Best Ways To Job Hunt in 2020 and Beyond

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Whether you are a fresh graduate or a person who has been in the job market for a while, job hunting can be difficult. There is no denying that searching for a job is a full-time job on its own, and it doesn’t get more comfortable as you grow older.

Do you feel like you are running around in circles and going nowhere with it? Occasionally, it helps take a few steps back and reconsider your approach before looking for job applications. Knowing how to job hunt in a different way may give you a fresh boost of confidence when you feel down and hopefully provide you with that opportunity you have been searching for. Here are some tips to take note of while you job hunt in 2020 and beyond:

Spend time on your resume

Ideas about what a good resume is can change over time. A resume that is considered optimal five years ago may no longer be updated. So, while we would suggest a bit of upfront research about writing a resume in your field, here are some tips that have overcome the test of time.

  • Ensure that your resume is clean and straightforward. Excessive graphics and colours can become distracting and easily disorganized when viewed after downloading. A bit of colour can be a nice touch, but if you use it, let it be uniform and do not overdo it.
  • Do not be nervous about naming your skills and accomplishments. Demonstrating that you are always broadening your horizons shows that you are a go-getter.

Do a better job on your portfolio

A lot can transpire over a year, particularly if you work in a fast-moving company that provides professional development exercise. We usually incorporate new skill sets without knowing it. Take some time to put down a list of your achievements over the past 12 months. This can help promote your resume, cover letter, and how you talk about yourself.

Enhance your professional online presence

Once you’re hired, a lot of us ignore our social media account until we realize we’re prepared for a career change. If you are such a person, it’s about time you make a change! Reference your portfolio, revise your overview section, achievements, training, and skills. Also, kindly update your profile picture and make sure it looks professional. You can also use other’s profiles for insight.

Keep up with your references as you job hunt

Job hunt

It is crucial to communicate with your references and keep professional relationships as you job hunt. The holiday is a good time to reach out and schedule a meeting over the phone or in person. Share your career path, expectations, and accomplishments. Also, offer an update about your job search, and don’t be scared to ask for guidance.

Spend time exploring

Becoming a professional in a specific field has lots of upsides. Nonetheless, it’s also easy to be stuck in a professional convenience zone. Understanding the various roles, opportunities, and businesses can motivate you to dip your toes just beyond your circle. The further your exploration, the more that circle will broaden.

Network and attend events

While career fairs and attending events might not get you a job, they can certainly help your search. Discussing with experts in your field will enlighten you about what employers need, the recent hiring trends, and things that are already outdated.  Also, talking about yourself will often lessen anxiety and assist you in pitching yourself in the future.

Take proper care of yourself

 Searching for jobs can be a stressful thing, particularly when it takes more time than anticipated. During this process, it’s crucial that you always keep a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, get enough sleep, exercise, and surround yourself with positive-minded people. This will enable you to stay strong and move more effectively towards your goals. 

Making a list of the job hunting methods you will concentrate on, along with a general timeline you would like to perform them in, will help make things easier for you. However, if you encounter a few setbacks along the way, do not be discouraged as it’s all part of the process. Utilize each tip provided above to guide you while you job hunt, and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the season.

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