Ways to Stay Motivated

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You wake up some days, excited and ready to stay motivated. While some days, when you wake, things feel heavy, and it’s hard to get moving and find inner motivation. We know that it can be quite challenging to remain positive, so we’ve found a few ways that you can remain positive. Here are ways to stay motivated while getting things done.

Just get started and allow the inspiration to come to you

It would be best if you didn’t have to wait for motivation to get started. If you’d like to work each day in a consistent manner, then sometimes you have to get moving. Things tend to feel better, more comfortable and more enjoyable after working for a while and the inspiration eventually catches up with you.

Start small if your big steps lead to procrastination

If a project or job feels too big and overwhelming, don’t allow that drive you into procrastination. Alternatively, break it down into small steps and then take only one of them to continue moving forward.

If narrowing it down and taking a small step still doesn’t solve the procrastination problem then go even smaller. Basically, just getting going and gaining momentum forward is the most important thing.

Cut back on every day distractions

It becomes challenging to concentrate when you have distractions all around you that are readily available. So shut your office door, put your mobile phone in silent mode, ensuring you remain on track.

Stay motivated

Get transparency in your life from the people

Let your friends know what you’re going to do on social media, on the phone or in real life. Ask one of them to keep tabs on your progress regularly. You’ll be a lot less inclined to weasel out of stuff by doing this or give up at the first hurdle.

Get support from the individuals in your life

Spend a little less time with pessimistic individuals who still look at things from the dark side and more time with excited or inspired people and let their energy flow to you.

Get motivation from individuals that you don’t know

Don’t just restrict yourself to the motivation that you can get from those closest to you. You can tap into or refresh your inspiration with a lot of inspiring quotes, books, podcasts, blogs, and success stories out there.

Play songs that allow you to stay motivated

Whenever you feel low in energy or inspiration, one of the simplest things to do is play the music that lifts your spirit.

Discover optimism

Pessimism will sap both your optimism and energy. But then, on the other hand, the lively and productive manner of viewing things will invigorate and recharge the motivation. So when you’re in a difficult situation, start asking questions like:

  • What’s one detail about this that’s good?
  • What is the one secret opportunity here?

Be compassionate with yourself when you fall

Itis easy to fall into the habit of beating yourself when you slip or lose, but that doesn’t work that well. You will just end up feeling worse and less inspired. So try and be good to yourself, gently push yourself back to the road you were on and take a small step forward.

Be optimistic about the shortcomings

Being optimistic about your losses can make them less demeaning. You can ask yourself this when you fall:

  • What is one lesson can I learn from this setback?

Then keep this lesson in mind and take steps to strengthen what you are doing and stay motivated.

Compete in a friendly way

When you’re at school or work, make it a friendly contest with a friend to finish a boring or repetitive task first. Only that part of rivalry helps to lighten the mood. You can even add a small reward for the added incentive if you like, such as the winner getting free ice cream or a beer from the other guy.

Remind yourself why you are moving in this direction

It is possible to lose sight of why you’re doing something when you feel uninspired and poor in energy. So take 2 minutes and jot down your top 3 reasons for doing this job, having an education, working out, saving the extra money, or something else.

Put the note where you can see it every day or store it on your device for quick access when you need to stay motivated

Remind yourself what you are going to step away from

You can also inspire yourself to get moving again by reflecting on the adverse effects of remaining on your current trajectory

Ask these questions:

  • What would be the outcomes if I keep going on this path for one more year?
  • If I do that for a further five years?

This exercise will help provide you with the kick-start that you need and stay motivated.

Be thankful for what you’ve achieved

It’s simple to start viewing your life and the elements of it through a negative lens when motivation is running low. To place your attention on what you still have and who you are and to recharge with positivity and inspiration, answer this question:

  • What are the three things I take for granted but can be thankful for in my life?

Reduce your list of to-do activities to just one item

An over-stuffed to-do list can be a genuine killer of motivation. So consider lowering your existing to-do list to only one thing. Go for the one that’s most important to you or maybe the one you’ve been struggling with for too long.  After that, take a large, small or tiny step and get started. You can have a different list somewhere hidden away where you can’t see other tasks you would have to do later.

Don’t ignore the breaks here

Few things can sap everyday motivation, such as just working non-stop. Rather, work every hour for 45 minutes and use the remainder for a break where you take a snack, get out or do a little yoga for some fresh air. You’ll get accomplished more, and do higher-quality jobs because your energy, concentration and motivation will simply last longer.

Change the size of your goal

If a big goal feels daunting in your life, set a smaller goal to regain your inspiration again. Also, if a smaller target doesn’t make you stay motivated, try to reach higher and make it a bigger plan and see how your motivation is affected.


Working out doesn’t just affect your body; it influences the brain as well. It is said that carrying free weights for just 20-30 minutes helps remove inner stresses, and improves concentration.

Reward yourself and appreciate your accomplishments

If you’re looking forward to a sweet reward after you’re finished with an assignment or a project, then your motivation tends to increase.

For instance, if you celebrate an accomplishment in any other manner by taking 1 minute to acknowledge what you have done, then that typically recharges motivation and positivity. So go out and celebrate to stay motivated.

Do a little research before getting started

You will help to prevent pitfalls by learning from people who have been where you want to go and have done what you are about to do. This will help give you a practical performance timetable. It’s important not to get demotivated if things don’t happen as quickly as you wish.

Take a 2-minute relaxation break

Energy and enthusiasm decrease when the mind is a little exhausted or maybe even overloaded. So sit down with your eyes closed in the afternoons or when needed and just concentrate on your breathing for 2 minutes. This will help make your mind clearer and stay motivated.

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