20 New Year Resolutions to achieve in 2021

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This is that time of the year when we make new year resolutions. It’s the dawn of another New Year and a new decade; indeed a lot of us are taking to retrospection and reevaluating different areas of our lives, and there’s nothing smarter than setting New Year resolutions to help improve our life standard. Yes, for some people making New Year’s resolution may seem like a waste of time, but how much useless would it be if you dedicate yourself to achieving them?

Many people are skeptical about making New Year resolutions because they could not meet up with their previous ones. However, not having any New Year resolutions is like embarking on a 365days journey without having any plans. The best way to start 2021 is by having a clear vision of what you would want to achieve this year, and making achievable resolutions is a great way to create clarity.

Making resolutions for the New Year should be taken personally and as an obligation to succeed. As unique as our personal goals and New Year resolutions may be, there are some common things you wouldn’t want to find miss on your list. Just so you don’t skip them, here is a list of 50 New Year’s resolution you can set to achieve in 2021.

New year resolutions

1. Stop procrastinating

One of the most significant barriers that keep most people from achieving their New Year resolutions is the desire to have fun and relax rather than working hard. Procrastinating takes a very negative effect on your effectiveness, and it isn’t easy to snap yourself out of it once you get used to it. Therefore, as part of your New Year resolutions, you’ll need to put a lot of work into changing this bad habit. There are many useful tips you can achieve this with.

2. Eat healthily and get in shape

Turning to a healthier diet, this New Year can be the most significant resolution that would positively impact your lifestyle. Eating good food generally makes you a healthier and more effective being, and that’s one major thing you need to be successful in other aspects of your life. Furthermore, losing weight usually goes along with eating healthy and dieting. Getting in good shape not only make you look better, but also make you enhance your general performance. For your 2021 resolutions, you can include exercising more, eating less junk, and having a healthy diet plan.

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3. Earn more money

This should be a must include in your New Year’s resolutions. Everyone can use an additional source of income to make life more comfortable, and even billionaires are always in search of ways to make more money. Fortunately, there are more than enough options at your disposal, and you could decide to take up a side-job, start your own business, create a side-hustle, or opt for a better job. You can also use the internet to your advantage, work as a freelance, and earn remotely.

4. Meet new people

Are you an introvert? Well, that’s okay, however, if it makes you feel uncomfortable and feels left out you should consider going out more often this year. The truth is, by spending most of your time at home, you are missing out on a lot of exciting opportunities for networking learning, and having fun. Meeting new people will be one of the very beneficial New Year resolutions for mental well-being and career growth, so don’t be scared to go outing and make new friends.

5. Find a dating partner

Yes, if you didn’t enter 2021 with a relationship and you are due for one, you should make getting a significant other a New Year’s resolution. We all need that special person to hold at night, talk to and share our secrets with, but meeting the right person is a case of trial and error. A lot of us have indeed had our hearts broken and wouldn’t want that to happen again, but we need to try a bunch of potential partners to find the right one. Don’t decline dates or be scared to ask someone out, who knows? Your next could be your life partner.

6. Reduce stress

Stress is one of the biggest hindrances out there, and it can take a very detrimental effect on your relationships, career, as well as your health. Stress could occur as a side effect of our hectic modern lifestyles, which is quite unavoidable, especially if you live in urban cities. However, anxiety can effectively be managed with the help of useful tricks for stress management.

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7. Become tidier

If you happen to be a slob who can’t get your things well organized, learning to be more organized should be part of your New Year’s resolution. Haven’t you noticed a cluttered desk or an unarranged home could negatively affect your productivity and even your mood? So in 2021, learn to clear the messy desk, clean your house, and lead a tidier and more organized lifestyle.

8. Learn how to dress with style

Many people say you are addressed by the way you are dressed, but how true is that? Well, there’s some truth to that saying. The way you dress tells a lot about you, and looking good can make you seem confident and assertive. There are many benefits to proper dressing, from helping you land a job, to catching the eye of all the guys or girls. Whether you’re male or female, chose the right dress-code for you, and live a stylish lifestyle this New Year.

9. Start saving money

Setting money aside to achieve other New Year resolutions that require funds is a perfect idea for a resolution. When you get your debt under control, you want to start putting some money aside for essential things. You can save up for an investment plan, travel abroad, fixing up your apartment, or purchase that new car you’ve always needed.

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10. Pick up new skills

How do you spend your free time? So that you know; whiling it away won’t get you anywhere. It would be much better to use your free time productively, and one way to do that is to pick up new skills. And trust me; you’d be glad in the future that you hadn’t sat idle not doing anything. Regardless of your interests, whether it’s learning to play an instrument, improving communication skills or in athletics, discover ways to learn new skills and develop hobbies within a short time.

11. Spend more time with those that matter

Life is too short for us to waste time on dishonest, duplicitous and toxic people. Although we have to spend time at work and doing other things, we need to create time to be around family, friends, and the people we care most about. As part of your New Year resolutions, you should focus on the people who care about you and create a stronger bond with them, as this is the best way to stay happy all through 2021.

12. Let go of grudges

We all experience hard times, and sometimes it could get overwhelming. Difficult times could take a lot of struggle to overcome, but moping and doing nothing about it is counterproductive. If you have a scuffle with someone or get hurt over a small issue, you may only end up losing a friend or life partner if you refuse to forgive, and could remain sad and bitter. Forgiveness is a healthier way to deal with specific issues that should stay in the past.

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13. Learn how to be more self-reliant

With the never-ending advancement in technology, the internet, fast food and all sort of useful tools, life has become relevantly easy and has made us somewhat spoiled. A lot of people lack the necessary skills which they require to be independent and self-reliant. Simple skills like cooking, cleaning and running personal errands are skills essential to be self-sufficient, and acquiring them should be part of your New Year resolution.

14. Have better sex

This resolution could help spice up your marriage and take your relationship to the next level. A good deal of intimacy is required to preserve a healthy relationship, and sex can also help keep us healthy, mentally and physically. The basic idea is to make sex a fun, pleasant and rewarding experience, and it requires practice and exercise to achieve this.

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15. Learn to cook

Learning to cook would make an excellent New Year’s resolution; it is an essential skill that everyone should possess. Not only does it save you a great deal of money, but it also allows you to eat the food you love in the way you like it. You also get to impress your dates with your cooking skills with lovely dinners shared under candlelight.

16. Spend less time on social media

Nowadays, most people don’t even spend hours in front of their TV set or playing video games. Still, social media has gained more attention and become a severe addiction among broad demographics. There’s nothing terrible with staying in touch with family and friends, but if you consistently spend more than time every day on social media, when you don’t work from there, make a resolution to spend more time in the real world.

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17. Learn how to defend yourself

There’s nothing better or more important than being able to ensure your safety and the security of your loved ones. Acquiring a skill set that allows you to become a reliable defence is very important. Learning to defend yourself isn’t all about knowing how to throw kicks and punches; you also need to learn how to conduct yourself in some situations and understand certain behaviours to look out for in others.

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18. Learn to control your emotions

Uncontrolled emotions such as anger, jealousy and pride can cause you a lot of trouble and are destructive in all circumstances. Gaining full control over your feelings allows you to think straight and handle issues more rationally, even when confronted with emotionally charged situations.

19. Get over an ex

Yes, it can be tough to let go of an ex, especially if the scuffle which led to breaking up caused emotional damage. Healing a broken heart is a process which takes time, but there are tips on how to get over an ex that would help facilitate the process and help you make it overcome this difficult task without causing too much pain.

20. Start being more responsible

To achieving any of your New Year’s resolutions is to take it upon yourself as a responsibility, and not blame anyone or anything for your mistakes or inability to achieve them. As a responsible person, you should be able to think before making a decision, and also be ready to take responsibility for whatever you decide to do. Making your priorities become your responsibilities would enable you to achieve more success in whatever you do this New Year.

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