Daily affirmation: Usefulness and 16 examples

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Affirmation is best described as an act of declaring something into existence. It could take the form of prayer, meditations, or chanting declarations of your heart desires. As you go through life and chase your dreams, it’s essential to affirm the things you want to attract them to yourself. Do you practice daily affirmations? Well, there are various reasons why consistent daily affirmations are useful. Still, it is essential to keep yourself conscious and focused on your desires, and motivates you to manifest these goals. However, affirmations are not only for manifesting specific desires; they are also meant to encourage a positive mindset and a life of gratitude. In this article, we discuss the usefulness of daily affirmations and highlight some examples of simple affirmations you can employ daily. But before we go further into that, let’s take a look at how affirmations work.


How it works

You might probably wonder why affirming your desires are important. Well, here’s how affirmations work; as weird as it may seem, we all talk to ourselves subconsciously or consciously. And with all the negativity in the world, it just so happen that most of our self-talk is a field with negative thoughts. Now, only as the things we think about can influence what we say, the things we say subconsciously can also affect our thoughts. One way to tackle the negativity in our subconscious is to speak positive things, especially about ourselves consciously.

Affirmations are empowering mantras that can take a profound effect on the mind. This is a secret that many successful people have learnt knowing that willpower isn’t enough to drive success; many influential people have learned to utilize the power of affirmations to fuel their willpower.

To get things done, you need to do away with negative thoughts and images from your subconscious mind and replace them with positive thoughts and ideas. And daily affirmations, which are simply statements that depict your goal in a successful and complete state, are one of the best ways to achieve this.

Here are ten reasons you should practice daily affirmation

1. Motivate us

When we speak positive things about ourselves, we are more likely to act in that direction. For instance; the more you tell yourself “I am hardworking”, the more motivated you become to work hard. It takes a contrary effect when you tell yourself “I’m such a lazy fellow”. Our thoughts can effectively orient your life actions, and so does our words!

2. Provides mental sanity

Using affirmation consistently is a way of “thinking about thinking”. Sometime, you may get so confused about situations to the point you feel like you’re going nuts. A simple affirmation statement of “I’ve got this under control” can help you stay calm and address issues. Affirmations help you take charge of your thoughts and becoming more self-conscious; making you more in control of your mind, and more aware of your needs and desires.

3. Improve the quality of our lifestyle

Studies have shown that optimistic people, have healthier hearts, and are less likely to suffer from a stroke at old age. Practising daily positive affirmation is one way to remain optimistic. Daily affirmations also provide us with a clearer perspective on life; when we tell ourselves positive things; we tend to be happier, compared to if we regularly speak negativity to ourselves.

4. Awareness

Daily affirmations keep us at the alert of our daily thoughts, our words and emotions. Most of us get caught up in our day-to-day activities and pay less attention to the things around us. This gives us less control over our willpower; how we approach situations, process information, and make decisions. It also makes us prone to letting negativity seep into our subconscious. Affirmation reminds us of our intentions, and protects our willpower; it keeps us aware and focus regardless of what goes on around us.

5. Synchronicities

A consistent affirmation can drive you to manifest the thing you want in life and make everything fall in place. It serves as a powerful means of encouragement and motivation, to keep you up the practice on whatever you do, making you more focus and optimistic on your goals.

6. It brings blessings and gifts

Practising daily affirmations not only help surround you with the things you want in your life, but they can also help attract more blessings and gifts. Saying “I am favoured” is a way of attracting favour subconsciously. Believing in the things you proclaim can work with the law of attraction; a family or friend could take note of your desire and surprise you with a gift, who knows?

7. Positive impact on others

As you practice daily affirmation consistently, others may take note of what you do and the positive effect it has on you and may begin to copy you. This way, you help those around you without even trying. Everybody wins!

8. Keeping the small things in perspective

A simple daily mantra can help you to keep the little things in perspective. Since we live in a hectic and high-speed world, it is straightforward for one to lose sight of how important the small things are. When we are healthy, we may pay to eat healthy any attention, until we eat something that makes us sick. We may also forget to think of how much we appreciate being health, which is a privilege many don’t have. A simple affirmation sentence “I am healthy” can go a long way in keeping us aware and grateful for health.

9. Gratitude

Gratitude is one thing that helps you stay positive, and one way to remain grateful for everything in your life is by practising daily affirmation of gratitude. Since our appreciation for certain things may morph over time, we need a daily renewal of the positive energy we carry, to thrive.

For example, imagine you have a high level of gratitude towards a new job that was so difficult to acquire. After a couple of years, you now work long hours, haven’t received a salary raise, and have more workload. By then, it is only normal that your level of gratitude towards that same job would depreciate. However, with daily affirmations of gratitude, you would be able to stay positive on the job, stay mentally stable while you sort for better alternatives.

10. Relieves you of stress

Stress can affect our productivity to a large extent. When we are stressed out by anything, we become emotionally confused and create less room for ourselves to think and make things work. Affirmations are a very effective way to alleviate stress and regain focus.

Examples of positive affirmations

1. Good flows to me, good flows from me
2. The universe provides for my every need
3. I speak with confidence and calm assurance
4. I am healthy and happy
5. I will make the most of new opportunities
6. I feel fantastic and alive
7. I am successful in whatever I do
8. I feel the joy of abundance
9. I have a lot of energy
10. I plan my work and work with my plan
11. I focus on what is truly essential
12. I radiate happiness
13. I am successful in whatever I do
14. My mind is calm
15. Everything is getting better every day
16. I am peace with myself
17. I find peace and joy in every aspect of my life
18. I am on the path of success & victory
19. I am a success in all I do
20. I have value, and I matter

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