Cost-Effective Gift Ideas This Christmas

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Finding cost-effective gift ideas this Christmas can be quite tricky, but Christmas is a festive season celebrated by Christians all across the world. It is a season that comes with an aura of goodwill, happiness, merriment and of course, giving.

Naturally, people will want to give and receive gifts during this period, but a shortcoming is that some people are either caught up between not knowing what to give and not knowing gifts that aren’t just eye-catching but pocket-friendly.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend a lot on money on something that isn’t much appreciated. You might want to forgo the edible stuff and go for something that can be used to remember you, the giver.

This article is about gift ideas or suggestions that are pocket friendly or suitable for your budget. First of all, one must consider certain factors before deciding on a gift to purchase for friends or loved ones during the season. Factors such as;

Cost-Effective Gift Ideas This Christmas
  • Planning: One should plan at least a month ahead of the festive period in order to arrange the best gift idea possible
  • The recipient’s interests: The intending giver should be familiar with the interests and hobbies of the potential recipient in question.
  • The cost of the intending gift: You must consider your pocket or budget and if you can comfortably afford the gift you want to purchase.

Following up are good gift suggestions for that friend, relative or loved ones this upcoming Yuletide season:

A poster or wallpaper

Aside from beautification purpose served by this kind of gift, it will be better appreciated if the poster is better aligned with the recipient’s interest. For instance, if your friend who is the potential receiver of the gift is a huge fan of a big music artiste such as Rihanna, you can get him or her a beautiful poster of Rihanna.

Or say, a devout Chelsea fan, you can get them a Chelsea-themed wallpaper to decorate his room. Something like that will be better appreciated than just a random poster or wallpaper.

Kitchenware or utensils

This is another wonderful gift idea that won’t cost you a fortune. It’s also a convenient gift idea because the kitchen is one of the most actively used spaces in a household. Unless the family mostly eat out or order pizza and the likes.

You might have paid a visit to that friend or colleague, and noticed certain essential cookwares are absent or spoilt. Getting that as a gift can be a real bundle of joy for the receiver. Kitchen stuff such as cutleries, mugs, pans, electric toaster, cooker or fancy cooking pots/sets of China will make an amazing gift idea for Christmas.

Ornamental Christmas trees and lights

Some homes are very particular about getting their shelter all pimped and festive-looking. Thinking along the lines of getting them the decorative props for their homes isn’t a bad idea. It is also a great idea to give it to households who can hardly decorate their house with stuff like that. 

Such a gift spices up their Christmas season and can make it an unforgettable one. Besides, you don’t need a fortune to splurge on getting Christmas trees and lights.

A well-framed photograph

This is a very basic gift idea, but it can be a big deal if given off as a gift during Christmas. You can select the favourite photo of your intending recipient and get it nicely edited, framed and packaged with some fancy design.

Scented candles

A wonderful fragrance can also be a good gift to someone this Christmas. Splurging on scented candles that can be lighted during evenings do not only give off a very pleasant, aromatic smell in your home, it also adds a beautifying lighting effect to it and makes it very homely.

Clothing apparels

This is one of the most loved Christmas gifts you can give out. Nice watches, scarves, hats, caps, shoes, shirts and trousers are classic gift ideas. You should consider looking in this direction if your intending recipient is very fashion-conscious.

A figurine, model, or action figure

Kids will love this kind of gift. Do your research and get to know their favorite animations and characters, then get them a physical representation or likeness of that character. They will idolise you for it!

Teddy bears/dolls

The female gender ranging from infancy to adolescence have a weakness for teddy bears. If you are considering dolls as gifts, your recipient should be an infant. Apart from being silent companions and sleeping partners, they act as souvenirs as well.

Video games

This is arguably the most loved present you can give to a boy or a young male adult. Boys rarely outgrow their love for video games, and the love seems ingrained in their gender as virtually all boys love video games. Getting your boy a PlayStation or some other exciting game could be the perfect Christmas gift.


This is a nice gift, even for those with a good number in their wardrobes already. Ideally, a guy should have at least three belts in his closet. There is no harm in getting one more belt to add to what you already have. Guys love a good belt. Just figure out their kind of belt-head designs and outlook and go for just that.

A customised necklace or pendant

Getting that friend or relative a fashion accessory with his initials or name well designed on it could make a wonderful Christmas moment. A customised necklace sounds more expensive than it is. It is a cost-effective gift idea you can consider this Christmas.

A beautiful wallet or purse

Giving off a portable vault for keeping cash, IDs and other essentials is a nice gift idea. For men, a wallet will make a nice purchase. For women, a purse will do. Go for a design and colour that isn’t shouty and can complement any cloth they wear. Dark brown and black are the ideal hues for this kind of gift.

Gift cards

Why not consider gifting your friend or loved one with a gift card funded with an amount you can afford to give themselves a well-deserved treat or perhaps go for a little shopping

Makeup kit

This is a precious gift that women take very seriously. Perhaps one of the perfect gifts for your female friend, lover or colleague. It would even be more appreciated if the lady you want to gift it to is big on cosmetic appearance.

Phone camera auxiliary lenses

This is the perfect Christmas gift for that friend or relative who is a picture freak or perhaps a “phoneographer”. Phone photography is quickly becoming an art in the creative industry. So getting fish-eye lenses or wide-angle lenses for their phone cameras might just be the perfect Christmas present they could ask for.

A hard-copy novel or book

Sometimes, simplicity is class. The best gifts are usually simple ones. If your intending recipient or beneficiary is an ardent reader or book lover, getting them a hard-copy read of their favourite authors might be all you need to make their Christmas season memorable.

Fancy phone cases

People don’t just love fancy phones; they love fancy phones cases as well. Some phone users have multiple phone cases of varying colours that they change from time to time. Getting a beautiful phone case for someone is a nice, cost-effective gift idea.

Nice-looking travel bags

Travelling isn’t fun if you aren’t travelling in style. Getting that loved one an eye-catching travel bag is a nice gift idea. Especially if it’s someone who travels around a lot, it will make a welcome Christmas present.

Silken pillowcases

These are key to an unforgettable and blissful sleep. It is a worthy gift. Silk is skin-friendly, and it also has therapeutic benefits. It’s a great gift to relieve of the day’s stress plus it isn’t something to break the bank for.


This is definitely one way of getting in a woman’s good graces. Women have an insane love for handbags and getting her a cute one with her favourite colour is the perfect gift for Christmas. If you are confused as to her colour of choice, black or brown might do the trick.


Getting something edible isn’t also a bad gift idea for Christmas. You can spend on foodstuffs for the Christmas festivities. That slab of meat, those vegetables and fruits, the flour and so on are great gift ideas.

Shoe rack

This is a great unisex gift idea. If that friend, colleague or loved one has multiple shoes and is either out of room to stock them or perhaps they have a rickety shoe rack, getting them a brand new, nice-looking shoe rack is a cost-effective gift idea for Christmas.

Waist trainers

For that female person you know who is big on fitness and body training, you might want to consider purchasing a waist trainer for her this Christmas.


Though the world is getting less simpler and more materialistic with each passing year, flowers still have a special place in people’s heart. Try getting her her favourite flower with a note attached is enough to make a nice Christmas present.


Never underestimate the power and love for this simple snack. Chocolates are great presents. So they should be high on your list if you want to go low budget.

This should be helpful to those who are thoughtful enough to want to get gifts for their loved ones but don’t have enough purchasing power. Make your pick from the above-mentioned, amazing gift ideas.

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