men. Also, frequent hugs from a loved one can maximize the levels of oxytocin. This helps to balance blood pressure in women.

How stress affects the health of a woman

Increased levels of stress may be triggered by specific challenges at home, at work, and in society. While stress levels may differ, it is essential to watch it before it becomes fatal.

The effects of stress on young women in terms of their emotional and physical health can include headaches, back pain and stomach trouble, a sudden change in menstrual patterns, and hair loss. Other effects of stress may include:

Skin reactions: Stress can trigger hives and itchy rashes in some women.

Stomach complications: One noticeable sign of stress are the need to consume junk foods or painful discomfort that makes it unbearable to eat. Well-known stomach-related issues include heartburn, bloating, cramps, and sometimes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which is very common in women than in men. Women typically respond by either losing or gaining weight.

Sleep-related issues: Having trouble staying asleep is prevalent in women that are affected by stress. This is incredibly counterproductive as sleep is needed to minimize stress.

Emotional conditions: From being moody to dealing with serious mental complications such as anxiety or depression, your emotional health becomes greatly affected when stressed.

Heart issues: The entire cardiovascular system can be negatively affected by stress, and while it does not directly cause heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, it can surely arouse them.

Reduced immune response: The reduced ability to prevent diseases, either mild or severe, is the body’s physical response to stress.

Difficulty concentrating: Stress makes concentrating on work difficult, stimulating physical and mental issues if not addressed immediately.

How women can lower stress levels

Now that we know about the effect of stress on young women, it is only right that we seek out ways to naturally lower stress levels.

A survey of 3,000 individuals at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology noticed that 25% of how happy women are attributed to stress is handled. Here are a few tips on how women can manage stress:

Workout: Regular exercise is the surest way to deal with depression and stress. Research has proven that engaging active physical routines can help to lift the mood by maximizing neurochemicals and hormones that help to improve the mood.

Focus on your diet: Eating well-balanced meals and avoiding junk foods can instantaneously improve a woman’s well-being, similarly, the emotional health as well.

Find time to rest:  It helps to connect with friends and family you are most comfortable being around without being constantly criticized. It also helps to read books, engage in games or activities, like painting and crafting, helping women relax and unwind. Other everyday stress-relieving activities could include tai chi, yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Final thoughts on the effect of stress on young women

Women who are overwhelmed by the effect of stress can consult with their doctor about practical ways to deal with it. New techniques for managing stress may be incorporated into your routines. They can also consult mental health therapists who can help with mental health-related complications.


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