Obeying Traffic Rules

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Obeying traffic rules cannot be stressed enough. To help protect you and others when driving on the road, traffic rules should be strictly followed. Ensure that you know the rules and apply them while on the road.

Some aspects of obeying traffic rules include:

  • Monitoring speed limits
  • Indicate your intention
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Speed limits
  • Employ the 2-second rule
  • Pass with caution but only when allowed
obeying traffic rules

Everyone is responsible for their safety whenever they are on the road. Accidents may involve even the most professional drivers. We’re not only talking about truck safety but general safety tips that should be taken into account and followed by all motorists the next time they go out on the roads.

It is up to you to do your part to keep everybody safe while you are driving a vehicle. This means obeying traffic rules and ensuring you inspire others to do the same also. It can prevent you from getting in an accident by understanding the laws of the road, what to look out for, and most importantly, being a vigilant driver.

Below are traffic rules that you need to know and follow to the letter:

  • Be alert – Pay conscious attention to your environment, be careful of your driving, and pay close attention to the other motorists around you.
  • Become predictable – Don’t needlessly make abrupt stops; keep your driving pace, don’t aggressively weave in and out of traffic changing lanes. Maximize the safety of others by making it easy to predict your next move.
  • Don’t assume – Don’t assume that others will do the same just because you follow the traffic rules and drive safely. Check for motorists around you for erratic behaviour or bad driving habits to prevent any potential incident.
  • Be patient – If traffic isn’t as smooth as you predicted, it is best to exercise patience. Far too often, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, and driving without respect for other motorists has led to accidents. So, it’s best to remain calm and drive as safely as you can.
  • Follow the traffic signals – Pay attention to stop signs, yield signs, traffic lights, and other traffic signals.
  • Respect the yellow lights –  Know that it means slowing down and bringing your car to a stop. This isn’t the time to accelerate through the intersection.
  • Use your brakes effectively – It’s necessary to bring your vehicle to a full stop when you see a stop sign or a red light. Notice the “Driver’s Handbook” 3-second rule which gives you enough time to adequately analyze your position to ensure that no other motorists or pedestrians assume you would make a quick stop.
  • Yield right of way – It imperative that you understand the right of way. Ensure to give in to other drivers who have the right of way, but don’t make the assumption the rules are known to all drivers. Proceed only when it is safe to do so.
  • Obey the speed limits – Stick to the stipulated speed limits. They were not selected at random; instead, deliberately chosen to optimize the safety of those with you on the road. Not only is this applicable to speeding. Driving too slow can lead to accidents, and a ticket could be issued.
  • Properly use the turn signals – These are one of the most effective ways on the highway to share your intentions with others. Not only can you use them to indicate each turn, but you can also have motorists anticipate your maneuver. Be sure not to use it during or after, as this is one mistake many motorists seem to make while driving.
  • Don’t drive under the influence – This involves more than drinking alcohol and driving. You shouldn’t be behind the wheels if you have been impaired by prescription or otherwise. Make the right decision and don’t get behind the wheel if your judgment is clouded.
  • Don’t text and drive – Your life is more important than a text. You can avoid being involved in an accident by texting when you are well-parked.
  • Avoid distractions – There’s plenty of danger to being distracted while driving use using your phone. Your focus must be on the road at all times, and all sorts of distracted driving are something that takes your eyes off the road. This may include eating, talking with passengers, changing CD’s, applying makeup, arguing, shaving, etc.
  • Plan your trip – Before you get lost, check your map, set your voice commands, and schedule your travel route. This will save you a lot of stress and make getting to your location easier and faster.
  • Be sure you are appropriately strapped in – Several lives have been lost because many drivers and passengers don’t have their seat belts on. No matter how good your driving is, it is crucial that you are buckled up properly, and this can save your life in more ways than you can imagine.
  • Use your headlights – Headlights are always used at night, but they should also be used when it’s raining or when there is a fog. This is because the light from your car is often the only thing anyone can see.

    Your high beams should be used at night to help illuminate the road further forward, but when driving behind or crossing paths with other vehicles, be respectful and control the direction of the lights, so it doesn’t blind other drivers.
  • Make adjustments as the weather changes – The road conditions can be less than favourable when the weather is poor. Road conditions can differ depending on the weather situation, but if the conditions are bad, do not be afraid to slow your speed, or stay away from the road if you can’t help it.

Bear in mind that you share the roadways other people and that we all have to make a conscious commitment to maintaining safety for yourself and others on it. Obeying traffic rules has saved countless lives, and it can save your’s if you continue to incorporate it in your driving.


Basic Traffic Safety Rules – lenduboistrucking

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