Should you pay to get a job?

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To get a job can be a great achievement, but the sad truth is that, in some professions, it’s very hard to achieve some level of success or find a vacant position without having an inside man.  It is at this point that online job recruitment agencies come into the picture by connecting respectable executives with genuine job searchers. Just like every other career environment, there are some basic formalities when it comes to dealing with a group of people.

Accustomed Formalities And Why You Should Not Pay To Get A Job:

I guess you are curious to know if it is ideal for job seekers to pay an employment agency or agent to help them secure a job, the answer is a big “no”. Because most of the time, the company pays the recruitment agency to help them get qualified job seekers who will fill different vacant positions. Normally companies pay these agents about 15% – 25% of your yearly pay in once payment.

Get a job

Legal Obligation

You may be curious to find out if it is illegal for job searchers to pay an employment agency to help them secure a job, the answer is a big “no” there is no big deal getting, an agent, a family member, or a friend to help you find a job.

So many people have done this, and if you are ready to risk some cash for it, it is absolutely achievable but be careful not to fall prey to unethical agents who are already receiving payment from the company, and also ask you and other job seekers for more feel before you can secure the position even when you meet the requirements stated by the company. If you discover this is the case, kindly bring it to the notice of the company involved.

When dealing with challenges that come with the labour market, tough competition, and hurdles that come with looking for a job, some job searchers have resulted to short cuts as a way forward just to avoid the stress and challenges that come with getting a good job, while some job seekers have resulted to more progressive and creative means to get their desired jobs.

One of the major creative attempts is using technology and the internet to facilitate the job-seeking process. Job seekers now pay job hunting sites such as Jobberman, Linkedin, Joblist Nigeria, LinkedIn Premium, NG Careers, just to mention a few. These job hunting companies assert that they have so many advantages in the labour market, by searching most of the positions available from their database so that you can apply for the jobs that are suitable for you, getting your curriculum vitae to potential agents, and rendering customized job hunting offering personalized job search counseling and guidelines.

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Should you pay to get a job?

No, you should never pay to get a job.

If you’re submitting an application for a long term job, at that point in time, the company should want you for your experience and the skills you have to offer the company.

Additionally, if a company tries to seek payment from you before giving you a place in their establishment, you should not try to work in such a company. If they can behave toward you in such a way, then you should quit such a company because their integrity is questionable. Assuming this is how they act towards workers prior to them formerly becoming hired staff, think about how the situation would change as time goes on. You may likely never get an increment in your salary no matter the efforts and commitments you give to the job.

No never pay to get a job. If you have to do this before securing the job, it is more likely that the job is a scam.

The question here is, Are they worth it? Should you pay to get a job?

According to Jide Andrews, an information technology specialist who uploaded his CV on Jobberman “to see what was achievable in the labour market” in less than one week, he was contacted by approximately seven different firms requesting an interview from him. Together with this, he frequently receives customized emails with job offers particularly tailored to his field and preferred location of interest. Some of the job offers were from top tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and so on who were not listing their vacancies on regular job sites.

Having said that, Janet, who is a graduate of Business Administration and presently pursuing her MA. In Internation Business, laments that she has not yet seen any benefits after applying and paying for one-month membership access with the job recruiting agency. She attributes this to the fact that the agencies are only concern with IT-related vacancies.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when paying for such services:

 1.  Are these job openings right for you?

 Some of the jobs posted on these job recruitment websites might not have the best offer for you. But since you already paid for their services, they keep on updating you for offers that are not in line with your interests.

 2.  Can you apply directly to the prospective job website?

Keep in mind that most of the job openings that are advertised on these paid job listing websites can also be accessed at no cost on the prospective company website and even easily available on free access job search websites. Although a paid search can assist you in getting the job you want fastly, if a firm is genuinely hiring to fill a vacant post, it will be absurd for the company to limit its vacancies to just one recruitment agency.

 3.  Do you understand what you are getting into?

Be sure that you understand what you are getting into before paying the service fee. Make sure you talk to someone you know who has used the same service and inquiry from them about their involvement with the said company. Also be sure to ask about the number of information, appointments, and vacancies they have gotten over time. You should also make time to carry out research online ( hear what other people have to say about them).

What to keep in mind when going through the Firms website ( paid job search service) so as not to pay to get a job

When browsing looking through the firm’s websites, the following questions should be in your mind for clarification.

  • What specifically does the company offer you? Is it access to job listings only, or will it provide you with connections or introductions to hiring managers?
  • What is their service fee? and what does the offer cover? Will you have unrestricted exclusive access to job vacancies and consultation? or will you be restricted to just a fixed number of months in the year.
  • From what time do you start making payment? If you pay in advance, is there a policy in place for an easy money-back? Or do you start paying for their services once as soon as you are hired? How do you nullify their service if you are no longer in need of it? Is it feasible to register for their experimental offer?
  • Will your CV be uploaded for prospective employers to see? How do they make sure that the uploaded CV will be view by firms that match your area of interest? What kind of access do you have over the information you want them to have about you on the internet?
  • What additional services do they offer?

Because some pay-for-access sites (job) also offer other services such as professional resume writing and cover letter drafting, consultation, and interview prep.

Finally Thoughts

For me, I don’t think it is resourceful paying a job search site (pay-for-access sites) money for a job listing, but at the same time, there are few of them that are worthwhile for some people. If this is the case for you, then shot your shot but don’t pull all your eggs inside one basket. If there are particular firms, that you have a consideration for, kindly do thoughtful research on their offers and browse through their websites to see the services they render to the general public, or you can simply connect with them on their social media platforms.

Job listing services such as indeed can be of immense help, they access different firm’s website for censored job vacancies online and make them available on their website for the public for free at any given time. It is highly imperative you add your research too.

In respect to what I have written above, if securing a job is of high priority to you, move away from your current comfort zone and explore other available options such as attending workshops, industrial events, job search groups on social media, build your network and put yourself out there because no man is an Island. I know it is not an easy task but building personal contacts and expanding your network will open you to different opportunities you never thought of.

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