25 Lucrative Subjects to Teach Online

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There are tons of lucrative subjects to teach online that many professionals can take advantage of these days. Daily, several individuals are looking to improve their skills and intellects from the comfort of their homes.

Koleolat has compiled an extensive list of lucrative subjects that can be taught online in this article. Read on to find it any falls within your preference:

lucrative subjects


1. Arts and crafts

There are many different ways you can make money by teaching lucrative subjects online, thanks to the wide variety of practices in the arts and craft industry.

The most prevalent components of this subject, including sculpting, drawing, or watercolor painting, are common.

You could also provide pre-recorded video tutorials for individuals who want to practice on their own time.

2. Fitness and weight loss

Weight loss or fitness coach can create contents that are educational for their clients.

Coaches can create weight loss programs and multi-session fitness courses spanning into weeks. Large group classes or one-on-one training programs could also be organized to make money from fitness and weight loss if you are a pro in this area.

There are several video-editing programs you could use in creating straightforward and well-detailed content.

3. Yoga

As with the subject mentioned above on fitness, yoga can be introduced in a variety of ways. Live sessions are the most common because of the complexity of yoga.

Due to how diligently it needs to be taught, many individuals prefer private one-to-one sessions with an instructor to maintain adequate practice.

For professionals, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra cash online.


4. Entrepreneurship

This is one common lucrative subject to teach online. It’s a long and tedious process to start a business.

At the start of a business, many people look for professional opinions in podcasts, blogs, case studies, books, and video training courses.

Incredibly common are tutorials that direct potential entrepreneurs through the phrase of developing their enterprise, from finance to product creation and marketing.

5. Life coaching

While most individuals consider life coaches as one-on-one advocates in their clients’ progress, they may also provide more profound insights courses on particular topics related to career growth, personal well-being, and positive thinking.

Broader group courses are equally productive since they allow several individuals to ask questions and develop together.

6. Nutrition and diet

This aspect of coaching can be provided to people trying to re-evaluate and improve their diet. Nutritional coaching can be organized through specific regimens in the form of courses or tutorials.

Some common types of content on this subject include label-reading and menu building.

7. Languages

Languages are used to communicate with one another, and many people speak more than one. Other people, on the other hand, prefer to either improve their vocabulary or learn new tongues.

Language training classes have been modernized and have become popular online over the years.

Providing a unique and exciting take on learning new languages can easily be monetized. Bilingual experts can also organize one-on-one sessions for interested parties to improve their dialects.

8. Marketing

Marketing can be grouped into several fields. Interested parties can equip themselves with advertising, and social media marketing.

Marketing courses can be a bit tasking, but tutors can take their expertise online to provide videos on demand easily.

9. Software use

Amazing software that performs outstanding tasks is thrown at us daily. This has spiked a high demand for training on software designs.

Training courses for Photoshop, AfterEffects, Excel and other beneficial software that improve work chances are frequently sought after. Trainers can easily monetize this subject online.


10. Programming

Programming and development are among the most desirable forms of online training and can be very costly.

You can teach sizeable courses covering multiple programming languages if you are an expert in this area. You can also teach a more interactive course focusing on creating apps for specific platforms on iOS or Windows.

11. Beauty tips

Beauty tips, consisting of makeup, style choices, and general personal grooming tips, are among the most prominent Instagram accounts and YouTube channels online.

Tutors can arrange for informative guides that help to delve into the ins and outs of assembling a wardrobe, applying certain kinds of makeup, or handling skincare.

Online group classes can also be put together to allow you to attend to questions from different parts of the world.

12. Productivity

There are hundreds of productivity schemes out there, but there are others that are always looking for an advantage and will keep trying to improve their performance with new systems.

Coaching and training on productivity are in high demand, and few people are trained to teach it well. This is a subject that can make a good profit for the right candidate.

13. General academics

General academic training has become well-sought after, and the cost of higher learning made it so.

Access to lectures and instructional materials on chemistry, history, biology, mathematics, and physics is efficient.

The perceived value is also high here, so monetization is relatively easy.

14. Cooking and baking

There are a variety of ways to advertise cooking and baking products.

You can teach how to use a particular technique in large group classes or develop standalone videos for specific dishes and sell them as pay per view materials.

Trainers should be aware that how much detail they can provide in their online courses may depend on their experience. Nonetheless, a single video can be adequately monetized due to demands for this type of training.

15. Sales

In the last decade, sales for most sectors have changed significantly due to digital innovation.

Online training programs covering this technology’s use and the consumer’s mentality are very strong, creating opportunities to make money through courses, one-on-one training, and webinars.

16. Finance and accounting

For personal and business purposes, finance and accounting courses can be taught – depending on your experience and knowledge.

You can instruct students in personal finance management or business owners to plan their finances for taxes, receive sales tax, and some other essential aspects of finance management.


17. Design and photography

Design and photography involve a range of fields, from hardware and equipment to the software and techniques used to finalize a piece before being released in post-production.

Design can also involve general ideas relating to various fields, such as web design, fashion, printing, and marketing.

18. Real estate

Millions of individuals prepare to purchase or sell a home yearly, and tens of thousands more practice to become real estate agents so they can help individuals either sell or buy homes.

You may create content that guides people through the sales process, how mortgages work, all about mortgages, or how the real estate system works in any given state or region, depending on your experience.

19. Management and leadership

Both offline and online management courses are extremely common.

This can come in simple forms that support new managers’ training process overviews, or they can be one-on-one consultation coaching where you can work with new managers trying to create a mark in the world.

20. Test preparation

A big industry in many countries is test preparation services.  It is an efficient way of making money online to deliver online courses that dig into these topics and provide technical insights into key assessments for high school and college students.

Test preparation must always be carefully handled to prevent wrongfully referencing tests that you are not qualified to train.

21. Pet Care and training

Animal owners are passionate about their animals. There are numerous online courses related to pet care, from raising a young puppy to caring for an elderly cat and ensuring every pet’s nutrition.

You can provide detailed tutorials on this subject to individuals who have questions about caring for their pets. This may also include training tips if you have experience in this area.

22. Travel

A variety of formats can be used to generate travel content. Travel training is still in demand, especially when finding inexpensive fares, navigating travel limitations and paperwork, packing, and knowing unique travel locations is on the menu.   

There are also those who want to know more about particular places and search for more immersive instruction that doesn’t just come from a guidebook.

23. Career development

Millions are actively looking for guidance on career growth. These individuals may have newly graduated college and are searching for a job, have been laid off recently and needs to restructure their resume, or are trapped in a dead-end job and wants to pursue something different.

Career developers can use this opportunity to provide online tutorials on improving resumes and making the best career decisions.


24. Music and video production

Digital technology makes it easy to produce audio or video on a laptop for everyone in the comfort of their home. This means that, from the comfort of your home or workplace, you can also organize training sessions.

Training is very common for the use of music software or equipment, and video training materials for particular industries often do well because of how few trained professionals there are relative to the number of persons with video shooting technology and resources.

lucrative subjects

25. Stress management

With courses on general anxiety management, meditation, and relaxation providing ways to make money online, personal growth subjects, in general, are quite sought after.

Group courses on particular types of stress management, one-on-one sessions, or multi-video recorded classes on distinct aspects of stress psychology are contents that can be monetized.


Top 25 money making subjects to teach online – Blog.Yondo

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