17 Simple Habits That Can Make You Successful

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Successful habits count. Sucess is not an exclusive word that only applies to a few people in the world. Success can be attracted by just anybody provided you know how to get it done. Everyone wants to be successful, it is a general desire, but the question is, how many people are successful?

A lot of people admire the thought of being successful, but they don’t know what it takes. There are certain habits that if inculcated, can make you one step closer to success. Suppose you study the life of successful people in various fields, you will notice that there are habits they have in common.

Success can be noticed in the areas of academic, finance, profession, in business and other aspects. This article was put together to inform you about simple habits that can make you successful and be the person you want to be. Knowing these habits isn’t enough, but applying and making them a part of you is what guaranteed success.


Simple habits of success

  1. Gratitude

    Even science backs up gratitude as a habit that triggers success. People in the habit of being grateful increases well-being and they get to concentrate more on what is working. They can also conquer challenges at a quicker pace. This habit helps us shift our attention from our problems to the things that are going well for us. It gives us doses of positivity that’s necessary for positive results.
  2. Alone time

    The current state of technology in the world has revolutionized communication and made the world a global village. Social media is the order of the day, and people now pay more attention to the virtual world than the real world. Even worse is the fact they pay less and less attention to themselves. Now, if people wake up, before even letting their brain boot or planning for the day, they go to their phones.

    We let ourselves get distracted endlessly and spend a lot of our time doing unproductive things. Take your “alone time” very seriously, especially during the period you wake up. It is the best way to begin one’s day. Not only does it prepare and recharge you for the day ahead, but it also keeps you in charge or control of your day. You can inculcate this habit every day by putting on your phone on an aeroplane or “do not disturb” mode for at least an hour every day.
  3. Do something creative

     Creativity is present in everything that involves the imaginative part of our mind. The part of our mind that thinks irregularly or out of the box keeps it in peak condition. A lot of us have had a creative hobby at one point in our lives, but then the harsh realities of life overwhelmed our imaginations. It’s time to rekindle that dormant creativity in you. Creativity is a tool that can make you successful.

    Creativity helps us to earn from what we enjoy doing. It makes more sense when you are not just working for money but to fulfil a purpose. Creativity ensures you keep on doing what you love and keeps your brain muscles energized. Give at least 30 minutes of your day and delve into a creative activity.
  4. Show appreciation

    Can you remember when someone sent you a message in the form of a video or text expressing their appreciation for you? How about being the person who sends these notes of appreciation? This not only deepens your report or bond with your loved ones, but it also elevates your mood.

    Showing appreciation is a highly underrated successful habit.  Being the source of others’ happiness is a source of happiness on its own. Make it a habit to be sending at least one note of appreciation to someone out there.
  1. Time allotted to productivity

    There is a time for everything under the sun, so says the Bible. There is a time to unwind and a time to work. How much time do you devote to your daily productivity? Most people believe that the more time you devote to your productivity, the more productive you become. Productivity isn’t about how much time you put into work, but what you do with the time you have.

    Research carried out by Stanford reveals that productivity declined after 40 hours and keeps dropping. So any extra hours put into your productivity effort is a waste. It isn’t about more time, and it’s about better time utilization. As far as productivity is concerned, less is more. Giving yourself less time to be productive makes you more productive, which makes you more successful.
  2. Being mindful

    Being mindful through meditation has been proven to boost well-being, promote creativity and get some essential perspective. Mindfulness is a successful habit that a lot of people get wrong. It isn’t an instant habit, and it demands practice and patience. Take your time and spend some minutes being conscious of your breath.  Be conscious of your silence and make use of a meditation guide.
  3. Take notes

    Developing the habit of penning things down in a journal or diary helps not only with clarity, but it also makes your meaning more pronounced.  It further enables you to recognize the thought and behavioural patterns. Taking notes can be used in different ways and for various purposes. They include a reflection on our daily experiences, working through entangled emotions and breaking down plans into successful feats.

    It is a very powerful instrument for self-realization, discovery and interpersonal reflection. You can incorporate the habit of taking notes about your day and your progress. You can pen down questions that are open-ended, thought-provoking and leading to further questions. You can explore your emotions. Allocate a part of your day to this habit and watch yourself edging towards a successful path.
  1. Educate yourself daily

    Anyone is capable of increasing his level of knowledge or expertise in virtually any area or discipline. This can be done by devoting time to your education. Boost your knowledge bank by spending as little as ten minutes daily to learn something new. Doing this can go a long way in making yourself more knowledgeable.

    You can decide to set goals like reading at least two books each month. This translates to 24 books yearly! Knowledge makes you more prepared for the outside world, and it makes you more productive and successful. Learning keeps your knowledge and skills up to date and makes you highly sought after.
  1. Fill in all gaps

    This isn’t a popular or successful habit, but it works too. You could have opened gaps in your brain, thought patterns that you haven’t closed nor concluded. By open gaps, we are referring to messages that haven’t been responded to. It could also refer to a decision that you haven’t yet made or promises you’re yet to keep.  It refers to the entirety of things that are pending in your life.

    Do not leave these gaps open, doing so only drains your will and energy. Inculcate the habit of resolving or closing a minimum of three open gaps daily. This not only gives you clarity on the direction to take, but it also makes you a better decision-maker. Decision making is a vital skill for success in life.
  2. Create boundaries or limits

    It is natural to have some measure of respect for those who define boundaries. These include those who don’t find it hard to say no to things that don’t agree or aren’t in concordance with their priorities. A successful person must have boundaries set for himself and others.

    A lot of us are not skilled in setting boundaries for ourselves.
    This could include creating a weekly calendar and sticking to it. It could mean saying no to things that don’t sit right with you. It could also mean engaging yourself in a chat about your current area of concentration. To make creating boundaries a part of you, find a way every week to make sure you preserve your time, energy, and attention.
  3. Seek newness

    Be a fan of novelty and don’t just stay satisfied with routine. Your morning routines, time for productivity and mindfulness may be essential but doing the same thing every day might be counter-productive. Novelty gives you a new experience to things that are already existing, and it can trigger a barrage of ideas, perspectives and insights.

    For instance, you can decide to add novelty or newness to your fitness routines, read a novel or book in a niche or genre that you will ordinarily not consider. You can find a new way of doing things that you do every day. This keeps your innovation game tight and makes your brain able to generate more ideas. Just look for a simple way to do things differently.  To make the application of novelty a habit, ensure that you do something new once in a week.
  4. Learn to shut down

    Find time to rest. Working all round the clock doesn’t guarantee you success in anything. Just like your body and brain needs the exercise, it also requires rest. Your day can be crowded with a lot of routines and activities. It is vital to find sometime during the day and after the day itself, to unwind and relax. Your brain needs time to relax, recover and recharge. You can affect this by reducing phone usage at night or doing something that makes you relax.
  1. Networking

    Networking is one of the central habits of successful people. Networking entails mingling with the right kind of people to exchange ideas and knowledge with. People who try to network know the value of teamwork and collaboration. According to Thomas Corley, an estimate of 79% of successful individuals spend at least five hours a month networking. Surround yourself with the right kind of people if you want to be like them.
  1. Frugality

    There is a difference between being frugal and being stingy. Frugality is a habit synonymous with successful people such as Warren Buffett. Frugality is the act of being thrifty with money and resources at your disposal. Frugality prevents wastefulness, which saves you from incurring debt and unnecessary expenses. Frugality is being economical with your time, assets and finances.

    A frugal person has a list of priorities and a set budget which could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly. When you learn to be frugal, you learn to be efficient. Impulsive buying is one of the greatest enemies of frugality. Also, living above your means is a habit that many people suffer from. They spend strategically, that is spending on things they need more than on the things they want.

    If you want to be successful, do not overspend. Learn to save and invest from your income. Do not spend all your income and do not let your expenses surpass your income. Learn to negotiate too, do not live to impress anybody. Avoid taking loans that you don’t intend to use to make money. In other words, avoid taking loans that you can payback.
  1. Early rising

    Cultivate the habit of waking up early every day. It is a subtle but critical successful habit. Rising early gives you more time for the day, gives you more time to plan, take charge and be productive. The more time and attention you give to your plans of being successful, the more success you are likely to attain.

    If you study the life of successful people, you will find out that they are more attuned to rising early. Notable early risers include Richard Branson(CEO, Virgin Group), Robert Iger (CEO, Disney), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), and Marissa Mayer (former CEO, Yahoo!).
  1. Giving

    Believe it or not, successful people are givers. So if you want to be successful in life, you must cultivate the hobby of giving. Successful people know the value of giving, and they understand that success doesn’t just result from wealth accumulation. Some of the world’s most famous givers include Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg.

    Also, you need to understand that you don’t need to be wealthy to be a giver. Giving doesn’t have to be financial. It could be sharing of knowledge or ideas as well. Just be a giver where and when it is most needed.
  2. Reading

    Successful people are avid and voracious readers. Some read for leisure, and others read to gain knowledge and insight. A prime example of an avid reader is the billionaire author, J.K Rowling. She read virtually any book as a child, and she also said, “nothing could help you as much as reading, read as much as you can.”

In conclusion, probe yourself and discover the unproductive habits that you have. The best way to drop a habit is to create another one in its stead. This is because a vacuum or gap can easily cause you to go back to that unproductive habit. Why not replace a habit such as aimless chatting on social media to reading books?




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