How To Start An Online Tutoring Service

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Starting an online tutoring service can be very rewarding. With the rapid growth in technology, inventions, and global use of the internet, teaching has been made a whole lot easier.

Many parents and students are now exposed to several online tutoring platforms and have accepted the positive changes it presents. Tutors not only get to pass knowledge to their students, but they also get to have fun as they equally broaden their intellect.

Meeting different students from various cultural backgrounds and locations also helps to positively expose the tutors to respective students’ varied academic needs. Online tutoring can help students achieve their academic potentials from anywhere around the world.

online tutoring service

Effective primary and secondary learning is seen as the basis for a safe future. Therefore, many parents go all the way to ensure their kids improve intellectually. The demand for tutors who can stimulate the minds of talented students and help students with studies outside the four walls of a classroom has increased as a result.

It is known that tutors who are aware of online tutoring’s merits have the upper-hand over those who don’t. Several individuals who consider themselves ready to teach online may have consistently asked how to start an online tutoring service. Fortunately, this article was put together to answer that question.


Criteria to become an online tutor

In general, online teachers are specialized tutors that take on specific subjects. At least one of this credential can go a long way in winning the trust of your students:

  • Teaching certification or tutoring experience
  • Subject-specific certification
  • Masters degree or PhD

It helps to use your strengths to assess the scope of your services as an online tutor. The good part is, you don’t have to consider your geographical position since classes are held online.

The subjects taught would also have to be relayed to the students’ guidance and the age group you are covering. In deciding your service offerings, you must make these points compatible with your strengths and consumer demand.

Online tutoring students

The majority of students that generally partake in online teaching programs are middle and secondary school students. These also include students preparing for their GRE, SAT, and other exams.

Students that fall in this category require help in English, maths, and some science subjects. Some online tutors also provide guidance, career counseling, and mentoring to students preparing for a major exams.

Becoming an online tutor

Although, may differ for different online tutoring agencies, below is the standard procedure to becoming an online teacher.

  • Sign-up as an online teacher: The initial stage of being an online tutor may require that you register with an online service. You may be required to fill a form that requires some details such as your basic information, credentials, tutoring preferences, profile picture, and many more. Some platforms also request proof of education, certificate, and means of identification.
  • Account verification and approval: the profile is checked and accepted by the company’s support team. Also, some organizations often review profiles with a criminal record. Your profile will then be activated and made if your account checks out. This gives you access to students selected according to your preferences.
  • Please get familiar with the online collaboration tools: It might interest you to know that the responsibility of carrying the students along falls primarily on your shoulders. This might be a good time to get very familiar with the tools made available to you. You could also contact the support team to educate you on things to adopt that can make teaching easier, especially if you don’t have much online teaching experience.
  • Do what you do best: According to the business framework, you may start earning money as soon as your start teaching.


Tutoring online

Presently, all the requisite resources in the online tutoring classrooms promote the ‘one-on-one’ session or the ‘one-to-many’ session. You may be required to do the following during these sessions:

  • Launch a face-to-face video call
  • Communicate with quality and clear 
  • Take notes, type, clear, and give drawings when necessary in exclusive colors on your whiteboard
  • Utilize instant messaging apps
  • Share files when necessary
  • Link all devices to your sessions

Many tutoring companies provide demo links to access whiteboard links. It is best to go through all details of the whiteboard extensively before having your first class.

How to get more students

While you are busy enjoying the pecks of transferring knowledge to your students, you should also know making money is an essential aspect of your job. Getting more sessions might just be the magic you need to smile to the bank more often.

You should consider the following as soon as your profile has been confirmed, after which you must have handled a few online tutorial sessions:

  • Keep your profile up to date: Putting your client’s needs into consideration is a step in the right direction. It would be best to communicate your skills as straightforward and easy as possible. Some platforms allow video messages in the profile interface. This improves the value of your profile than when it was filled with basic content
  • Encourage your students to write reviews and rate you: Reviews and ratings should be recognizable on your profile. The easiest way to get this done is to motivate your students to give their reviews and ratings after their session with you. More positive reviews would no doubt get you more clients

  • Keep to time: It helps to lead by example by being punctual in your sessions. Sadly, you may lose clients if your timing doesn’t coordinate with theirs. You can increase productivity by keeping a time-log of your students according to their time-zone.
  • Promptly respond to session requests: You can set your device notification to alert you as soon as prospective clients reach out to you. Many clients would request the service of another tutor if their message isn’t replied to on time. Also, it helps to keep a clean record showing the influx of positive reviews from former or current clients.


Online tutoring today is in high demand because of students’ aspirations. This makes it a lucrative opportunity for competent and qualified professionals. Take advantage of these tips to start your online tutoring service now.


All The Steps Needed To Start Your Online Tutoring Business – Elearningindustry

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