How to Focus on What You Want: 5 Secrets to Success Revealed

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The longest chapter of any success story is one of a persistent focus on what you want. Although success demands many things from us, there is still willpower and determination at the top of the list. Many people think that we are born with determination, and those who succeed are simply the lucky ones who are born with an abundant supply.

But if you ask any successful individual, they will tell you that they were not born with more determination. These individuals have just figured out a way to leverage and use more efficiently what they have. Below are five ways to focus on what you want :

Focus on what you want

Set your day up the night before

Make some simple choices on what you’re going to do tomorrow before you go to sleep, such as what you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat for lunch, and the path you’re going to take to work. It is easier to pack a nutritious lunch the night before than to determine what you would have with a hot dog vendor parked in front of your office.

When it comes to saving money, the same happens. Decide and stick to a budget. Make a choice whether to read your emails or browse the internet before you finish the most important jobs that need to be done.

Keep to your routine and shut your eyes for several minutes at the end of the day and think about how good you feel being in control of your day.  Making it a habit to prepare your day in advance will eliminate your easiest options from the table, making it easier to avoid being distracted and wasting time and energy on small, irrelevant things.

Do the most challenging things first

The more demanding things will not get more comfortable, the more we worry about them or put them off. We’re just going to waste energy that would be better used just by digging in. Go after the most challenging task while you are still fresh and have the energy.

A study has demonstrated that in the morning, our minds are sharpest, and that is when we can perform a complicated task. We can relax and take care of the more repetitive work that doesn’t need much in the way of mental strain, capacity, and energy after these are out of the way.

Remove distractions and time wasters

There will be real emergencies, and we need to deal with them. The majority of situations that distract us are not emergencies and do not require us to react immediately. Many of these issues will solve themselves on their own over time.

Responding instantly to these requests would only set you up to get more. By not answering, you send a message that you are a strong-willed, concentrated person who is very busy and you will be less troubled by insignificant, time-wasting matters with time.

Regenerate and preserve your energy

When you focus on what you want, take a fast break if you notice the energy fading. To take a quick break from the job and refresh; you can take a brisk stroll, run, stretch, or do whatever produces results for you. You will return to your task with renewed energy and a sharper mental concentration.

Rather than consuming a big meal at lunch, snack on nutritious foods like fresh fruit as well as vegetables during the day. Consume lots of water and get into a routine schedule of exercise. Make a schedule for these things, so you don’t have to worry about them; they just become part of your everyday regime.

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Remind yourself regularly of the ultimate targets for success

Build a vision board, a film of the mind, or a device that functions as a daily reminder of what your focus is. The reason behind the goal is essential because it can act as a motivator.

Suppose that starting a school in a third-world country is why you want to raise $10 million. Have a simple view of what the school will look like so that you can regularly visualize it. Set aside standard daily time if only five minutes to imagine this objective.

The more information that you can bring there, the better. By placing music, images, or something that gives you an emotional charge, you become emotionally involved with the visualization. It is crucial to have an emotional bond, as this will inspire you to keep going towards your target and focus on what you want.

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Five ways to stay focused in a world full of distractions – fastcompany

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