Self-Defense Tips For Young People

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It is crucial that you know how to respond in dangerous circumstances to ensure your safety. We believe that not only is it vital to be aware but also to know the strategies that will enable you to escape and protect yourself in life-threatening occurrences. Self-defense is the act of beating an assailant, irrespective of physical strength, and without the need to utilize weapons. It doesn’t depend on strength but speed and courage in difficult situations. Below are a few self-defense tips you can use to keep yourself save:


Grasp your hands correctly

The debate about which is more potent during a fight, a fist or a flat hand,  is an old one. Typically, your hand automatically grasps into a fist before throwing a punch. The crucial thing is to throw that punch without bruising your fingers. Don’t expose your thumb, but don’t keep it hidden under your fingers either as it could cause you to fracture your fingers. Don’t disregard making use of your flat hand in a fight because this kind of blow may come as a surprise.

Breaking free from a rope

The primary thing you’re required to do is to leave some space for air. If your hands are being bound, make sure that they are clenched in fists. If your body is being wrapped as well, breathe in so that your diaphragm can expand. The more space there is between you and the rope, the better your chances to escape is.

Breaking free when bound with a duct tape

If your hands are tied using duct tape, you can actually rip it apart by merely raising your hands above your head, and thrusting them down with a considerable amount of force. This technique can be applied even if your hands are tied from behind.

Remember the vulnerable regions

This self-defense tip would definitely be useful in dangerous situations. You are likely to be less physically tough than your assailant, so you need to depend on the element of surprise. Remember to throw a punch as hard and as quickly as you can. If you think or wait for too long before making your move, your attacker will unravel your intentions and can get extremely angry.

Make use of security apps

You can try to make use of apps like Family Locator, bSafe, and many more. These applications will enable you to track the activities as well as the movements of your friends and families or transmit a distress signal if need be.

You can develop coded words

In childhood, a lot of us invent codes, new phrases, or even languages. This supposedly impractical recreation could save your life. If you do not get the opportunity to convey or send a text, you can use an encrypted SOS to notify your family of your situation. If you take your rebus-composing even further, your saviours could even learn the location of the place you’ve been taken from or the exact area where you were left.

Make use of the material on hand

Make use of any item that could help defend yourself is an acceptable means of self-defense. Your bag can serve as a shield when attacked with a knife but don’t hold it extremely close to your body. Also, you can throw your scarf to an attacker’s face to buy yourself a couple of minutes. Umbrellas and even little chain in your bag can be useful. Keys are amongst the best tools to use. Nonetheless, don’t waste time attempting to use them as a knuckleduster.

Ensure that you keep your pepper spray in the appropriate place

It is better to have your pepper spray on hand than in your bag. This is because assault naturally happen unexpectedly, and you will have to bring out your protective tool as quickly as you can.  Make sure that you have it on you so you can quickly use it and run away.

If you are being grabbed by the hand

You can run off from a handgrip by employing this “rule of thumb”, which is a good way of self-defense. You can perform this rule by following this instruction: swivel your hand toward the attacker’s thumb and ensure that you do it quickly and with force. If the attacker learns of your plan, he will clasp your hand with all his strength. In this situation, you can hit him in the groin and knees with your feet, and step on his feet with a lot of force.

If you are being pulled by the hair

Among the most popular means of assaulting is pulling the victim’s hair. Not only is this method uncomfortable to the victim, but it also gives total control over the victim’s body. To escape from this, you need to grab the assailant’s hand using both of your hands. This will enable you to regain a bit of control. After that, please make use of your feet and once you notice that the attacker’s hand has eased its grasp, let go and run.

If you are being grabbed by the neck

Kick the attacker in the groin, or poke his eyes with your fingers. The pain he feels will make him loosen his grip.

In an elevator

We all know that it is a bad idea to go into an elevator with strangers and it would be better to leave if someone that is looking suspicious enters the elevator after you. Make it a tradition to stand, allowing your back to face the part of the wall where the controls are. It’s better to be in control of the buttons than to allowing another person to get control over the elevator and end up getting stuck between floors with that person.

When you’re in a car

Like in the case of the elevator, it is possible to prevent an attack. In addition to the basic rule of not entering a car with strangers, you can send this information to a friend: the car’s number, colour, and destination. If an attack occurs, go for vulnerable areas such as the groin, nose, and eyes.

Some extra self-defense tips you might find useful:

Be at alert

Listening to a song with or without a headphone, and pressing your smartphone might divert your attention from noticing a perpetrator. Ensure that you observe your environment from time to time. If the attacker loses the element of surprise, he could change his mind about assaulting

Maintain a good distance

Make sure to avoid being cornered. Even if the attacker is bearing down on you, do not step back. Ensure to walk aside, and change your movement trajectory.


Keep your palms in front of you

This isn’t only a defensive position (ensure that your hands are on a similar level with your chin and your elbows are half-bent) but also a calming one. This is a way of saying, “Calm down. Let’s resolve this peacefully.” At the same time, you’re letting the assailant know that you’re capable of fighting back.


Even if you understand all the tricks, you don’t have to become a superhero. There is no need to attempt to show your physical strength against an assailant. Your primary goal is to remain in one piece. These are your three immediate goals, which include wrench free, disorient the assailant, and escape.

We hope these self-defense tips would be useful to you and remember to avoid walking alone at odd hours.

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