40 Best Startup Ideas

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Coming up with a brilliant startup idea may feel knotty to an aspiring entrepreneur, especially when it may seem that everyone has already swooped up every good idea for a business. Still, it is entirely possible to become successful by putting a unique spin on an old idea or improving on existing products.

 When we look at the benefits of self-employment, we will see that the effort of launching it is worth it. Also, the freedom we get from being our boss, starting a business brings greater job satisfaction, more independence, and potentially uncapped earning potential.

This is a list of startup ideas that can get your creative gears turning and gives you instant inspiration. The ideas range from food-based ideas to travel-oriented, and writing, so you are bound to find one that works for you.

1.  Create a Local Grocery Delivery Service

Starting a local grocery delivery service is a great startup idea. It can come with minimal setup costs, all you need is a cell phone and a vehicle to get started. You help people or senior citizens that are too busy to shop by offering your community-friendly service.

Also, you can get your service off the ground by approaching grocery stores in your area to see if they are willing to partner with you as these can be very helpful for your business.

delivery service

2.  Create a Food Waste Solution

One of the best startup ideas is creating a food waste solution. Creating a food waste solution that is focused on reducing the food waste system would not only earn you some serious funding. Also, it positively helps save grocery stores and restaurants money and change the food system.

3.  Capitalize on Plant-Based Foods

In 2018, the plant-based market exploded, with the sale of plant-based foods growing to over $3.7 billion. As an aspiring entrepreneur, making meat-free versions of traditional foods or creating a vegan supermarket can be a ticket to success. According to research, plant-based consumers are strongly motivated by wellness, health, and feeling better.

Plant-based foods help to improve digestive wellbeing, reduce potential diseases, weight management, or boost their consumers’ energy. Capitalizing on a startup idea like this can earn you some serious funding.

4.  Develop a Chatbot

Creating a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to communicate with people is one of the best startup ideas. Chatbots have become more popular these days, and it has been used for a lot of things, to help businesses improve their communication. It also helps to increase efficiency by allowing chat representatives to handle several chats simultaneously, which reduces the need for excessive people’s power.

5. Make Local Guides

Creating local guides is a great startup idea; it helps you to get familiar with your surroundings and help tourists enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences in your area. Highlight attractions, partner with local businesses for advertising opportunities and make themed guides.

6.  Organize Specialty Travel Tours

One of the best startup ideas is organizing a specialized travel tour company that will cater to individual lifestyle preferences. A tour startup made for an age-based company could gain traction across various demographics, solo travellers, or even a food-based tour geared towards certain diet preferences can be a great start for an aspiring entrepreneur.

7.  Become a Destination Wedding Planner

You can help remove the stress of wedding planning for couples, and you will also have the opportunity to travel to exciting places around the world. Planning wedding parties can be a very exhausting mission, but as an aspiring entrepreneur, you can find it very interesting. If you are great under pressure, love exploring, and don’t mind working for long hours, becoming a destination wedding planner can be a really good idea for you.

 8.  Create an Airport-Centric App

Creating an airport centric app is a good startup idea to start with it as an aspiring entrepreneur. Creating an application that allows travellers to navigate unfamiliar airports with real-time information is a great startup idea. Though there are lots of applications with these features, you can make your own unique.

Some applications can show ground transportation options, TSA line wait times, amenities, and airport maps that passengers can find helpful. Also, you can create an app that includes all these features, with extra functions that can make it unique from others.

9. Start an Event Planning Company

When starting an event planning company, networking and careful research is the key to success. Although an event planning company is one of the best startup ideas, you need to get in touch with your local community to make enough and sufficient research. Also, you can start an event planning business remotely for ultimate flexibility.

10.  Start a Meal Prep Business

Starting up a meal prep service is one of the best startup ideas to try out as an aspiring entrepreneur. According to research, over 1.8 billion Americans order restaurant takeout for meals. A meal prep service helps to cater to specialized diets to appease distinct lifestyles and make people’s lives easier. 

11.   Curate Subscription Boxes

Creating a subscription box business is a great startup idea. All you need to do is pick a niche, and then curate a collection of specialized goods to deliver unique experiences to the modern customer. Also, some subscription boxes focus on sustainability while others focus on makeup; we need to find the right starting point for us and run with it.

In 2018, subscription boxes became a $10 billion business, and the industry is still set to grow. Before starting a business like these, you need to understand that customers want fast delivery, value, convenience, and superior experience. When you can provide all these, your chances of earning a lot of profits are high.

12.  Make Products for Pets

Making products for pets is one of the best startup ideas. Over 85 million households in the U.S,  have at least one animal companion, although it might sound funny, making products for pets is an excellent idea. You can look into developing accessories, clothing, or even toys for furry friends.

13.  Start a Dropshipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is one of the best startup ideas. The dropshipping business can be very profitable when you make thorough, complete research. When you do the research, you can start selling higher-end products with low shipping costs and earn a lot of money. This is what makes the e-commerce business model of drop shipping attractive.

14.  Produce Zero-Waste Products

Creating a zero-waste company is more than just a popular thing to do; it can be an environmentally, ethical conscious decision. Selling sustainable products like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bags, or products with zero-waste packaging could fascinate a growing number of sustainability-focused consumers.

15.  Sell Phone Accessories or Do Repairs

This is another startup idea that an aspiring entrepreneur can try out. Although it is a fairly saturated market, there is still an opportunity for a creative mind to make special add-ons for smartphones. The mobile phone accessories market has been growing continuously.

16.  Sell Vintage Goods Online

Selling vintage goods online is one of the best startup ideas to try out. With an estimated $17 billion annual revenue, the used-merchandise industry is still growing as consumers become disinterested in fast fashion, the industry is profitable. You can consider the idea of selling vintage, upcycles, thrift items on e-commerce platforms or applications like Poshmark.

17.  Become an Ebook Writer

One of the easiest ways of becoming an internet entrepreneur is writing and selling ebooks. If you are good with words, consider selling ebooks on virtual platforms, or even become a self-published author. Currently, the ebook market is worth over $15 billion, so one can make a fortune by writing and selling ebooks on the market.

18.  Become a Resume Writer

This is one of the best startup ideas that an aspiring entrepreneur can try out. If you’ve got writing experience, you can create a resume writing service. Everyone needs a resume, but writing can be a problem for some people. It is a startup business that you can launch with no setup costs; it could be the path for you.

19.  Create Custom Clothing

The custom clothing industry offers room for long-term growth and also gaining popularity. It is one of the best startup ideas if you have an eye for fashion, offering a tailoring service or selling custom clothing could be a profitable startup idea for you.

20.  Begin Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is an excellent startup idea for an aspiring entrepreneur. Apart from the content you are creating, there are various ways you can earn extra incomes also. You can earn money through affiliate links, product sales, and even through advertising once you build an audience.

21. Make a Smart Appliance

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can start making smart appliances. Nowadays, home appliances and smart accessories are all playing an important part in the daily life of the average consumer. For inspiration, let’s take note of daily tasks at work or home that would be easier with a smart appliance.

22. Start Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a great way to earn an income with little to no startup costs attached; it is one of the best startup ideas. Creating content for busy people that don’t have the skill to write themselves or the time can be a great source of revenue.  If you don’t mind, you can attach your name to your writing.

23.  Become a web developer

Becoming a web developer is a great startup idea because the need for custom websites isn’t ever going away. You can start a profitable website development business on your own if you know a programming language or WordPress.

web developer

24.  Create Online Courses

Creating online courses is one of the best startup ideas that you can give a trial as an aspiring entrepreneur. You can create an online course where you will make obscure hobbies easy for others to learn. Creating an online course is one of the best options you’ve got if you aren’t interested in the coaching route. It could lead to a reliable passive income.

 25.  Develop an App

Developing an application is a unique idea for a startup if you have the technical skill. To build an app these days, you don’t need to know how to code. There are various platforms that you can build an app with knowing how to code, for example, Appy pie. Launching an app can bring in passive earnings.

26.  Tap Into Virtual Reality Experiences

The virtual reality industry has been growing ever since it was created, the industry was projected to grow to over a $44 billion market by 2024. You can make passive earnings by creating virtual reality experiences or accessories.

27.  Offer Matchmaking Skills

You might have the perfect skill to start matchmaking if you have a knack for knowing what types of people and which personalities get along well. You can offer matchmaking skills online or meet clients in person. Offering matchmaking skills is like creating a dating website but with a personal touch. It can make people happy for a living.

28.  Become an Online Coach

Working as an online coach is one of the best startup ideas if you love helping others achieve their goals. Creating your own YouTube channel might be a great way to get audiences. After creating the channel, you can consider breaking into the business, wellness, or life coaching.

29.  Reinvent Exercising

Suppose you have an activity for the exercise enthusiasts or an idea for a new regimen. You can also turn the exercise industry on its head like other businesses, for example, CrossFit and Peloton.

Also, this startup idea can earn you more than you are expecting because if there is one thing people get bored with, it is doing the same type of exercise day in and day out to stay healthy.

30.  Make a Niche Dating Site

There are various dating websites targeted to everyone from farmers to sea captains. Creating a niche dating site with unique features which offers an online dating experience specifically for users with certain likings or background can be a great startup idea for you. You can use this opportunity to help others find love as the stigma around online dating has decreased over the last decade.

31.  Start Flipping Websites

Flipping websites is one of the best startup ideas you can think of. All you need to do is buy an existing website, then make improvements on it, then sell it for a profit. Although before you start flipping websites, you need to have some web development skills and also understand how the market well. This startup idea can easily be a profitable pursuit.

32.  Be a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a great startup idea that can easily be a profitable pursuit.

Influencer marketing is projected to be over $9 billion industry by 2020. All you need to do is to find a niche and build a personal brand, then amass large followers on YouTube or Instagram. All these can lead to a solid source of income for you.

33.  Start a Podcast

If you are deeply passionate or knowledgeable about a subject matter, you can consider getting into podcast hosting or production. As of 2019, the number of people that listen to podcasts has increased by more than 18 million. It is now an easy way of connecting to an audience.

34.  Start a Food Truck

For an entrepreneur with a background, opening a food truck can be a great startup for him or her. Opening a food truck is less to worry about than an entire restaurant, if you have a novel idea for a food truck, like one that only sells french fries with crazy toppings or ice cream sandwiches, a food truck is the best startup idea for you.

35.  Be a Virtual Assistant

Starting a company of virtual assistants or being an online assistant can be a huge success. Creating a startup business that is focused on getting people that help others with the administrative tasks in their personal or professional lives can be a huge moneymaker.

36.  Start a Business for Organizing

Starting a business for organizing is one of the best startup ideas for you if you have a knack for organizing. You can organize bookshelves, kitchen pantries, closets and more are all options that you can offer customers at your new business.

37.  Eco-Friendly, Health-Friendly Makeup and Beauty Products

One of the best startup ideas for an aspiring entrepreneur is creating safe and ecofriendly products. People are now looking for beauty and more healthy products that are also eco-friendly as they become more aware of the impact their personal choices have on the environment and their health.

38.  Interior Design for Your Professionals

If you have got an eye for decorating, you can start an interior design business. Then you can start offering your services at a daily or an hourly rate virtually to young professionals that are looking for inspiration.

A large number of young professionals want to make their apartments feel like a home, but it can hard for them. Some will find it hard to choose the right furniture and make it have a cohesive design when they don’t know where to start.

39.  Become a Marketing Consultant

Becoming a marketing consultant is one of the best startup ideas for an aspiring entrepreneur. If you are totally new to marketing, taking an online course can help you get started.

As a marketing consultant, you can help small businesses reach their targeted audiences by providing copywriting, social media, and SEO services.

40.  Open a Co-working Space

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can capitalize on the rising popularity of remote work. You can create a modern co-working space that addresses the pain points of entrepreneurs. All you need to pick a convenient location, build it out with highly sought after amenities, and consider local impact.

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40 Best Startup Ideas to Try in 2020- justbusiness

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