12 Best gaming apps to boost brain activity

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Whether at school or work, people these days are under tremendous pressure to perform well. Pressure and stress need to be controlled because it can have adverse effects on a person’s well-being. There is a category of best gaming apps to boost brain activity and also help reduce stress.

These applications have been scientifically designed to target specific areas of our minds. Also, these apps have been designed to improve the sharpness and memory of the brain as well as control harmful emotions such as anxiety.

Here is a list of  applications available on the App Store for both Android and iOS phones that we will not only enjoy but also help us keep our mental health balanced at all times:

Best gaming apps

Fit Brains Trainer

The Fit Brains Trainer app is completely free and available for both iOS and Android users. It is one of the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. It has ten sets of games that work in different areas of the brain. It improves memory as well as concentration.

There are different sorts of tasks on the app that can improve the user’s memory and concentration. After downloading the app, a user is required to finish a particular task from each category daily. Also, the application tracks the user’s progress by a colour-coded graph.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

The app is commonly known as CogniFit. It is available on both the Android and iOS stores. The application is developed with the help of neuroscientists. One of the major features of this app is that it improves a person’s cognitive abilities, which includes concentration and memory.

The app is really fun to use, and the user can also track their progress over a period of time. There are other amazing features on the app that makes it unique, for example, allowing its users to play challenge rounds with their friends. Also, CogniFit modifies the difficulty level to suit the users’ profile and provide recommendations based on their results.

If a user spends 20-30 minutes a few times every week on the app, it can give him or her a measurable performance in his or her performance. However, this app is not completely free. The first four games are free, while for the others, the user will be asked to pay 13 dollars per month.


Happify is available on both Android and iOS stores. Happify’s science-based games and activities can help overcome negative thoughts and also reduce stress. Well, this is what the developers claim that the app can do. Also, they claimed that if nothing else makes the user happy in life, the application will.

The app is available and completely free to use. The application helps to control emotions and stress to make us feel better. Also, it comes loaded with lots of quizzes, gratitude journals, and polls, which work on the fundamentals of positive psychology.


Eidetic is a memory enhancement application that is available for both iOS and Android stores. It is one of the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. The app uses a ‘spaced repetition’ technique to help its users memorize important words, phone numbers, credit card passwords, or details.

Eidetic also notifies users when it is time to take a test to see what they remember to retain information in their long-term memory.


Braingle is available for iOS users. The app helps to maintain the sharpness of the human brain and also improve the reasoning ability of a person through optical illusions and riddles.

This app is unique and has cool features that differentiate it from other brain training applications that employ reaction and memory-based tests. For example, it allows the users to compete with their family members or friends in figuring out the fun riddles.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen is among the best gaming apps to boost brain activity, and it is completely free. The application is available to download for both Android and iOS users. Personal Zen is a cool brain training app that follows the journey of two animated characters who travel through a field of grass.

The application is meant for training the brain to focus on positive aspects and also reduce anxiety. The developer’s advice is to use the application for at least 10 minutes a day to achieve the best results.

Not The Hole Story

For someone that has a passion for solving hard riddles, then Not The Hole Story is a must-have for him or her. This application is only available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone. The application’s interface is very simple and easy to navigate. It is also filled with exclusive riddles.

The application gives its users’ riddles that he or she has to solve through a book. He or she will be given hints along the way, and when the user gives up, the answers will be revealed. The app will encourage the user to broaden his or her thinking and also put his or her mind to a challenging test.



This app was initially created for suicide prevention. The app is one of the best gaming apps to boost brain activity for tracking the user’s mood by taking a measure of all things that are relevant to the user’s mental health. Also, if the user experiences high emotional stress, the application has a coping mechanism that includes exercises, voice-recorded mindfulness, and music for relaxation.

ReliefLink is available on the App Store for iOS users. In addition, there is a map that informs the user of the nearest medical facility and therapists for mental health treatment on the app.

Clockwork Brain

Clockwork Brain is among the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. After downloading the app, you will like the little gold robot that comes in every time during the gameplay to explain the next game that the user will play.

The app is free to use and also not much different from others that offer brain training activity. The app’s look reminds us of a workshop from old times.

Brain Fitness Pro

The developers of this app claim that it can improve a user’s IQ and improve memory and intelligence. It is one of the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. The app is user-friendly and fun to use. If a user spends at least 40 minutes a day on the app, it can fetch him or her a great result in less than three weeks. Brain Fitness Pro costs $3.99.


Elevate is one of the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. It consists of more than 39 minigames that are designed to boost speaking and math skills, as well as improve attention, processing speed, and memory.

According to the application’s creators, “the more a user trains with Elevate, the more he or she will improve his or her critical cognitive skills which boost earning power, self-confidence, and productivity.” The app also encourages brain training, which involves completing five games with the “PRO” version or three games with the “FREE” version.

The application is available to download for free on both iOS and Android. The cost of upgrading to PRO is $4.99 for a month or $39.99 for a year.


This app is available to download for free on iOS and Android. Upgrading to the PRO version costs $4.99 for a month and $34.99 for a year. Peak is also among the best gaming apps to boost brain activity. It is rated by Google as one of the best Android applications for 2016.

The app offers more than 30 minigames to improve memory, language, concentration, mental agility, and problem-solving. Peak was developed by scientists from respectable universities across the world, including the University of Cambridge and Yale University in Connecticut. The app creators recommend brain training for at least 3 days per week. One unique feature of the application is that the user can select the days that he or she wants to train and also set reminders for them.


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