Should Young People Read Books in 2020 and Beyond?

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Recently, there have been various questions asked, and one of which says “should young people read books in 2020 and beyond?” The answer to this question is as clear as day because it is compulsory for young people, most especially children, to read books in 2020 and even further into the future.

Various fundamental skills are great for a child to master for them to succeed in today’s world. One of the most important fundamental skill a child can master is reading because almost everything we do today revolves around reading. To read books in 2020 and beyond can be a way of stimulating the development of the intellect of young people.

should young people read books

There are various reasons why young people should read books in 2020 and beyond. Some of which could be beneficial to themselves, their parents, and everyone they come in contact with. Books have a way of imparting knowledge, skill, and even developing various emotions into an individual.

Should young people read books? Here are some answers:

  • Books help young people profoundly expand their vocabulary and develop basic language skills. Books do more imparting than any other media
  • Books create warm emotional bonds between young people and adults when they read it together
  • Interactive books demand young people to think, which widens their consciousness and always make them think of new ideas
  • Books nourish and develop young people imagination, which inspires creativity and make them see the world in a whole different way
  • Books introduce the world to young people before they go out to explore it. It prepares them for the next stage of their life and also about the “grown-up” world
  • Books help young people understand themselves and help them find out who they are.
  • Books help young people build and strengthen their self-confidence
  • Books help young people to open up. It helps them move beyond self-absorption. It shows young people various perspectives, which makes them view the world in more than one way
  • Books broaden young people capacity to empathize and also build a connection with others. It also helps them become more compassionate
  • Books help build morals; that is assisting young people in reflecting on what’s right or wrong, good or evil. It also helps set their life priorities right
  • Books teach young people about various culture, including theirs
  • Books offer young people a wide breadth and great in-depth information, knowledge, and experience. Information on science, art, history, mathematics, nature, technology, and religion is what books entail
  • Books offer a great escape and also serve as a source of entertainment. They make us giggle, laugh, and also make us cry
  • Books comfort young people as they are great companions. It is hard to be lonely when you have a book to read. They stick with the individual no matter what their experience may be
  • Books inspire young people to chase after their dream and achieve their goals. They provide some of the necessary tools to achieve their goals
  • Books help to stimulate the brain and prevent various neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Reading helps keep the brain fit just as you keep your body fit with various workouts
  • Books are known to be stress relievers. Some books soothe the mind and help young people relax, taking away most of their stress

With these few reasons, the answer to the question, ” should young people read books in 2020 and beyond” has been provided. Books are one of the most important assets we have, and even great scientists and artists of the past used books, so why shouldn’t we?


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