8 Easy ways to stay warm during winter/harmattan

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People find various means to stay warm during winter/harmattan, and typically make use of the heater in their homes, offices, or places during this period. However, using a heater would increase the energy consumption of the household or office, which in the long run means more bills to pay, as the drop in temperature, is followed by the rise in heating expenses. So it is best to find alternatives to stay warm during winter/harmattan. These alternatives add heat to the home, helps reduce heat loss, and help the heat where needed. Some are free and easy to do on your own. These alternatives include:

1.   Use heavy, durable curtains

Stay warm

This is an easy way to stay warm during winter/harmattan. These curtains help insulate and produce more heat in the room, unlike the thin, light-coloured curtains used in the summer. It keeps the cold air out and leaves the hot air in and also helps to reduce condensation.

2.   Use of a smart thermostat

Using the right thermostat is another way to stay warm during winter/harmattan. It helps reduce the stress of continuous changing of the temperature. According to Mark Dawson, COO of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, installing a smart programmable thermostat allows the user to set the thermostat for warmer temperatures. This helps prior to returning home or just before waking up, enhancing your comfort.

3.   Use of throw rugs

It is clear that during winter/harmattan hard-surface floors become cold, or chill, which means getting a good pair of slippers becomes a necessity. Nonetheless, laying down some throw rugs would be more efficient, because, not only those it keep your feet warm but also insulate your home. It also reduces any drafts between floorboards.

4.   Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan

This is another way to stay warm during winter/harmattan. Reversing the direction of the ceiling fan helps warm the household and keep the cold out. What happens when you reverse the rotation of the ceiling fan? The blades of the ceiling fan push the cold air upward while pushing the heat down. The warm air will comes downward and spread around the room, making it feel warmer.

5.   Prevent your pipes from freezing

To stay warm during winter/harmattan, a frozen/burst pipe is best to be avoided. It is best to cover them up before the temperature drops. According to Dawson, the following can be used to cover the pipes to keep them insulated, and they include heat tape, pipe sleeves, and heat cables. However, if none of the previously mentioned insulators is available or you are running on a low budget, there is an option to use newspapers as they help prevent pipes from being frozen.

6.   Leave the taps running on cold days

Another way to stay warm during winter/harmattan is to prevent pipes from freezing which leads to bursting. To do so, you need to let your taps run slightly throughout the day. This allows water to flow through the pipes and melt away any frozen spots. This method prevents a flood due to burst pipes.

7.   Seal leaks

To stay warm during winter/harmattan, you need to confirm if air leaks in your home, especially doors and windows. Other places where air leaks could be found include kitchen hood vents, attics, and basement. The best way to solve this problem is by caulking, which means sealing the air leak.

8.   Wear thick clothing

Wearing thick clothing helps an individual stay warm during winter/harmattan. They insulate the body temperature, keeping the individual warm and cosy. They should be worn whenever the temperature drops.


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