10 Signs You Are Successful Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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Success, or being successful comes in a variety of ways, and it is attracted by doing certain things. There are achievers, who despite their accomplishments, still don’t feel successful. This is the part that should irk one’s curiosity. What could be the reason someone will be considered successful by specific standards yet not feel as such?

As humans, it’s not unusual to feel like we haven’t accomplished much once in a while. As normal as this feeling is, it isn’t right to wallow in it. You should see yourself and life from a different viewpoint when you begin to feel like a failure. We often tend to overlook the little things that build up gradually as we progress.

You don’t have to have millions in your bank balance, live in a fancy house or ride a fancy vehicle before you feel successful or accomplished. Success goes beyond a life of luxury and glitz. It also goes beyond your finances. Being successful covers your emotions and other aspects of your life, as well.

The goal of this article is to discuss 10 signs one could be successful but not feel like it. Perhaps, this can give us some insight.

1.     Your relationships have less drama

Drama is the perfect opposite of maturity. As we get older, we garner more experience, both pleasant and unpleasant. These experiences are the ideal teachers as they make us wiser. As we mature further, we tend to crave peace of mind and emotional stability. We get to that stage in our lives where drama becomes a nuisance.

If your past relationships were drama sagas, it goes a long way to show the shallowness of the emotional maturity then. If your present relationship has less drama, it shows that you have matured in your choice of a partner and your emotions have evolved. As far as emotional success is concerned, you have made progress, hence successful.

2.     You don’t shy away from helping others or asking for help

Success is measured relatively. Someone’s measure of success should differ from yours. A tenant and a landowner can both be considered successful, depending on how you look at it. If there are certain good things that you didn’t do before; if you do them now, it is progress.

Success is the progress made. A successful person isn’t shy to help others or solicit for help when needed. Contrary to popular belief, soliciting help doesn’t indicate weakness; it signals strength. It shows you are logical and mature enough to accept that no man is an island and can succeed independently.

Whether we care to admit it or not, we need help from people around us. Helping or asking for help is an unpopular sign of maturity and success. It takes the effort of more than one person to accomplish amazing goals.

3.     Your standards are now higher

Success is accompanied by change and dynamism. If your standards three years ago are your standards now, that’s stagnancy. Stagnancy is a problem and an enemy of success. If your monthly income three years ago is still your monthly income this year, that’s stagnancy.  Successful people do not just set standards for themselves; they raise them.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are so idolised that they get heavily criticised if they perform even a little below their “standard”. The irony is that “below-par performance”, when executed by another player considered to be an average player, that player will make headlines.

Just as success is relative, standard is also relative. Do not use someone else’s standard for success to measure yourself. When people feel they are not successful, it could be because they are always focused on being like other people.

If you are used to overlooking nasty behaviours towards you before, do not hesitate to put that person in their place if such happens now. Learn to discipline yourself when you mess up too. Give no time to people you gain nothing from. Surround yourself with people whose good qualities you want to emulate.

4.     You recognise that setbacks are part of the self-development process

It’s near impossible to experience success every day. You will experience bad days, bad weeks, months and even years. Times like these are essential for us because we learn to grow. Successful people see failure as one way a particular thing doesn’t work. Change of perspective is needed to grow into success. Life is filled with ups and downs. There is a reason roses have thorns. Stop viewing your failures as a morale or self-esteem killer, start viewing it as a stepping stone to something bigger and better.

5.     You complain less

A successful person recognises that most of the things they complained about are regular, day-to-day occurrences. Complaints should only suffice when the setback or loss is more than your human capacity can take. Other than that, successful people lean more on gratitude than the urge to complain about just anything.

6.     You enjoy the success of others

There is no place for pettiness in the life of a successful person. They have matured enough to understand that there should be nothing to envy and be bitter about others’ success. If anything, you can learn a few things from their success stories.

As stated earlier, because someone else succeeds at something doesn’t make you incompetent. Undue comparison is the enemy of many. I know it’s difficult not to be bitter, especially when someone else succeeds in something you failed at doing. The difference is in the way you react to such events.

Successful people are the true champions whether they win a contest or not. Being a champion is not in the prize; it’s in character. Always celebrate, cheer and applaud those who rise to the top. This positive energy coming off you will equip you to create victories for you.

7.     Prepare items you look forward to doing or accomplishing

A life without goals or purpose is a life wasted. A life without goals and meaning is a life without excitement. When you choose to exist rather than live, you slowly fade on the inside. A successful person should set goals and have passions that they live for. Find a drive; let that drive motivate your lifestyle.

8.     You achieve the goals you set for yourself

Some years back, you set goals for yourself and accomplished none. Some years later, you set goals, and you accomplish at least two. Now, you accomplish most of your goals. What does this sound like? Progress!

Any form of progress should be regarded as success. Failing is part of the game, but your persistence in chasing your goals has driven you to realise most of them. These are your victories, and they should be the fuel in breaking more grounds.

9.     You refuse to play the victim

Life is not fair when you make plans, and life shatters them. You set goals, and life seems to stand in your way. You refuse to sulk, to quit, bend the knee and go down for the count. Successful people refuse to let them life knock them down. They stay on their feet and face their problems.

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10.You pay little to no attention to the thoughts of others

You are successful when you refuse to suck up to others. You recognise that people will always criticise you irrespective of what you do. Certain people will always be unhappy, and society’s standards have nothing to do with your reality. Successful people stay true to themselves and love themselves.


20 Signs you’re succeeding  in life even if you don’t feel you are – Lifehacks

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