10 Interview behaviors to avoid

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Being invited for a job interview can be a very exciting experience to anticipate because that’s the first opportunity you get to distinguish yourself from the usually enormous crowd of job applicants, which isn’t easily achieved.

As much as you are excited or nervous, you want to try not to blow the opportunity and let your time and effort go down the drain. Therefore you must go prepared, knowing what to do and what not to. In this article, we highlight some common interview behaviors to avoid if you want to land the job.

Interview behaviors to avoid

1. Showing up late is one of the first interview behaviors to avoid

Not only is showing up late on of the interview behaviors to avoid, it would make you look unserious, and it could also send your employer a signal that you may be unreliable when it comes to keeping to time. One way to sell yourself as the best candidate is to arrive at the interview location early enough.

If possible, try out the route leading to the interview location, carry out a test run to determine the approximate time it would take you to get there, also get to know what it would cost you to get there, then carefully plan your departure.

Furthermore, you want to arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview time officially; arriving too early could be inconvenient for the interviewer, causing them to rush and probably leave them frustrated before interviewing you.

If you arrive more than 20minutes before the stipulated time, look for an inconspicuous place to hang out for a while, before you can finally arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

2. Exhibit a negative body language

Avoid fidgeting and fiddling your hands, feet, or any item you are holding, some interviewers may misinterpret fidget as a lack of self-confidence, or a sign of boredom due to lack of interest in the conversation. Instead, you want to avoid unnecessary touching things on the desk and keep your limbs still.

Furthermore, some other negative body language to avoid includes giving the interviewer a limp handshake, avoiding eye contact, not smiling, or smiling too much. You want to show your enthusiasm and your interest in the position, therefore make sure you are composed and act as naturally possible. Shaking and lack of composure is one of the interview behaviors to avoid

3. Telling lies

As much as possible, try not to lie about your personal and professional information, because it could lead to instant termination of the interview session if the interviewer should find out. interview behaviors to avoid includes telling lies because if you are by chance hired on the bases of a lie, the company might expect you to handle tasks of which you are unprepared to handle.

During the interview, you should honestly answer all questions and provide the right information to avoid complications. Show your interest  and willingness to learn new things, and also commit to improving your performance on the job

4. Checking time

Try not to look at your wristwatch or the check the clock during the interview session, if you have to check the time make sure it doesn’t look obvious and your interviewer doesn’t suspect your action.

Continually keeping track of time could leave your interviewer with the impression that you have a more important obligation to attend to, and the job opportunity isn’t as important.

Before the interview, be sure to have worked on your schedule, you don’t want the stipulated time and duration colliding with other commitments.

5. Showing anger

If you get angry for any reason before the interview starts, be sure to do away with your anger before entering the office. Avoid frowning, sighing or any facial expression that displays anger or detests. Try to control your emotions, even when you are confronted with a question or comment you do not like.

Employers are less likely to employ angry people because angry people are not fun or safe to work with; they may frighten customers, co-workers or potential clients. Regardless of the situation, you want to keep a smiling face and respond most calmly and positively.

6. Eating

Don’t carry or consume any edible during the interview, unless the interview is specifically over a meal or the interviewer offers you something to drink. Eating during an interview can be considered an impolite and irresponsible act, as it divides your attention.

Instead, have something to eat before the interview begins, so you don’t get hungry during the session, and check yourself out in the mirror to be sure you don’t have any food stains on your dress.

7. Answering or using your phone

If you must take your phone along, make sure it’s silent and wouldn’t ring out, or better still leave it at home. If you get a notification or call during the interview session, try not to check or answer the phone. You want to avoid whatever would divide your attention as you could be assumed to lack concentration or control over situations.

8. Acting desperate in one of the most important interview behaviors to avoid

Regardless of how desperate you are for the position, you don’t want to let the interviewer notice extreme emotions in your behavior. If your interviewer notices you are desperate, he may assume you would settle for any job offer, which makes you less qualified to handle the position’s responsibility. You have to keep your emotions in check and express your interest in the job appropriately.

9. Not asking any questions or asking the wrong question

Not asking questions could indicate a lack of interest in the position, which isn’t a good way to secure the job. What could even be worse is asking the wrong question, it could serve as an instant turnoff for the interviewer.

During the first interview, you don’t want to ask questions that could be linked to personal benefits such as questions relating to promotions, raises, or vacations. Instead, ask questions about the job offer highlighting things you are unclear with.

10. Other inappropriate behaviour

If the job interview is less of an entertainment audition and doesn’t require you to be amusing or entertaining, you want to avoid doing anything of such. Don’t try to flirt with your interviewer, chew cum, use foul or lousy language, dress inappropriately, or be rude. Try to remain as professional as possible on your first interview


Proper behaviour during an interview session is vital for securing a job, the interviewer is a different person and doesn’t see things in your perspective; therefore, he may likely assume things for how they seem.

In order not to blow your chances of holding the position without knowing, you want to be of your best behaviour and act appropriately.

We hope that our tips on interview behaviors to avoid has been helpful. For more guidance on how to go about an interview, we recommend you read ten powerful interview etiquettes, and ten common interview questions and how to answer them.

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