20 Places To Visit This Christmas

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This season is one of the most memorable seasons of the year, and it is helpful to be aware of the places to visit this Christmas. Aside from the activities most religious people engage in, most people can take advantage of lovely places to spend quality time with families and loved ones.

A lot of people select days they hang out with friends and family at familiar spots. Others make elaborate plans to make their Christmas outing as memorable as possible. People can select choice destinations within and outside the country.

You might be having similar plans to travel to fancy locations and have a wonderful time this Christmas. This article has compiled a list of sumptuous places that can offer you the best Christmas holiday of your life.

Tinapa Resort, Cross River, Nigeria

Tinapa resort is a leisure centre located in the northern part of the Calabar metropolis. It has an affiliation with the Calabar Free Trade Zone. It was constructed and developed under a private-public partnership but is promoted by the state government.

It’s one of the prime relaxation/leisure centres in the state and the entire continent. Cross River has prided itself as arguably the most tourism-worthy state in the country and has much of its revenue coming from tourism alone.

The resort and free trade zone have numerous facilities for wholesale & retail business activities and leisure and relaxation activities. The resort’s entertainment segment has a digital cinema, casino, a mini amphitheatre, children’s arcade, numerous restaurants, bars, and a nightclub. It also has an artificial lake that gets its water source from the Calabar river. Coupled with a water park/leisure land and contains a parking space for thousands of cars.

It has a movie production outfit known as “Tinapa Studios,” an open exhibition centre for free trade exhibitions and other events. The resort has a truck terminal and houses a 243-room, three-star hotel of international standard powered by an independent power plant. It’s undoubtedly one of the places to visit this Christmas season.

20 Places To Visit This Christmas

New Providence Island, Nassau, The Bahamas

There’s certainly no question about this country being one of the most exciting destinations to spend your Christmas as it is ideal for beach lovers. This North American country has about 700 islands and one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. This tropical paradise is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

The New Providence Island, one of the numerous islands in the country, is located in Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital city. If your hobbies include fishing, boating, surfing, and diving, The Bahamas is the place for you. Aside from the beaches, it has tourist attractions such as mega-resorts, casinos, shops, restaurants, and entertainment centres.

Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas

This is another prime hot spot in the Bahamas. It houses a luxury hotel, an entertainment complex, a water park, and a fantastic aquarium. The island is blessed with fine weather, and all types of tourists troop there to have fun.

The pools in the water park are home to exotic creatures such as swordfishes and hammerhead sharks.


Seychelles’ 115 islands make it a prime tourism spot. This beautiful African territory has tourism as the most dominant private sector in its economy. It is responsible for the employment of about 15 percent of the country’s workforce. 

It has many tourist attractions such as the cousin island, bird island, the Victoria Mahe, wildlife centre in the archipelago, the beach resort, the coral beaches, and many prime locations for water sports. It also boasts of great cuisine with exotic dishes such as Saffron rice, chicken curry, fish curry, seafood, Dhal, and Ladob.

Sun City, South Africa

Arguably, this is one of the world’s best and most visited tourist attractions. It is located in the northwestern region of South Africa. Sun City is a vast and immensely popular resort center founded and established by Sol Kerzner, a South African hotel magnate during the apartheid era.

The resort occupies the tranquil basin of an extinct volcano in close proximity to South Africa’s platinum-rich region. It boasts of four international-standard hotels, two world-class golf courses, “the Gary Player golf course and the Lost City golf course,” several casino outfits, a cinema, a children’s arcade, and an artificial beach.

Santa Claus Village, Finland

Santa Claus Village is the reason Rovaniemi can be regarded as the tourism hub of Finland. It is an amusement park founded in 1985. It boasts of several tourist attractions, which include:

  • The Northern Lights also referred to as Aurora Borealis. These lights are under observation from mid-August till the early part of April.  To get the best view of these lights, you need to be at the top of the Ounasvaara and in the Artic garden. The lights are claimed to be produced from the collision between electrically charged particles sourced from the sun and our planetary atmosphere’s air molecules.

    This collision is then deflected by the atmospheric magnetic field, which results in a beautiful array of lights visible at night-time. Colours that can be picked out from these lights are green, red, yellow, violet, blue, and pink.
  • The Arctic Circle is a line that goes right through Santa Claus Village. It’s painted white across the park and has a symbolic purpose as well. Once the line is crossed, a tourist is officially in the Arctic area. It is famed for being used as a favourite photo spot for tourists.
  • Santa Claus’s office is situated inside the village’s main building. Tourists go there to take photos and meet with Santa Claus.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River, Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly referred to as the Obudu Cattle Ranch, is a ranch and resort situated in the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State, Nigeria. It is a highly visited tourist attraction with an exciting feature; a cable car elevated to thousands of feet above the ground gives you an aerial view of the resort’s natural beauty.

This choice destination has witnessed a horde of both local and international tourists visiting Cross River State. It is a renowned holiday resort with a lovely, tranquil climatic condition.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a city blessed with a perfect fusion of modernization and ancient history. Its historical edifices have created numerous tourist attractions; they are literally everywhere. The city is so beautiful that everywhere you find yourself is a worthy photo background—talk of a picture-perfect city.

The city is divided into six neighbourhoods with distinct characterization, including San Marco, San Polo, Dorsoduro, known for its museums and squares, Santa Croce, Castello, and Cannaregio. Venice also has some islands that are worth visiting for a memorable experience. Lido, Butanol, Torcello, San Giorgio Maggiore, and Murano.

Tourist attractions in Venice include; St Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, the Grand Canal, Santa Maria de Miracoli, The Doge’s Palace, Rialto bridge, Galleria D’accedemia, and so many others.

Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A

Aspen is one of Colorado’s prime mountain regions. It’s ideal for mountain hikers. This town houses a host of exciting tourist attractions such as; Glenwood Hot Spring, Maroon Bells, Ski resorts, Colorado River, White River National Forest, Independence Pass, etc.

Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Nigeria

Terra Kulture is the place to be for genuine lovers of African art, culture, and heritage. It is an educational and recreational center located in Victoria Island, Lagos city. It houses a library with enough history books on the country and Africa as a whole. It also houses a lot of contemporary books, magazines, and journals as well.

The library is modern as it offers digital internet facilities and services via the computers provided for use by visitors and members. Terra Kulture also exhibits relics of the rich Nigerian heritage on display through arts and crafts. It is also the perfect place for foreigners to learn about Nigerian diverse cultures and languages. It houses a deluxe restaurant with a rich and sumptuous local cuisine and a hall used for drama performances.

Omu Resort, Nigeria

This is another exciting resort in the island area of Lagos city. It is a wonderful destination because it offers numerous tourist attractions such as a zoo, a go-kart racing track, quad biking, horse riding, an amusement park, a wax museum, kayaking, mini-golf, archery, a water park, and mechanical bull riding.

So many options for visitors to choose from, and all of them are intensely exciting. The resort has so many fun options that it is difficult to experience all of them in a day. An outstanding choice for Christmas indeed. 

Disney World, Florida, U.S.A

This is one of the most renowned Christmas and tourist destinations on the entire planet. The Wallet Disney World resort, also referred to as Disney World or Walt Disney World, is a grand entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista axis in Florida. It’s privately owned and operated by a sub-division of the Walt Disney Company; Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

It’s a very vast estate amassing a space of over 10,000 hectares of land. The resort offers attractions such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s animal kingdom. It also has 27 resort hotels, two water parks, an extra nine non-resort hotels, a camping resort, multiple golf courses, and Disney Springs (an outdoor shopping complex). It is no doubt one of the very best Christmas destinations.

Santa Monica, California

This fantastic town is a tourist hot spot for various reasons. It is blessed with warm, tropical weather, and it is close to the sea. Santa Monica can easily be referred to as a coastal paradise. This town is also renowned for having some of the very best sunset experiences in the world. Plus, it offers a lot of inland tourist attractions and provides vast shopping and dining opportunities.

Santa Monica offers tourists attraction such as the Santa Monica State Beach, Palisades Park, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, Annenberg Community Beach house, Tongva Park, Santa Monica Stairs, Venice Beach, Bergamot Station, and Montana avenue.

Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi, Nigeria

This game reserve is a prime tourist attraction in Nigeria. It’s a vast wildlife park in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. It covers more than 2,000 square kilometers, it houses numerous warm springs, rich in vegetation, and has huge varieties of wild animals on its grounds. The amazing thing about this location is the wildlife is situated in their natural habitat.

It started initially as a game reserve, but it is now a national park. It has facilities such as it’s warm and cold springs and the Willi camp. It is home to several animals such as lions, patas, buffalos, waterbucks, birds, crocodiles, antelopes, and so many more.

Paris, France

Paris is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The town is rich in fashion, culture, food, and architecture, which are strong reasons it is an attractive tourist center. Paris, also referred to as the “City of Lights,” has attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Champs Elysees.

Machu Picchu, Peru

This is the peefe6hokiday destination for lovers of geology and archeology. Machu Picchu is a wonder to historians and archaeologists. Its ruins, which was recently uncovered, was said to house the Temple of the Sun and was known for having its windows positioned with pinpoint accuracy to let the sun rays inside its intricate patterns.

Another tourist wonder in this place is the view at the Huayna Picchu Peak. The sight is said to be mesmerizing and one you can’t get tired of. The Machu Picchu gets intense visitations all around the year because it offers its visitors an unforgettable experience.

The Colossuem, Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world. It was the historical epicenter of the world, and it hosted the popular gladiator battles in a place called the Colosseum. It is a huge tourist attraction due to its historical heritage and tourists troop there for sightseeing and to take photos with paid actors putting on gladiator costumes. It is one of those tourist attractions that doesn’t have a season. It is booked all year round.

London, England

This is another city with a perfect fusion of history and modernization. It is the capital city of England, and it is also the most populated city in England. It has several tourist hot spots thanks to innovative architecture and its rich cultural heritage and monarchical government.

This city boasts of an influx of over 15 million tourists from all parts of the world. Its tourist attractions include the River Thames, Westminster’s Abbey, Big Ben, The Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s column, Houses of Parliament, and the London’s eye.

New York, U.S.A

New York is one of the most famous cities in America and the entire world. It is known as the “City that never sleeps” and the “Big Apple.” It is renowned globally for its art, architecture, and movies. New York has captivating skyscrapers that can keep your neck craned upward for hours on end.

The city gets a lot of influx from tourists annually, and it boasts of tourist-worthy sights such as Times Square, Empire State Building, Central Park, Wall Street, and the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Wonderland Amusement Park, Abuja, Nigeria

This park is renowned for its size as it is known to be the biggest and most outfitted park in Nigeria. It sits on 330,000 square kilometers of land area. It has tourist attractions such as Leisure gardens, Millennium park, Fulani ranch (well stocked with various local and foreign cuisines), rides, arcade, restaurants, shops, and so many more.

These are just a few of the choice destinations that you won’t be wrong to consider when thinking of places to visit this Christmas.


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