Respecting People’s opinions

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Respecting people’s opinions isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it is one of the most important things. We live in a conflict-filled world. The beliefs and viewpoints, preferences on this planet are as diverse as the number of people. The majority of us like to believe that we are tolerant of people who see the world differently from ourselves. We know that respecting those around us is crucial, and we really do try.

But often we only find ourselves tolerant of people who see our way around things. That’s the essence of man. To strike back when we hear others voicing an outrageous opinion (what we consider to be)?

How do we genuinely respect people’s opinions even though they’re wrong on so many things (at least in our opinion)? How do we make others feel valued, even though we don’t see something from eye to eye? How are we going to show respect to someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it? The effect is a natural outpouring of respect when we choose to acknowledge that every human being is flawed, to look beyond the things that we do not like or agree with and love anyway.


We love them regardless of our differences, and we do not neglect them. This is because we come closer to making the most beautiful world in our differences, in walking toward others, in listening to them and loving them for who they are without attempting to change them.

It is possible to make the change we so desperately hope for in this world, but we have to stop waiting for someone else to show respect for each other and begin to lead by example. Here are some ways to respect people’s opinion:

Be open minded

Be able to hear alternative viewpoints, even outrageous ones, and learn about the worldview of individuals with whom you disagree.

A reliable way to shut down a discussion before it really begins is to show judgment or condescension. But if you are prepared to listen, to hear the other person honestly, meetings can take place. As a result, relationships grow.

If your goal is to respect people’s opinions and people sincerely, including those with whom you disagree, treat every individual you meet with the love and integrity they deserve. Listen to them to hear more about who they are, not to change their minds. This will make them feel respected and make them open more doors than you can imagine for peace.

Look for a common ground

Every human being is important despite their beliefs or opinions. Learn to see anyone you meet through the prism of love, and then search for ways the two of you can communicate on a deeper level.

Perhaps the only thing that you have in common is that both of you have the same number of kids or a love of art, or you like a certain kind of sport or food. Focus there, and you’ll find common ground in other places before you know it.

As your relationship progresses and deepens, you may find that you are prepared to explore your differences more freely and how both of you came to believe and live the way you do.

Listen attentively

Listening has nearly become a lost art with the emergence of social media. On Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it’s easy to read a post, type a response in ALL CAPS and run away from the discussion.

Listening in person is much more difficult. We hear people talk, but are we really listening? Or are we aware of what we’re going to say next?

Avoid worrying about your point and whether or not you agree and concentrate on what the other individual is saying instead. Please pay attention to their thoughts and tone of voice. Try to comprehend where they come from.


Keeping your feelings in control

Have you had a conversation with a person where all they do is talk or shout about you? Other than provoking anger or irritation, what did that accomplish? Passions run high when it relates to varying views and opinions but remember — every person has value, integrity, and a right to an opinion, even if you disagree.

Don’t personally take it and keep cool instead. Take a step back if the topic is getting too hot and one or both of you can’t listen well to the other. Click pause until you are able to indulge in kindness and affection.

Seek Clarification

Ask questions and be interested, rather than challenging the validity of the views or opinions of the other person. Try to grasp their position authentically. You will at least learn something new and make them feel respected, even though you disagree entirely. Friendship is based on respecting each other, but the Agreement doesn’t make a correlation. But respecting each other, knowing who they are, creates connection and trust.

Ways you can respect people’s opinions

Via our actions

We can show respect in many forms, not only through communication. We should select clothing and attitudes that value that culture when we travel or go into other people’s spaces. To understand their views and perspectives, we need to read books by individuals who look differently and believe differently than we do.

We can try various foods and recipes to learn about new cultures. All these things cause us to grow in comprehension and respect people’s opinion. By doing this, we would see first hand what great tool respect can be by letting go of a bit of ourselves and absorbing a few other ideas.

Through listening

A man known as Tarik Mounib recruited a diverse group of people and offered them a free trip to Egypt. His hope to develop relationships and communications with individuals

Living in such a diverse environment would show anyone concerned that there is more that binds us together than divides us. Participants broke down barriers between themselves and interacted emotionally with each other as they related to each other’s stories and life experiences.

By learning

Our world is vast and complex, but remaining within our safe circles can still be comfortable. Move beyond your zone of comfort and learn from others who are different from you—select writers from a different race, culture, or religion. Visit a mosque or a temple and participate in a cultural festival. Be fascinated and ask questions.

We learn about the values of someone else without claiming them as our own. For the sake of understanding someone’s mind, we should participate in a dialogue, not change it. In the same space, we can keep our confidence as well as theirs, and there is enough room for both.

By going beyond the comfort zone

When we are in a new environment, it’s easy to see differences. Nonetheless, the more time we spend in a new room, the more usual things tend to feel “different.” For individuals, the same is true. That neighbour across the street seems somewhat so different, but the more time you spend together, the more you realize that you’re really not that different. Perhaps we’re uncomfortable around people who are different from us because, deep down, we know that we’re not really different at all.

Look for ways in your circle of influence to respect people’s opinion. You can make a difference by respecting an individual, whether it’s the lady behind the checkout counter in the grocery store, a business partner, or someone you met on the golf course because they’re worth it. Every single person you come across is deserving of love and respect.

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