Tips for winter cleaning

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They are benefits to winter cleaning, and there are certain tasks you and families should perform every winter. Tackling these tasks will ensure that your house components work efficiently, and will save you money. These are 10 tips for winter cleaning and they include:

1. Clean your furnace and replace air filters

The furnace should be replaced if your home temperature is not constant, or your electric and gas bills start to rise. According to the EPA, you should replace your air filters every 3 months, and we recommend you clean it often in months, especially during the summer and winter cleaning.

Cleaning air duct helps in reducing dust from gathering on your furniture and floors. It also ensures steady airflow and makes sure the air stays clean.


2. Clean your fridge coil

 Fridge coils should be cleaned at least once a year ( during winter cleaning). If your refrigerator coils are dirty, they could increase your electricity bills from $5 – $10 a month. To clean dirty coils, first, unplug your fridge, and then gently pull the fridge away from the wall to reach the coils. Clean the wall and floor with a vacuum and use a condenser coil brush to clean the coil.  

3. Get rid of the clutters

The more trash you have lying around, the more your house gets dirty and dusty. So it is best you go through your house and check if there is any item you don’t need any more, or you haven’t used in the past 2 – 3 months. Fill up a bag for donation, and you will have less clutter.  

4. Empty the dryer vents

Dryer vents should be cleaned during winter cleaning, to prevent lint build-up, and it is also a major fire hazard, especially during the winter months. To remove any lint stored during the year, first, pull the dryer gently out from the wall, disconnect the back pipe and clean the pipe and outlet hole. Use a vacuum to remove lint from the dryer vents. It is very important to clean your lint filter and venting system annually.

5. Deep clean the kitchen

When you clean your kitchen during winter cleaning, it is the perfect time to take everything out and dust the drawers and cabinet and get rid of any expired food. De-grime your hood vent and backsplashes. Windows won’t be opened during the winter, so cleaning the kitchen would reduce the cooking smell.

6. Steam carpets and couches

Steaming carpets is done to prevent dirt from building up. You can buy a steam cleaner to vacuum your furniture and carpets. If the carpet is old and it needs deep-cleaning, hire a professional for more serious cleaning.

7. Clean your windows

Clean windows brighten the home and help in fighting the winter blues. Clean both the outside and inside of your window to brighten up your house. Take a chance to launder all window treatment like valences and curtains, which can hold on to the unhealthy amount of allergens and dust.

8. Clean the chimney

Sustaining your chimney is very important. It is the easiest way to prevent fire and ensure the air in the home stays safe and smoke-free. You can clean your chimney yourself with the right tools. Make sure you use a cloth to cover the surface of the room before you start because debris and dust can spoil textiles.

9. Flush out sink drains

Clogged pipes must be flushed out during the winter months, to prevent freezing and bursting of the draining pipes. Baking soda and white vinegar are used for flushing out drains. Lemon juice is used to give the drain a pleasant smell, and then hot water is used to wash it down.

10. Degrease the oven

In winter days the oven is used frequently. With baking and cooking for the holidays, the oven would be a sticky mess. Degreasing your oven reduces food odour and prevents fire and smoking.


10 Pro Tips for Winter Cleaning – maidhealthy

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