Best skills to learn remotely

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With the constant advancement in technology and skills many companies announcing the extension of their remote working policies, it is obvious that remote working is here to stay and isn’t just a trend. Research shows that remote workers seem to be happier and more productive, with a higher average income than non-remote workers.

If you’re considering working from home, here’s the good news for you; remote jobs are available for workers across all kinds of industries, from education to healthcare to marketing and much more.

Furthermore, whether you are a beginner with basic computer skills or a professional with advanced technical certifications, the remote environment has jobs that fit your background and goals. Many of these positions for stay at home jobs offer more flexibility than on-site roles, and also pay more when compared with traditional jobs.

So if you’re in your 50s and 60s and you seek a transition to remote working, or you are a professional who wants to make a career switch that enables you to work from home, you should consider brushing up your digital skills. To thrive in the remote working environment, here are some technical skills you can learn from anywhere, and can easily land you a high-income job.

best skills to learn remotely

1. Creating a solid and professional online presence

Social media has been widely accepted by almost everyone, and since most remote jobs are internet-based, you must create a professional online presence. Creating and maintain a professional social media presence is a skill that can help boost your employability by making the right impression with employers.

The way you present yourself online is essential for any remote job, as employers would be looking out for how the things you post affect your audience. Some skills that fall under the category of social media management have to do with privacy and security settings, and you should also learn how your audience engaged and how your contents affect them.

With a solid professional reputation and online influence, you can effectively harness the benefits of being on multiple online platforms and also increase your chances of getting a suitable remote job. Also, by brushing up your online professional persona, you stand a chance to get endorsed by brands as an influencer.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a much sorted out skill in the world today, and it goes hand in hand with creating a solid online reputation. Be it B2B marketing on LinkedIn,  optimizing emails, or marketing on other online platforms, developing a digital marketing strategy and learning how to analyze marketing performance are remote skills that make you highly employable.

Many marketers and freelancers make a lot of money off teaching people social media management and marketing strategies. If you want to become a virtual assistant, visual communicator, or lead generation, digital marketing skills are essential for your freelance or marketing career.

3. Coding

Commonly referred to as computer language or language of the future, coding is a highly sorted out skill in the modern world. By learning how to code, you gain an invaluable skill that allows you to work remotely. You could learn coding languages such as CSS, HTML, or JavaScript play, which would enable you to create websites and software. With time, you can decide to find a niche to become an expert in any coding language you want.

Even if you’re not going to become a full-time developer, you can equip yourself with this skill for other purposes, such as copywriting. Learning how to code is an essential skill to possess for many remote workers, and your job might demand this skill.

4. Customer Service for the Digital World

In recent years, more and more companies have moved their customer service into the digital world, to cut out cost such as office rent, and the advantage to harness a bigger talent pool.

This means that companies would hire individuals remotely and would be willing to pay for your communication skills. By improving your customer service skills, which may likely include learning to serve customers via social media, learning customer service courtesy or improving your language skill, you can boost your employability as a remote worker.

Customer services is an area that covers multiple niches; there are customer service team management, service providers, representatives, amongst others. So it’s a good idea to specialize in a particular area so that you can demonstrate a great degree of experience and professionalism to potential employers.

5. Web and Graphic designing

Web-based design is a highly lucrative niche for remote workers, as the field holds numerous opportunities. From learning to design WordPress themes, to creating 3D graphic design, the digital designing environment contains many categories you can choose from, with each of them requiring a different skill set. So if you happen to be the creative type, you may want to boost your skills in a particular niche as you break into the web design field.

Furthermore, there are tons of free and paid resources out there, which you can use to acquire the skills required to become a designer. Asides designing actual websites, you can also learn Photoshop for UX designing, or venture into creating iOS or Android apps. The possibilities in this field are indeed endless, and if you’re very creative, it would be easy to master the basic digital skills you require to work remotely.

6. Learning How to Sell

Being a good salesperson is an important skill to have in both traditional and remote working environments. Although being a good salesperson is a vital digital skill in this era, many still lack skills such as crafting the perfect sales pitch, or the ability to identify sales growth opportunities. To thrive as a remote sales person; there are lots of areas to focus on to increase your employability.

Therefore, you may want to learn how to manage the sales process of an online venture, communicate through email and other digital mediums, or improve your negotiation skills to serve your clients better. Since marketing covers a wide variety of skill-set, lookout to learn from social media influencers in this field. Not to mention, you could also include these sales skills to your resume, allowing you to better market yourself to potential employers.

7. Freelance Writer Gigs

This is another freelance field that enables you to work remotely, holding opportunities such as copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting, and writing reviews, writing opportunities are abundant. Although it isn’t easy to find a legitimate writing gig, with the right resources and professional portfolio, you can earn a living from writing while working from a remote location of your choice.

To attract the right employers, you may want to work on your skill to communicate with words and learn to work with deadlines, as most employers search for freelancers who deliver quality work on time. You may also want to get familiar with writing software, and web features, these are tools you would use as you write remotely.

8. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL/TEFL)

Do you have teaching experience in a classroom, as a coach, or a tutor? If yes, you could consider starting your online English-teaching career remotely. Teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL/TEFL) has become a famous side gig for many education professionals. Remote teachers for the English language is in high demand, especially for families in the Middle East and Asia.

Although there are some basing requirements which TESL employers typically want you to posses, such as a college degree and fluency in North American or British English. Also, there’s no need to be familiar, or learn the first language of those you teach, but having that skill could make you highly sorted for as a remote tutor.

9. Translation Jobs

This could serve as the perfect remote job for you if you are bilingual or an expert in a multitude of languages. Many of these translation jobs can be done remotely, as there are tons of freelance job opportunities for translators online. As a freelance translator who works online, you might be hired by a translating company, or find job translating news stories and articles, books, and web pages.

If you are relatively familiar with the second language you speak, you might want to brush up on your speaking and writing skills before you interview for a position. Also, make sure you prepare yourself by exploring common online interview questions for freelance translators.

10. Other teaching and tutor Jobs

Technological advancements and high-speed internet connections have created more platforms for teachers to work with students from around the world. This implies that there is a growing demand for internet-based teachers, as parents want their children to take classes school online.

Typically, online teachers earn based on the number of hours they teach, and the type of courses they work with. So if you have some teaching experience and want to work remotely, you may want to brush up your communication skill or upgrade your qualifications. Work-at-home job options for remote teachers include writing coach, curriculum developer, exceptional subject tutor, and online adjunct professor.


Regardless of what your interests are, there are tasks you can handle and get paid for, basically with a smart device and internet connection. To this end, boosting your skills gives you access to opportunities that would otherwise be out of your reach, and increases your employability.

Try to figure out the career path that works best for you and ensure you are also digitally inclined, to allow you to work remotely. Therefore, get yourself the right digital skills for remote work early enough, so that you can start working from the comfort of your home.

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