17 business ideas you can start from home in Nigeria

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There are plenty of business ideas you can start from home out there. However, if you are looking for something that will encourage you to exercise your creativity and work with easily accessible supplies from home, then it could be for you to do a handmade business. Here, we will be mentioning some of the DIY business ideas that you can start from in Nigeria.

1. Graphic Design

Becoming a graphic designer is one of the DIY business ideas that one can start from home in Nigeria. There are so many graphic designers out there, but there are far more blogs, businesses and organisations in need of design work than there are designers. That is the good news here. The more difficult news is that a certain level of skill and probably some expensive software is needed for graphic design.

Designers can often get by without actually needing the most costly applications on the market. However, starting a graphic design business presents an immense opportunity for those in a position to do so, remember to be innovative about your business model and do something that nobody else is doing (something unique).

2. Home Tutoring

Competition to get into top universities is as daunting as it has ever been, but worried parents are prepared to pay handsomely for their children’s tutoring. This DIY business idea is one of the most popular in Nigeria. It would be best if you had an area of expertise that is always a favourite, for example, math and especially SAT math planning, but almost any topic will work. Also, one good thing about the business is that you can choose to either become a part-time tutor or full time.

You can take full advantage of parental paranoia and make money by tutoring right in your own house, or at a coffee shop or local library if you know how to market yourself locally. Also, make sure that you work on your local market to set prices and consider which areas of expertise parents in your area are most interested in.

Business ideas

3. Bath bombs and soaps

With the help of Google, you can search for tutorials on how to make your own soaps, bath bombs, and other beauty items at home. They vary from basic bath salt recipes to more complex formulas involving emulsions and preservatives. A lot of people in Nigeria are involved in this business.

This DIY business idea has low creative requirements. Soaps and bath bombs can be manufactured using commercial moulds, but packaging and branding are critical in beauty, so you can consider hiring design assistance. Also, you can advertise your products on social media platforms, for example, Instagram.

4. Social Media Specialist

Everybody is on social media, which for the would-be social media expert is both a blessing and a curse. On the other hand, any company that sells something requires a social media presence, so the demand for professionals is massive. There is still no shortage of social media practitioners, though, or individuals who think they’re experts, anyway in Nigeria.

Becoming a real social-media expert requires practice. Create an audience for yourself before you give your services to others. Determine your target market, create your own online presence in that community, and get in touch with the social-media elite.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great places to get started. Keep cranking out content and bringing it to the right people, and you will find a way to get hired even in an ever-expanding world.

5. Lip balm and cosmetics

Just like bath bombs and soaps, lip balm with the tools you already have in your home is an easy thing to make. Making lip balm and cosmetics are one of the most popular DIY business ideas in Nigeria. It takes little more than a heat source to assemble simple formulations using natural oils and beeswax.

You don’t need fancy tools, but you can make sure your setup still meets industry expectations and follows local home production regulations. Lip balms are a key to more complex beauty formulas when you’re ready to scale. Also, you need to understand that there are people involved in this business that also have strong brands, so you can also learn how to approach potential customers.

6. Makeup Consulting

Make-up consultancy is also one of the lucrative home-based business ideas that need very little formal training, although it requires creativity, patience and experience. For clients who only want to spice up their personal looks, there is a demand as well as an opportunity to partner with theatrical productions and other organisations using stage make-up.

Weddings, house celebrations, parties for children and funerals also provide opportunities for make-up consultants. Networking is important, as is a keen sense of organisation and an eye for elegance, of course. Make-up consulting is an easy DIY business that you can start from in Nigeria. It is also important to keep up with fashion trends or to remain ahead of them.

7. Photography

These days, photography is a popular DIY business that a lot of people are into. The popular myth is that a photographer can be anyone with a smartphone. However, the truth is that professional photography, with fierce competition and demanding customers, can be a cutthroat business. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing for those who have a passion for it as a career.

Of course, from photojournalism to portrait photography to general-interest stock photography, photography can take many forms. Most likely, you can either set up a studio in your home or take pictures of certain material for use as stock photos, as real photojournalism takes years of experience and almost never really includes working from home. Bear in mind that stock-photo sites operate on a model of revenue sharing, so it is rare to sell images to one person simply.

However, even the portrait and general-interest choices are not really for beginners. Photography businesses can be complex activities, with lots of equipment needed and years of portfolio and relationship building needed to really get steady revenue flowing. Even starting a photography business as a side operation is a perfect way to make some extra cash and potentially begin a career change if you’re already a hobbyist.

8. Jewellery Making

One of the most popular DIY businesses in Nigeria is jewellery making. If you know how to make jewellery, there is really no reason not to sell it. For admirers and collectors alike, handmade jewellery has a longstanding appeal. The toughest challenge in setting up a jewellery business could be running the business itself.

It won’t be enough just to produce beautiful items to sustain the operation. Examine what it takes to run a jewellery company and then make it happen. Websites like eBay and Etsy are a great place to showcase your items.

As a young entrepreneur, selling and making jewellery is a great idea. There are lots of online stores where people sell their products (for example, jewellery), so you can also create your own or hire a web developer to build it for you from scratch.

9. Digital products

There are no signs of stopping the digitisation of goods. Making and selling digital products such as wedding invitation templates, font licenses, Photoshop actions, or webinars requires a bit of up-front work, but once you get started, you are relatively hands-off.

Selling and making digital products is one of the DIY business ideas that you can start from home in Nigeria. It is considered as an online business. The overhead costs are very low, and there are no traditional pain points associated with physical products (inventory, shipping).

10. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is also a home-based business in Nigeria. It is a business that does not require you to be moving from one location to another, and it is a work that you can start from home. All you need to do is to create a platform where you can upload online courses dedicated to your craft of choice.


If you cannot afford to create such a platform, there are a lot of websites where you can sign up as an online tutor and make money from people that are watching your courses. On the website, you can set up face-to-face calls with the students and charge them for an hour or a lecture.

11. Party Planning

Having the ability to put on a successful fete is just the beginning of building a party-planning business. As well as an ability to sell yourself and your services to everyone you know, you need outstanding organisational and client-management skills. In addition, with your skills, you can become an event planner. For this business, there are lots of individuals that created strong brands and websites to advertise their service, so you can also do the same.

Another way to get started might be to focus on the children’s’ parties, which can be a little easier and less stressful than adult get-togethers to schedule. By following kid trends and offering superhero or Frozen parties, go deeper into specialisation. Note that not only will you compete with other party planners, but with local restaurants and facilities, so it will be critical to have outstanding networking abilities and a personal touch to your services.

12. Web Design

Web design, like graphic design, requires skills that can take years to learn and perfect. But if you have them, the demand is there for all kinds of organisations to build attractive, functional web pages. Starting a Web-design business needs some up-front investment, particularly in software, although candidates might already have those applications to start Web-design firms.

Starting a web design business is one of the best DIY business ideas that one can start from home. The key to Web design is to carefully identify a target market and provide a service that nobody else does, as is the case with graphic design. Note, too, that not only are web designers competing against each other, but also against bundled software that helps with web design, so it is extremely important to have a unique selling proposition.

13. Gift-Basket Design

If you have the ability to make floral, food, or gift arrangements look beautiful, consider setting up a shop in your home as a gift basket designer. You won’t need anything more than a few craft supplies (ribbons, bows and the like), plus the baskets themselves, so the overhead for starting this business is minimal.

However, you will need to get attention to your business by selling to stores and encouraging them to sell your goods or by selling directly on websites such as eBay or Etsy. This DIY business idea is also a great idea for a young entrepreneur. It is probably a good idea to set up a website as well. Then, let your enchanting creations speak for themselves.

14. Catering Service

Developing a catering service comes with a specific range of food-oriented challenges, much like starting a home bakery. Catering service is also a home-based business in Nigeria. Right off the bat, you need to be sure that using your home kitchen for commercial food processing is legal in your state or municipality. If it is, you will also need to make sure that you enforce food safety standards and all applicable laws.

But once you have the green light to do so, a relatively low overhead way to build a new DIY business is to launch a catering service. It is a lot of work, but it might turn into a lucrative and rewarding job if you like cooking.

15. Bookkeeping

For a home-based business, the only word in the English language with three consecutive pairs of letters is also a brilliant idea. You probably already have the software and equipment you need to start a bookkeeping business. A bookkeeper is an individual that helps business owners to get their hands off the boring job of keeping notes.

As a bookkeeper, you become their helper and earn some of your own income. Networking at small business activities is a gateway to getting underway, as is local media advertising. Also, in this business, you need to build a good customer base.

16. Virtual Assistant

Just like there are people who do not know how to use email, there are others who do not wish to use it as well. Aside from fulfilling other automated tasks, virtual assistants manage email and voicemail accounts for consumers. Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the DIY business ideas that you can start from home in Nigeria.

You would need a website, a good brand, a service niche of some sort and a desire to network, but for those who are prepared and able to help coordinate others, there are opportunities to become a virtual assistant.  Skype is one of the most popular platforms used by virtual assistants.

17. Personal Computer Training

Believe it or not, many people really do not know how to use Microsoft Office (especially PowerPoint). You might already know enough about basic software programs to show others how to use them and to set up your own computer-training operation.


Even so, you are going to have to create a curriculum and a marketing strategy for your new business, and you are going to have to consider whether or not students can come to you. But there is a chance to take what you might think of as fairly rudimentary expertise and turn it into a successful operation.

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