How much should you spend on a Christmas present

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Are you confused about how to figure out what the “perfect gift”? or how much they should spend on a Christmas present? During the festive season, it is normal for people to be bothered about what presents to give their loved ones.

Everyone wants to make others feel special, and giving presents is considered the best way to do this during this period. Although you want to put a smile on someone’s face, you may also not want to spend extravagantly, and at the same time not want to look cheap.

You may also not want to purchase something you think would be a great gift, only to find out that it’s a dud. This is probably some reasons you are concerned about how much you put into a present. Well, here are some tips that would help you decide how much you should spend on a present.

Seven tips for deciding your budget on a Christmas present

1. Determine how much you can afford to spend

Before you bother about purchasing the “perfect gift,” you have first to consider how much you have in your bank account and how much you are willing to spend on presents. Chances are, there are multiple other expenses which you would have to handle during this festive season; like home decorations, a family trip or an issue you have to resolve. Because you would have a lot of spending to do, you want to make sure all budgets (including the gift) align with the cash you have.

2. Consider your relationship with the person

How close you are to the person can also influence how much you spend in buying them a Christmas present. It is advisable to spend more on those closest to you and less on those not to close to you. For example, you can decide to spend ₦20,000 and above on spouse, ₦10,000 and above on kids, ₦2000 to ₦5000 on friends and other family members.

Although this depends on how financially buoyant, you are at the moment, and you can freely adjust the figures to fit what works for you best. The point is, considering how close the person is to you, you should get them something appropriate and of value. It must not necessarily be expensive.

3. Jokingly seek their consent

When it comes to giving presents, you may not always have the perfect idea that accords with what you have to spend. One way to make things easier for you is to playfully ask the receiver what he or she would like for a Christmas present but within a specific amount.

This shows that you want to get something for them, but you currently have limitations on how much you can spend. It also makes the gift more valuable, because the person would be appreciative know you made an effort and got them what they asked for, even though it wasn’t what they expect or anticipate.

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4. Write a shopping list

Just like Santa clause, you also want to make a Christmas list and check it twice. Going shopping without a list is more like planning to spend without a plan. When you visit a store, it is only normal that you come across other things you like, but didn’t intend to buy.

Spending on things that aren’t on your initial list may leave little or no money left to purchase stuff on the list. Plus, shopping with a plan would help you boycott retailers who would make an effort to influence you on spending more. You would be more thoughtful with your spending if you put yourself on a list and set a budget for yourself as well.

5. Make use of coupon discounts and seasonal events

During the festive season, there would be a series of discount events taking place in online stores, shopping malls, and gift shops. Events such as Black Friday, Super Saturday, and Cyber Monday, are some common examples of such seasonal events. These are opportunities which you can tap into to help you cut down costs on Christmas presents and purchase more things.

Asides from these seasonal events, some retail stores also offer discount coupon codes for customers to buy Christmas presents and other items with. This can be available through a referral link or an online event which the customer has to participate in.

Christmas present

6. Look for alternatives

You may not have enough money to purchase gifts for everyone. However, you can put in a creative effort to make useful things for your loved ones. If you have no idea what to make, search for DIY articles and videos, these are handy guides to be creative with little or no money. Apart from the children who you may want to spend on, so they don’t feel left out on the Christmas jolly, you can consider giving the adults less expensive but thoughtful gifts.

7. Make the Holiday memorable

One of the best Christmas present you can give your loved ones for Christmas is a holiday to remember. Good memories would likely be thought of for the rest of their lives. Although physical and tangible presents may be necessary, you can spend the little you have on gifts but still have a great holiday by making memorable moments. If you have no idea how to make this happen, one easy way to pull this off is by getting to know a shared activity they all like doing and organize it.


  • Play mobile or board games
  • Play soccer
  • Go on a picnic
  • Visit the park
  • Visit other family and friends around
  • Take them swimming (cost as little as ₦1000 in local spots)
  • Go on a cheap concert
  • Have a group meal


Sure, everyone loves to reap off a wrapper off a box to see an anticipated surprise that comes once a year. But you don’t have to go overboard because you want to please someone with a Christmas present, know what you can afford and purchase accordingly. Just because someone lives a luxurious lifestyle doesn’t mean you must buy an expensive gift for them.

If you had made a promise before Christmas, try as much as possible to keep to your word. However, if you aren’t financially buoyant to fulfil your promise, look for an alternative in the primary time, and try to make the person understand you can’t do as promised right now, but you surely will later.

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