12 Ways to Help the Homeless This Christmas

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The homeless amongst us deserve love this festive season. Many of us understand that not all fingers are equal and are willing to extend our hand of charity to the needy. The holiday is one period that people need the most, and this article is focused on showing you 12 ways to help the homeless this Christmas.

The Christmas season is a season of giving. You don’t need to be neck-deep in riches to partake in giving. There are plenty of less fortunate people who do not share our enthusiasm for the forthcoming holiday, and this is because they have no family to celebrate with and don’t expect any love shown to them. Homelessness is a big problem in many parts of the world. The various reasons behind homelessness include financial crisis, mental health, drug abuse and neglect, and so much more.


Despite the diverse religions in the world, almsgiving is one topic that is preached constantly, but who better to give alms to than the homeless? All that is needed is a heart of love and a spirit of giving. Kindly read on to find out more ways to help the homeless this Christmas.

Donate clothes (Both new and used)

While going out to shop for yourself and loved ones this Christmas, remember those who can’t afford to have new clothes. The little you are willing to spare can be a big deal to them, and you can invest in them by including them in your shopping plans. Purchase different sizes and kinds of clothes and share to the homeless.

The Christmas season is usually the coldest period in many countries. Getting them clothes to warm them is a perfect gift this season. These should be preferably woollen clothes that can keep out the cold. You can take out some of the clothes you have used. Relieve your wardrobes of some clothing’s and gift them out to the homeless. Those clothes you want to throw away could be appreciated by someone else.

Donate or serve food to the homeless

Apart from lacking good clothes and shelter, the homeless also lack proper meals. Their extreme state of penury can’t afford them good food. What better time to give them a treat than Christmas? You could organise some cooking activities according to your financial capacity.

It doesn’t need to be grand or large-scaled. The essence of giving is not about the size of the gift but the heart behind the gift. You can gather the homeless into a place and serve them a proper meal, rich in nutrients. You can even welcome them into your home and host them. Treat them like you will do a proper guest. There are tons of affordable meal plans you can bank on to make them feel special.

Organize a housing project

Another way to help the homeless this Christmas is by investing on a housing project. This can be a communal effort where the community in the spirit of giving can come together to fund a project for the homeless. A fundraiser or charity event can be organised. It can also be incorporated into the master plan of an aspiring political office seeker. Any effort geared towards getting the homeless off the streets is a worthwhile task. Perhaps, it could even be a spare property that you are not using.

Making cash donations

No matter how small, donating for the cause of the homeless is a good cause. You don’t need up to a million saved up in cash before you decide to donate. Little donations from a lot of people amount to a lot. Make enquiries, find out the available donation platforms, make your contribution.

Christmas should be all about whatever little we can do to make the world a better place. There a some non-profit or government organisations that can be instrumental with the right donations and grants from external sources.

Give your time

Offer to volunteer your time to support the needy and homeless at a local shelter in your community. This is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give. A lot of shelters for the homeless run on tight budgets and cater for numerous families. Despite your skillset, your presence, there will be a great boost.

Give the homeless kids a time of their lives

Homeless children are also children, and they also crave to have a fun childhood like more fortunate kids. This festive period is the best time to give them the experience of a simple adventure. It could be an excursion to a tourist centre, the zoo or an amusement park. Trips like this could even apply to their parents as they can easily tag along.

Create awareness

Very few local shelters can survive without donations from well-meaning individuals as well as volunteers. One can lend a supporting hand to these organisations by helping to spread the word for donations. In this digital age, awareness creation is incredibly easy.

Social media can be used to publish vital information about your community shelter and call for contributions. Even without the internet, you can also spread awareness about it. This can be communicated by word of mouth or sharing of fliers.

Offer your expertise pro bono

If you are an expert in a particular field, it’s time for the homeless to benefit from that knowledge. For instance, if you are into haircuts, you can offer free haircuts to the homeless. As a legal practitioner, you can offer free legal consultation. A comedian can perform at the homeless’ shelters for free, give them a good laugh this Christmas.

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Show kindness

It cost nothing to show kindness to another human no matter their financial status. Always have a smile for everyone, not excluding the homeless. Treat them as your friends and as actual people. Greet them, try and help them out in any way you can. Take it upon yourself to ensure you teach your kids and people around you the same. Let them appreciate the importance of kindness to the homeless. Just constantly look for an excuse to show kindness.

Share your knowledge

Hosting a class or teaching session in homeless centers isn’t a bad idea. You can teach them about a hobby, a skill, or teach them about world history. Any worthwhile topic is a good fit. Make the class as fun and interactive as possible.

Incorporate the homeless kids into tutoring programs

There are great minds among the kids of the homeless. Why not be part of the people bringing out that potential? You can set up tutorials for the kids to learn since most of them don’t have access to formal education. If you can’t organise a tutorial yourself, arrange to incorporate them into one. You can even go as far as seeking out scholarships they can apply for. You might just a change a life forever!

Get others to volunteer

Reach out to friends and family, persuade them to join you as volunteers. They can bring some needed expertise and knowledge to offer as well. Get people around you involved in making Christmas memorable for the homeless.

It doesn’t have to be Christmas season before you show kindness to a homeless one. You can make it a habit; an everyday routine. You can pay regular visits to their shelters. The time of the year shouldn’t matter. The homeless deserve to know that the love shown to them isn’t seasonal.




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