How to become a social media manager with no experience

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The emergence of the digital age has created a need for job positions on social media that businesses are urgently looking for. What was once supposed to be a place for sharing your dog’s images with friends has become an array of sites that provide local businesses and businesses with serious verification.


Social media management could be for you if you are on the lookout for an interesting new job and know your way around Instagram and Facebook. Through posting likable content, analyzing user data, running ads, and keeping on top of insta-worthy events, you should expect to concentrate on building a social media following.

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Who is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager refers to a person within a company who is trusted with the monitoring, execution, filtering, and evaluation of a brand, product, business, or even individual’s social media presence. Social media managers are also referred to as the “voice of the company.”

The position of social media manager may often be referred to as “community manager” (though this title has become slightly old-fashioned). The most comparable position was “public relations representative” prior to the internet.

What Do Social Media Managers Do?

Social media managers develop and manage brand promotions, company details, and marketing strategies through many different social media networks for their company. They also track social media analytics using paid or free tools and react according to the voice and guidelines of the organization to questions and comments.

Social media managers work on a regular basis to create innovative content for their businesses, continually innovating to encourage new concepts and platforms and testing how well those ideas work.

Social media managers can report to a social media director (in larger companies) or the content or brand head. They collaborate with other innovative departments, such as public relations and marketing, as well as the legal department, to organize strategies and implement existing marketing campaigns with ongoing company initiatives. It is expected that a social media manager can keep up with new developments and news about the business and industry.

Usually, social media manager jobs include a bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, or the like. Social media managers, according to Glassdoor, earn an average salary of $47,000 in the United States.

Most businesses, however, expect evidence that you are a social media wizard before they employ you and put their public image in your possession. So how can you acquire experience of this kind so that you can land the job? Below, we have explained how to do it yourself.

What skills do I need to become a social media manager

In order to become a social media manager with no experience, you will need to know the skills that potential clients need from a social media manager:

1. Strategic Money Management Skills

With social media, you earn more cash with campaigns tailored for your targets (audience). Learn the basics of reaching the audience and the styles of content that will hit your social circles best. The sooner this social media element can be nailed to you, the more you can use your social media budgets and impress your employers.

2. Proficient Multitasking Skills

For this role as a social media manager, the ability to act rapidly on your feet is vital, as you will post on several pages a day, manage all the content on each page, and brainstorm future articles or posts for each page too.

Another factor to remember is that social media crises need to be addressed ASAP since posts are published to the world as soon as you click “post.” We suggest this position (social media manager) for you if you can keep several balls rolling at the same time.

3. Creative Thinking Skills

For your content to really stand out from the rest, it has to be original. It would help if you had an eye for what looks nice on the screen to succeed as a social media manager and also the ability to predict the next big things in social media. If your passion and imagination can be extended to the social media world, you can get hired as a social media manager.

To find posts that encourage your creative side, we suggest spending some time searching through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—using them as a springboard for new ideas for blogs!

4. Strong Writing Skills

Social media managers are accountable for writing most of the content posted on the social media pages of a company. For these positions, good writers bode well since content riddled with incorrect grammar or typos reflects badly on the business.

Find some helpful hints for writing a strong cover letter and implement them before they can even meet you in order to demonstrate your strong writing skills!

Steps to take in order to become a Social Media Manager with no Experience

After knowing all the skills that organizations need from you before being hired as a social media manager, then take these steps to become a social media manager with no experience:

1. Take an online social media marketing course

Find in-person or online courses dedicated to social media management, in addition to understanding how social media works. Analyzing user data and practice guidelines for SEO are some of the topics we suggest working on. This step is very important in becoming a social media manager.

In a social media management position, having even a clear understanding of these concepts would seriously help you. Also, in job interviews, this will give you the excuse to ask better questions.

2. Build a community of your own

One of the steps to be taken in becoming a social media manager with no experience includes building your own online community. On all major social media websites, including at least Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat, set up your own account. Use these platforms to practice creating, engaging, and maintaining an online community. Actions always speak louder than words, so in an interview, this is a perfect subject of conversation to have under your belt.

3. Get your GED or, better yet, a degree from a college

For all social media management roles, this is not considered necessary, but it will provide you with a huge advantage in this highly saturated job market. Attaching an associate’s or bachelor’s degree to your resume demonstrates that you commit to completing challenging tasks and expertise in your chosen major topic.

4. Do your research on tools for  social media management

You are just as good at social media as the resources you use. Study ahead of time by applying social media management tools on the best ways to save time and money. These will help you manage calendars of content, plan posts ahead of time for you, and warn you if anything comes up that needs your urgent attention. Possible employers would be inspired by going into a job interview with suggestions for the most powerful tools out there.

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