Finding love this holiday season despite Covid-19

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It’s that special and most wonderful time of year again when finding a potential partner to date might not be easy. But no worries we have got you covered.

The winter holiday season is usually the best time of the year to meet someone and start something special.

The interesting aspect about finding love this holiday season is that it’s a time for giving and sharing the love.

COVID 19 & Christmas

I know the primary mystery on your mind now will be, what will finding love look like in a COVID Christmas? Do not allow this uncertainty to worry about your mind.

Instead of worrying, focus on the positive side of this. I know so many of us including myself never imagined a COVID Christmas. Nevertheless, following the study, I was able to come up with ways in which you can find love during the holiday season.

Finding love

What Finding Love Will Look Like During This Holiday Season

Although it is possible to find love at any time of the year but the holiday season comes with its magic.

This year’s holiday, finding love will be like no other one in human history. This is not because relationships have highly changed but instead the level at which people communicate has changed since the beginning of this year. For example, the rate of divorce over the years increases by 34% this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic across the World has highly affected marriages and courtship. The pandemic (COVID 19) has cause tension between married couples and those in courtship. Singles who were trying to break out from the circle of singlehood before COVID 19 have encountered different challenges during this period.

2020 came with a vibe on its own and it has left so many people curious about what finding love will look like during the holiday season. Are we likely to expect the best during this period? or should we brace ourselves for the worse to come? On a positive note, if you are looking to finding love during this holiday season, then this is what you do.

 1.  Have a positive mindset on your finding love quest

 Having a positive mindset, the right frame of mind, and an open mind will go along way in influencing your choice of partner or in finding love during the holiday season. I know 2020 has been challenging in so many ways. But don’t make the mistake of allowing the challenges that come with this year get the best of you.

 2.  Join an online dating site or groups on social media

 Since the COVID 19 pandemic has restricted our normal way of life and activities to virtual communication, it is the best time to join these dating sites.

As we approach the most merriest time of the year, you don’t need to live in a single World of your own. Even with the corona restrictions in different countries around the World, you can still meet someone and have a personal one on one meeting with a potential partner while following the COVID 18 safety precautions.

 3. Make that move

If there is anyone you have been secretly crushing on for a very long time? whether at work, church, online group you belong to, your neighborhood, and at the gym. Be the confident person you are and ask them out. You will be so surprised that they want the same thing but do not know how to present it to you.

You will be thrilled to realize that what you have been looking for has been right before your eyes.

 4.  Surround yourself with the folks who love you

I know corona has restricted the quality time you spend with family members and close friends. But it should not stop you from reaching out to them and surrounding yourself with their love.

The most interesting time about the holiday season is the unconditional time we spend with family members and friends who love and care for you. Get motivated by their presence and you will be ready to meet someone soon.

5. Volunteer

Offer your services or your time at your local community to help/assist those in need especially during the holiday season since it is all about love and sharing. For example, you can join any organization in charge of taking care of the homeless.

Even with the corona restrictions, this can be achieved when you observe the corona safety guidelines.

Helping others is a sure way of making an impact in the World and meeting people who share the same principles and ideologies as you. This is a sure way of meeting that special someone.

6. Attend holiday events

Due to the effect and spread of COVID 19, a large gathering of people is not recommended yet. For this reason, many organizations, communities, and companies are opting for online events instead of in-presence events.

I know it won’t be as fun as the in-presence events. But this should not discourage you from finding love this holiday season. You never can tell your potential partner might be among the participants.

 7.  Don’t be afraid to stand out

Always do all you can to look your best because the first impression matters a lot.

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Be it with your hair, your dressing, your makeup, your choice of shoe, and your perfume should all given an impression of the time of person you. It is better to have a long-lasting positive impression on someone you are meeting for the first time than to give a negative impression about yourself.

8.  Spoil yourself

Don’t wait until you have all the money in the World before you can treat yourself to the best things in life.  You can start by doing the little things. For example, treat yourself to a full body massage, take yourself shopping for new clothes, shoes or bags, and so on. Do things that make you happy and always wear a smile

By doing these, you are building a positive energy around you and this positive energy is what will attract the right people to you and your potential partner to you.


Finding love this holiday season may seem impossible. But impossibility does not exist because it is just a fragment of your imagination. This year’s holiday season is a great opportunity to find love regardless of what the challenges might be. This is the best time to choose love over anxiety, make the best of what the holiday season has to offer, and hope for an excellent tomorrow.

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