10 ways to overcome boredom

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It’s quite tricky to overcome boredom for many people spontaneously, especially when daily life is a constant repetition of routines. Boredom arises from repeated habits or idealness; therefore, to overcome boredom, you must engage yourself with new things.

When you get engaged in new activities, you get inspired, become curious, and create a mental atmosphere to be creative. Some new adventures could make you feel fear and excitement, but it surely would help you overcome boredom and be worth the while. Here are ten things you can do to overcome boredom right now or in the nearest future:


1. Acknowledge your state of mind

Most times, being bored is more of a thought rather than a state. When you say “I am bored,” it implies that you are being bored. Therefore ask yourself; what or who is boring me? And why do I allow an external factor to alter my conscious state of mind? If you want to overcome boredom, you need to take responsibility and control your consciousness by acknowledging your state of mind. Stop saying to yourself, “I’m bored, “this isn’t fair,” “why is this happening to me?” These thoughts aren’t productive and would make you even more bored. Instead, acknowledge your state of mind by practicing positive affirmations or meditation.

2. Get creative

We all have natural potentials, which were meant to express through creativity. Whether it’s artistic, literary, or musical, creativity is something you can practice when you are bored and alone. Your natural potential could even be something practical, such as carpentry or gardening. If you’ve had the intent to establish a new enterprise, why not put down your ideas by creating a business plan while you’re alone. You can explore and make use of the internet as well; there are several social media platforms where you can display your skills and talent and even get paid for it. Whatever it is that gets you creative would naturally lessen your anxiety and help you overcome boredom.

3. Learn a new language

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Well, being bored give you the chance to enhance your communication skills, as you probably have spare time on your hand. So it would be a good idea to invest that time learning a new language, rather than wasting it being bored. There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying than being able to communicate with a foreigner in their language. If foresters the opportunity to recognize differences and similarities between two cultures in a friendly atmosphere. It’s one of the best ways to overcome boredom and make new friends at the same time; you could get to meet people from all over the world on the internet who would be delighted to hear from you. They would also appreciate your love and respect for their country, and even your effort to converse in their language.

4. Travel

If you’ve ever felt like a two weeks vacation seems like a month or more, it’s because you are used to a repetitive pattern of living your life. When you live on the same type of food, same commute, same routines, or when you benign on healthy practices like yoga and exercise, you’d feel like life happens fast because repetition shrinks time and could quickly bore you. However, traveling leads to new experiences, which for the first time has to be processed by the brain. It takes a lot of time and energy for the brain to create pathways through which nutria circuits commute, for a new thing to be learned.

This extended period is then shortened by the rapid exposure you get while traveling but is still interpreted by your brain for a long time. Hence two weeks of vacation may seem longer than a regular two weeks spent at home. Although traveling is an excellent way to overcome boredom, it would be quite challenging to travel abroad during this pandemic. However, you can overcome boredom by trying out as many new experiences as possible. Explore the little you can and step out of your comfort zone.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument

Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Well what’s holding you back? Instead of being daunted by the thought of learning how to play the instrument, pick up the gutter and focus on the end goal of making music. Figure out what you love to play; is it classical music, rock, or pop? Select from the variety of genres available or even create your own. 

Don’t bother about how long it would take you to learn how to play it correctly, as that would only bore you rather than motivate you. There is no ‘one way’ to making music, so feel free and treat yourself with kindness as you learn. You can as well get yourself a teacher to assist you in your learning process. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or someone you know physically; get them to create a customized lesson to help you achieve exactly what you know.

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6. Get a work from home job

You can never get bored when you’re doing something you enjoy, especially when you are making money from it at the same time. One way to overcome boredom and earn at the same time is by securing a work from home job. Do you have a skill set that would allow you to work remotely from anywhere you find convenient? Whether it’s freelance writing, graphic designing, app developing, or web designing, you can work from home and earn a decent amount of money while you get yourself busy and avoid being bored.

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7. Learn a new recipe

How would you rate your cooking skills? Excellent, low, or just OK? Regardless of how good you are in the kitchen, there’s always an opportunity to learn new and exciting dishes uncommon to you. Cooking programs on television have become more popular than ever, but unfortunately, we spend more time watching than practicing. How hard can it be? If you put your mind to learning a new dish, you can quickly learn how to make it using free resources available on the internet. You can download recipes and even watch videos on YouTube in your spare time, engaging yourself and overcome boredom.  


8. Declutter

When our environment is filled with unused or unnecessary things, it could often leave us overwhelmed and sometimes bored of seeing them. Do you need that old hat hanging on your room wall? When last did you watch those old films stacked up on your shelf? Are you ever going to ride that stationary vehicle parked outside your house? Imagine how much lighter life would feel without this excess baggage. If you want to overcome boredom, decluttering and opting for a minimalist lifestyle can be a great way to get busy when you’re bored.

9. Move

Boredom can’t coexist with positivity, which makes physical activities a very efficient way to overcome boredom. When we get physically active, we facilitate the production of endorphins in the body, which create a feeling of positivity upon interaction with our brain receptors. From dancing to your favorite song to doing squats and pushups, you can overcome boredom by engaging yourself physically in whatever activity you feel alright with.

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10. Let time pass and be

Sometimes boredom comes as a result of merely waiting for time to give, and it can lead to stress and anxiety, even when we don’t have to meet a deadline or attend to something urgently important. This could manifest when you’re waiting in a queue, and you begin to question time: Why is this taking so long? Why didn’t I take the other line? Why are they so slow? The truth is none of these questions or worries are going to help your situation or facilitate the process. You can as well allow time to pass, as it must surely get to your turn. Boredom stems from our inability to “be,”; which is quite a challenging thing to do nowadays, considering our modern world where everything happens twice as fast as ever before.

How to cure boredom: lifehack.org

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