How to put a smile on someone’s face without money

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Are you of that notion that money must be required to make people happy? Well, that’s not true! The truth is making someone happy rarely involves money, and most times It’s usually the thought that matters more than your deed. Whether it’s your romantic partner or a total stranger, you can make anyone happy with the slightest gesture of concern, friendliness, and not necessarily money.

In this article, we highlight ten ways to put a smile on someone’s face without cash. Right before we proceed into this content, you may want to do away with that notion that money is like a magical key that unlocks the doors to happiness.

1. Give a simple compliment

A lot of good things tend to go unsaid, even when people are trying hard to make others notice it. This is why you should consider giving someone a sincere compliment today and make them smile. This especially would mean a lot to the person, if it concerns something close to their heart, or something he or she has been putting in a reasonable effort into.

So don’t hesitate to tell your hairstylist how hardworking she is, or compliment that co-worker on their progress on getting into better shape. The best part is, a simple compliment doesn’t cost any money.


2. Make time for meaningful conversations

Sometimes, that close friend wants to talk about something more than your favorite sports or TV show. They desperately need a listening ear to hear and understand what they have in their heart and want to pour out. Some people tend to hide behind the pretense of everything being fine, just because they are scared to speak about their problems or find no one to tell.

Offering a listening ear and your sincere opinion and advice can make such friends happy, wear a smile, and be less bothered. It is one great way to be helpful and make people smile.

3. Practice little acts of kindness

Yes, a lot of people are selfish with small acts of kindness, and would rather not be kind or helpful in the little ways we can. But would you allow yourself to be one of them? Some people think kind gestures like holding the door open for a friend to walk in or being appreciative is a sign of weakness. However, these are little things many of us miss, that can help create a great impression on others about us, and also make them smile in the process.

4. Cracking a joke

Everyone likes a good joke, and sometimes jokes help alleviates people from bad moods. Even if you are not a good comedian, there are tons of jokes on the internet, which you can familiarize with to make a friend smile. As you engage in conversations throughout your day, telling a good joke you’ve heard before can make people very happy, and could stick in their memories whenever they think of you.

5. Singing a song to them

Although you may not be an excellent singer, but even though you think you have a great voice, singing a song to make someone happy is one of the best ways possible. Everyone loves music, especially if it is a song they can relate with. So in an attempt to make that loved one happy, sing them their favourite song. It’s even more fun to listen to when you input their name in the lyrics and sing with your natural voice. (Regardless of how it sounds)

5. Encourage them

In this world, things can be adamant and discouraging sometimes. As many try to excel in our complex society, it is only normal that everyone would need a little bit of motivation and encouragement once in a while. So do not hesitate to encourage someone facing an adverse situation; you might be one of those things that a person needs at the moment.

In addition to offering a listening ear, perhaps you can provide some grounded and optimistic perspective on their situation. Encouraging people to help to lessen their worries and make them happier without money.

6. Post them on social media

Putting someone’s picture up on social media, in a post with a beautiful write-up, can make the person so happy they are willing to stay online all day. Social media is literally where many people spend most of their time nowadays, so making a positive post about someone, is like showing the whole world how much they mean to you. This could make anybody feel special nowadays, and it is an easy way to make people happy without spending a dime

7. Saying “good morning”, “good night” or “have a nice day.”

Yes, this works too! Sadly, not many people get a good morning text from the love of their life. This is one of the easiest yet underrated ways to put a smile on someone’s face. But now that you know don’t be shy to say good morning to your neighbor or that random stranger on your street. Sending a good morning text with an enlightening and optimistic message to your family and friend is one great way to help these special people start their day with a lot of positive energy because of you. It’s put a smile on their faces.

8. Going on a walk with them

Sometimes, what people need is a long stroll and a friendly conversation. Taking a walk around your vicinity rarely cost money, and it is an excellent opportunity to have meaningful conversations and get some exercise. When you have someone come over, and indoors gets too boring, taking them out for a stroll is one way to keep your visitor happy and active.

9. A hug

A hug is a compelling way to connect and make people happy emotionally. You can quickly reduce fear and tension from a person’s feelings and create peace within them by merely hugging. When you meet people close to you, don’t feel reluctant to greet them with a hug, they might need it at that moment

10. Give them gifts

Alright, I know you might be thinking “how do I give them gifts without spending money?” well, not all gifts require money. Sometimes you just have to be creative with what you readily have.

You can pick up flowers from your neighbours garden (with permission) on your way to see that girl you like. Or you can create a birthday card out of old calendars for your elder sister.

The truth is, most people tend to appreciate the intention behind a gift rather than what is presented. And knowing you put in your time and effort to create that present, your loved one would smile and be happy to receive that gift from you.


There are tons of ways to make someone smile without spending any money, and these are just a few of them. Everyone deserves happiness and you do too, you shouldn’t feel left out or helpless simply because there’s not much money to make your loved ones happy. Make use of these tips starting today and see the impact you create in the lives of those around you.

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