10 Best Tips for Work Presentation

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It’s not unusual for many people to become nervous when they have to give a work presentation. As easy as it sounds, several individuals find it challenging to make a good presentation.

This article seeks to educate you on how to make your presentation like an expert. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced presenter or are still trying to figure out how to begin; some points listed below should help you improve.

work presentation

1.     Demonstrate your zeal and connect with your audience

It is difficult to maintain a calm disposition when you are anxious. However, the best way to communicate with your audience is to let your enthusiasm for the topic reflect. This is one trick that many prolific speakers tap into before facing their audience.

It also helps to be transparent and straightforward with your listeners on the subject.


2. Concentrate on the needs of the audience

Each presentation must be designed to pass the message your audience intends to get. You always have to consider the information you are passing, rather than what you think they want to hear.

You must also remain focused on your audience’s feedback when delivering your work presentation and respond accordingly.

You also have to encourage the comprehension and reaction of your audience.

3. Focus on your key point

As a presenter, you need to work on not boring your audience. Keep your presentation as brief and simple as possible.

Experts propose a 30-second outline, while others suggest that you write your points behind a business card. You could also maintain a brief word-count (15 to 20 words) on your points.

No matter which rule you choose, the main thing is to keep your message concentrated and short. However, if the points intended does not carry any meaning, it is best to leave them out of your presentation.

4. Don’t forget to smile and maintain eye contacts

As simple as this may seem, an incredible number of speakers do not do it. You establish connections easily, ensuring that the public connects with you and your business if you smile and make eye contact.

It also makes you feel less anxious since you would be speaking to people you are familiar with and not a big group of total strangers.

It would help if you didn’t turn off all the bright lights while making your work presentation. This is important because you need your audience also to see you while you explain your slides.


5. Capture your audience attention with a strong point

The progression of your presentation is essential.  It would help if you captured the curiosity of your audience immediately you commence your presentation.

You can indulge them for a few minutes before they start to turn off if they find you boring. So it would help greatly if you do not waste the time it would take to keep them interested in what you have them seated for. Therefore, keep them interested by entertaining them first.

You could start with a funny but professional story to grab a few laughs. The joke could also be subtly included in the slides.

6. Don’t forget the 10-20-30 slideshows rule

Guy Kawasaki of Apple suggested that your slideshows should obey the following rules:

  • Include at most ten slides
  • Your presentation shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes
  • Your font size shouldn’t be less than 30

This last one is especially relevant because it prevents you from putting too many details on one slide. All of this helps to prevent the fearful ‘Death by PowerPoint.’

Generally speaking, you should be able to connect well with your slides, so your delivery remains impeccable throughout.

Well put together slides should contain less information that is communicated easily. If more detail needs to be provided, build a personalized manual and share it post-presentation.

7. Back your presentation up with stories

Humans are programmed to relate to stories quickly. This is especially true if these stories connect with them directly or indirectly.

Stories help to keep us motivated. It also helps your audience remember your presentation well after you are done. Indulging your audience with a good story helps them connect with your points during your presentation.

Beginning with a story is always a good idea. Reflect on what story you can connect your presentation with and go on from there.


8. Make use of your voice constructively

Spoken words are a rather inadequate medium of communication since it employs just one of your audience’s five senses.

This is why presenters are inclined to use visual aids. But by using your speech creatively and effectively, you can help enhance spoken words.

Different speeds and changes in pitch and sound can be used to make your voice more exciting enough to draw your audience’s attention.

9. Body language is also important

More than 3/4 of communicating was estimated to be non-verbal. This means your body language is key to getting your message across, along with your tone of voice.

This can be incorporated into work presentations to further help to communicate your point easily. Body language to avoid include hands held behind your back or pocket and arms crossed.

Be sure to keep your gestures open and express confidence. If possible, walk among your audience as your relay your points.

10. Enjoy the process

If you find it challenging to give a work presentation, it can be challenging to stay calm.

One method is to try some breathing exercises. Slow it down and make sure you are breathing completely. It also helps to take occasional breathing pauses in between your presentation.

Your self-confidence would most definitely improve if you can control your breathing.


Work presentation isn’t an easy task. However, with practice, anyone can master the act by following these simple tips. You won’t only feel more confident; you’d also win the admiration of your co-workers and your boss.


Top Tips for Effective Presentation – Skillsyouneed

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